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Dissertationhelp 9f com

Dissertationhelp 9f com

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IELTS Writing Task 1: Pie Chart Model Score 9. How to compare two pie charts in IELTS writing task 1. This sample answer illustrates the method of organising the report as well as useful language and sentence structures to get a band score 9. The pie charts below show the comparison of different kinds of energy production of France in two years. The two pie charts illustrate the proportion of five types of energy production in France in 1995 and dissertationhelp, 2005. Overall, in both years, the most significant sources of anecdotal, energy were gas and coal, which together accounted for dissertationhelp, over half the production of energy, while nuclear and other kinds of energy sources generated the least amount of energy in France. In all types of energy production there was only reference generator essay, minimal change over the 10 year period. Energy produced by coal comprised of 29.80% in dissertationhelp the first year and this showed only a very slight increase of about a mere 1 % to 30.9% in 2005. 5 Paragraph War! Likewise, in 1995, gas generated 29.63% which rose marginally to 30.1% 10 years later. With regards to the remaining methods of producing energy, there was an approximate 5% growth in production from both nuclear power and other sources to 10.10% and 9.10% respectively.

Petrol, on the other hand, was the only source of energy which decreased in production from 29.27% in 1995 to around a fifth (19.55%) in 2005. Always highlight the largest and smallest proportions If there are two pie charts in different time periods, then you must highlight the key changes / trends Use pie chart language – accounts for dissertationhelp, / comprises of / represents The phrase “Units are measured in …” should be used when the units have not been stated in the previous sentence. How to describe an IELTS pie chart, click here. Good day, Ms. Liz!

I noticed that the am proud, sources of energy were not presented on the introduction, if I choose to present or omit it, will it affect the scoring? Generally, it is dissertationhelp 9f com, best to list the sources in anecdotal essays the introduction. I only omit them and give the number instead if I’m worried about 9f com length. Giving the list is best but the harvard reference essay, number of sources is 9f com, also good. okay. thank you so much Liz! Hi mam.. can we write introduction for pie chart like ” the slices of pie chart illustrates that….” There are no slices – it is not a fruit. Pie charts have sections. hehehe. that sounds good. Thankx liz mame well work i am agree100% What do you mean in the last paragaph of the sentence “a fifth”?

a fifth = 1/5 = 20% Which tense should be used while describing pie charts that have no reference of time, for example, comparison of harvard reference essay, leisure activities of boys and girls? With any chart,graph or table you get that has no date, use present tense. See the main page for writing task 1 as this is already explained: Hi Liz, I wish to know whether it is necessary to dissertationhelp, use paraphrases throughout the report just to avoid using the exact words that is used in rubric the topic even once? In the above model, for dissertationhelp, example, “production” is given in the title, can I use “production” in my report? Or should I avoid using “production” at all? Many thanks. Be careful when you paraphrase.

Not all words can or should be paraphrased. The skill of speech thesis statement, paraphrasing is knowing when to change a word and when to dissertationhelp, keep it the same. Am Proud American! So don’t feel that all words need to dissertationhelp 9f com, be changed. A report is a report !! Also don’t forget that you don’t need a title for 5 paragraph essay, your IELTS writing. Thank Liz for your sharing! Another question ma’am. I hope there are no penalties for writing “percentage” in one part of the essay and “%”in another part? Are we to dissertationhelp 9f com, stick with one method or we can use both as we please? Thanks.

It is normal to use the word “percentage” in the introduction and then continue presenting data using a symbol: %. Completely fine. Thank you Liz for 5 paragraph cold war, your lessons. I want to ask if we can add “Units are measured in percentage” for this pie chart. What I have done is add the word “proportion” to the model above so that we don’t need to use “Units are..”. Take a look at the alteration. I was practicing task 1. I came across with a pie chart where compare the usage of dissertationhelp, water for three different purposes in six different areas in the world. I got so confused as 6 pie graphs are given and anecdotal essays, I don’t know how to 9f com, develop the body paragraphs.

What would you do in those cases? I wish I could post the picture. That example comes from IELTS Cambridge book 11, test 1. Please make sure you get the book as it is an authentic IELTS question. Demonstration Speech Statement! When you write a task 1, the overview presents a view of the dissertationhelp 9f com, main features. The body paragraphs give the details and specific information such as data. The overview will highlight that four countries showed similar patterns (please don’t use these exact words – I’m just explaining) and that two other countries were different – eg N American and Europe where water was mainly used in industry. Your body paragraphs will then give the details of four countries and american, the other body paragraph give the dissertationhelp 9f com, details of the other two countries. Always organise categories logically in 5 paragraph essay war task 1. Also remember that there is dissertationhelp 9f com, more than one way to tackle a writing task 1. Other people might organise it differently. Anecdotal Essays! However, this is the most immediately obvious and logical way.

It makes completely sense.Helpful advice. Thank you for taking your time to reply. Are there any exclusive video lessons on Pi-charts Diagrams for Writing task-1?? Is it common to dissertationhelp, get Pi-charts and Diagrams in Task-1??… Actually your lessons are based on bar graphs and demonstration speech, Line Graphs mostly so kindly guide me regarding this question. You could get any time of task 1: pie chart, bar chart, table, map, line graph, diagram. You can’t predict what type you will get. Dissertationhelp! So, learn them all: Thanks for the great work you’re doing! One remark: When you say: Energy produced (…) at a mere 1%, this is actually incorrect. What you’re meant to say is one percentage POINT. The actual percentage rise is roughly 3.7% (30.9-29.8/29.8*100%).

I am not sure if the examiner will look at rubric analysis, this, but as a former economics teacher I see this mistake a lot! #128521; Keep up the great work! I’m not sure what you are referring to. All IELTS pie charts give the dissertationhelp 9f com, percentages or the units sepcifically and students must use what is written on the paper. Any deviation from figures printed on their task sheet will result in lower marks. This is a simple English language test. I think what the economics teacher meant was that the energy generated by coal increased by 3.7% of the TOTAL amount of energy produced in 1995 by COAL ONLY. In the 5 paragraph essay, report shown above, I believe that the dissertationhelp, amount of 5 paragraph, energy increased can be said to be 1% of the total energy produced in 2005 no matter what the source is. However, according to what all IELTS instructors told me, this is an English exam not an Economics exam.

This is why I could not agree more with you about this. I think that you might make a mistake when saying that the percentage rise is 9f com, 3.7%. Because the figures given were already in percentage form, not in the absolute values, so you can not calculate percentage changes like the way we calculate for absolute values. If you have any research analysing as the way you calculated, please refer to us by a reference link, I would love to see. Is there any exceptional case where an overview should be given after the body paragraph?For instance ,when the 5 paragraph war, question is to give a report to….in task 1. You can put it after the dissertationhelp, introduction or at the end of the report. It’s your choice. Sometimes it can be combined in the same paragraph as the introduction. MAM i am your big fan PLEASE CHECK MY WORK AND GIVE ME MARKS AND ALSO ASK ME MY MISTAKES PLEASE…………….. The in focus pie chart quite emphatically illustrates the consumption of five kinds of energy in bend identity France with respect to 10 years period. The overall summary of this chart demonstrates that the production of coal and gas stand fluctuate with mildly changes in 1995 and dissertationhelp, 2005.

By scrutinizing the year 1995,it is well evident that coal and gas covered 29.80% and 29.63% area.While,29.27% proportion has been occupied by petro.Furthermore,nuclear and other energy production in France depicts meager level i.e (nuclear) 6.40% and beckham, (others) 6.90% respectively. Dissertationhelp! As we analytically glance at the next year 2005,we observe that coal and gas exhibit tediously rise in 2005 as compared to 1995 and that is 30.93% and 30.31%. On the other hand, petro is progressively abate in anecdotal 10 years period and 9f com, stand at the ratio of rubric rhetorical, 19.55%. Likewise, nuclear and other energy reveals sequentially climb to 10.10% and 9.10% respectivelly. Sorry I don’t give feedback on dissertationhelp writing. without writing overview in am proud essay second paragraph,instead of it if we write conculsion part at last. did it wrong? You can put your overview after the 9f com, introduction or at anecdotal, the end. I just want to know in the IELTS Listening exam question do i have to 9f com, wait for the speaker to finish talking before i transfer my answer to the answer sheett or i have to write while she/he is bend it like beckham, talking?

In listening, you have an extra 10 mins at the end of the test to transfer your answers to the answer sheet. So, while you are listening, put your answers on the question paper and transfer them later. 9f Com! See this page: I want to do more practice on task 1 writing. Could you please provide more sample answers for it?

I think the word growth in “there was an approximately 5% growth” should be uncountable. What’s your opinion? “growth” is countable. There was a growth of demonstration thesis, 25% (example) Mam, can you please upload topic pie chart for academic BC. hi mam you are a great guide for me , is 9f com, it necessary to write all the information in the graph when doing task one. When you are worried that you won’t hit 150 words. Hello, thank you so much!

Was wondering.. It is written “over the 10 year period”. Is it an expression or I can write the word “year” in plural? Never use the plural in this case. The “10 year” is consider an adjective so it isn’t plural. This means you can write: 1) over the 10 years 2) over anecdotal, the 10 year period. If you have a noun “period” then there’s no plural needed. Hi Liz could send me example about task 1 writing academic ( two table togeather)

The maximum proportion of coal which accounted as 29.80 % in 1995 this is acceptable for task 1. Liz….is it okay to write… The percentage of coal produced in 1995 accounted for 29.80%. Is it acceptable in Task 1 or not? Sorry, I don’t understand your question.

Why would it not be acceptable? This is me from Pakistan, Thanks a lot for dissertationhelp 9f com, your great effort ,its really helpful i am very grateful to you:) Wishing you all the it like beckham identity essay, best and have great day:) That is dissertationhelp, really helpful …. Thank you #128578; Is it recommended to write percent instead of %? just in case for word counting? Sure. Am Proud American! We usually use the symbol when presenting data. Just want to ask regarding the dissertationhelp 9f com, words, “with regards to” is that gramatically correct?

Thanks a lot for it like beckham identity, your great lessons! so happy to see your reply Teacher Liz! God bless! Is it acceptable if I “ADD” the 9f com, given values in the pie chart? Example: I wrote.. In terms of non-sports as a whole, boys decreased almost three times to 12% (reading books 2% and listening to musics 10%) compared to girls with a value of 31% (reading books 21% and listening to musics 10%). No, don’t add. Generator! I won’t recommend giving the examiner more work to do.

Can we write something like technological advancement has caused an increase in dissertationhelp 9f com application of Nuclear energy as source by generator essay, 2005? Never add reasons which are not presented in the charts. Ma’am, Thanks a lot for your reply. Can I ask you how can I improve my writing score (Academic IELTS) in just one month? I assume that I am really detail-oriented and try to waste time on doing different tests.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Try one of 9f com, my advanced lessons for writing task 2. You will soon see if you are on the right track or not: Thank you very much dear Liz. That was really helpful. Could you please recommend me some resources for improving the reading tasks too? I’ve almost done all tests of Cambridge Books (4-11) but I couldn’t learn how to essays, manage the time yet. Actually, I need band score 7 for dissertationhelp, getting admission from essay a university. I’ve taken IELTS once and dissertationhelp, I got 6.00 (R: 6, S: 6.5, W: 6.5 and cold war, L: 6). Do you think that I can do all my best in dissertationhelp just one month? Did you check the main reading page of my blog:

Read all the tips pages, watch the anecdotal, free video and then start practicing. 9f Com! Your aim is to develop understanding of rhetorical analysis, how IELTS paraphrase, how they set traps and the techniques for 9f com, different types of questions. Am Proud Essay! After that, think about getting “Improve your Reading Skills” book and other test books to practice from. Thank you very much, your website is dissertationhelp, fantastic, starting from the structure, material and ending with your method of teaching. It helped me a lot and I hope, I will get the band that I am aiming to. #128578; You’re welcome #128578; This page is useful if you want information about rubric rhetorical analysis IELTS: Can I write elucidate for task 1 type question.

No, it isn’t recommended. Hello guys. Dissertationhelp 9f Com! could anybody check my work? The two given pie charts illustrates and gives information about the difference between the. energy production during 1995 and harvard generator essay, 2005 in France. There were 5 different kinds of energy produced, namely gas, petroleum, nuclear, coal, and others. Overall, it is clear that the highest energy produced over a 10 year period was coal whereas the least energy produced was others. It is also evident that over a 10 year period there was minimally increased of production in coal, gas, nuclear and other energies while the remaining type of energy which was petroleum decreased its production. In detail, during 1995, French produced about a third (exactly 29.80%) of coal, precisely 29.63% of dissertationhelp 9f com, gas, about 6.40% of demonstration speech, nuclear energy and less than 5% of dissertationhelp 9f com, other energy. Anecdotal! However, after 10 years (2005), all the said energies increased its production, about more than a third for coal (30.93%), exactly 30.31% for gas, precisely 10.10% for nuclear and about 9.10% for other energy.

On the other hand, the remaining energy which was petroleum decreased its production after 10 years, about merely 10% of the total percentage was removed, with an actual figure of 29.27% during 1995 and 19.55% during (2005) liz is dissertationhelp, best teacher for english. the bend it like beckham essay, way she teaches is 9f com, awesome. material in rubric rhetorical analysis essay website may help me to 9f com, score good in ielts. thank you liz. Is it good to write this in my introduction? – “The figures were expressed in bend identity percentage.” Thank you so much mam. #128521; If you have already mentioned that the chart shows percentages, you won’t need to mention it again. If you haven’t, then, yes, present that information in a separate sentence. Hi Liz, it is really a worthy website. I am wondering if I can state the name of sources in the introduction. Thank you in advanced. It isn’t usually necessary but if they are given, it won’t hurt to dissertationhelp, add that information. Where is the conclusion. Harvard Reference Generator Essay! Miss lizz.

I wrote- to dissertationhelp, sum up , during both the years coal and gas energy production was maximum as compared to demonstration thesis, other energy sources. Hi I can write that or not in dissertationhelp 9f com Iles exam. The two pie charts compare of the essay cold war, comparison. across different of energy production in franch in the years 1995 and 2005 .for five of sectors ,it is dissertationhelp, evident of this time frame there was significant change in their proportion of comparison of energy production transaction. Try not to use so many confusing words. Your aim is not to impress the examiner, it is to produce accurate, appropriate language. See my model answers and see how to write more clearly:

I found your website incredibly informative. Thanks for your work. I am wondering whether or not petro in this case is also a kind of major source in anecdotal energy consumption. Gas, coal and 9f com, petro accounted for over 80% in those two years. Thanks for your help.

Sure. That is absolutely possible. Each person will interpret data slightly differently. As long as you organise information logically and clearly show that you consider there are three main sources – it’s fine. 5 Paragraph Essay Cold War! Some writers will only mention one main source, some two or some three. The examiner doesn’t have a model answer but just follows the logic you present. Can we write Introduction and dissertationhelp, Overview in same first paragraph? Is it good to write a single body paragraph or two or many? Sure but make sure the demonstration speech, overview starts with “Overall” so that it stands out. is it ok to dissertationhelp, write the overall statement. at the end of the am proud, explanation of the graph.

hi liz! All the way from Nepal. Dissertationhelp 9f Com! preparing for IELTS. Help me in harvard generator writing task 2. when is dissertationhelp, your date? Hiii liz my exam will be on 9th july so plz help me in writing task 1 and rhetorical, writing task 2. Thanks Liz , you are a gem as always ! There are a few areas I am not clear of 9f com, when reading the american essay, model answer : 1. Dissertationhelp 9f Com! On overview paragraph – In all types of energy production there was only minimal change over the 10-year period . I noticed that someone mentioned about essays this before, and I am not sure I see an answer , with the 10% difference in petrol source over the 10 years period , is it not better to include this ? Such as – Besides petrol , all types of energy … The next question is mainly my own ignorance, why is it was and not were when discussing regardings in all types of dissertationhelp, energy ? 2. On body paragraph 1 – Likewise, in 1995, gas generated 29.63% which rose marginally to 30.1% 10 years later. After 29.63% as above , is it normal not to harvard, include some descriptions such as 29.63% of energy production etc . I am aware that you are not back till after Autumn. Though my exam is dissertationhelp, tomorrow, however , please do only answer me at your convenience time. Many thanks in reference essay advance. Question 1: 10% is not a great change at all.

If you look at the general layout of the pie charts, there is almost no change. There are only slight changes. Had one source of dissertationhelp, energy grown by 25% or 50%, then we could not have written that. Remember that this is an identity, overview which looks at main trends rather than smaller detail. Question 2: The topic sentence of BP1 shows that this is dissertationhelp 9f com, about energy production. It is speech statement, not necessary to dissertationhelp, repeat this in every sentence which follows. As long as the topic sentence is clear and contains all information, you don’t need so much subsequent repetition. Good luck tomorrow!

Thank you, Liz for replying so promptly and your ever so kind wishes. Wish you a very nice day ahead . I just have one simple question. For pie chart, can we use adjectives like ‘highest/higher’ and ‘lowest/lower’ instead of ‘biggest/bigger’ and ‘smallest/smaller’ if we want to essays, report the percentages? A friend of dissertationhelp 9f com, mine said we should only essay war, use those adjectives if we want to dissertationhelp 9f com, describe graphs. Hope to reference generator, hear from you.

Thanks! Percentages are described as low or high. Numbers are described as big or small. mam if there are four pie chart explaining two nations population in past and future then how i describe them. Describe each nation in separate body paragraphs and all key features in one overview. Ms liz can the overview come last? Like a summary or should it always be place after the introduction.

Thanks. Mam i do a little mistakein my exam … in intoducuction i write(the bar graph elucidates the information ) but it was a pie chart……. so what band score would be deducted in my task 1. That is 9f com, two just mistakes with vocabulary – elucidates is the wrong word as well as bar graph. More mistakes means a lower score. However, I can’t predict your exam score. Can u correct my writing tasks plzz.

Would you please give me your email address? I would like to send you a report to put some comment on whenever you are free. My exam is on 20th February, so I request you to do me a favour if you can. Hi, I have one problem. I want to know that if in the chat has information about population in 2050 year what I write will or may in line?

I just want to say a big thanks for your web providing a very valuable lesson for people around the am proud american essay, world. Greets from dissertationhelp 9f com Indonesia. can boys and girls be phrased as males and females. substitiutes for culture and harvard reference essay, leisure. substitutes for expenditure.

substitutes for dissertationhelp, household. First of all, I want to thank you for identity essay, your very useful tips. Secondly, I would like to ask you if it is sufficient to dissertationhelp, indent each paragraph or if I must also separate them leaving a line empty. Thank you so much for your help! I’m having the test in two weeks and I’m pretty nervous!

In pie chart, can we also write units are meaured by percentage? Or is it only applicable in the line graph and bar chart? Because your model answer did not mention it. Harvard Reference Generator! Thanks. I appreciatet the 9f com, most of any you post about related ielt. I am not sure yet about writing acadamice task1,Pie chart. Can we describe any information in reference essay 1st pie chart., then we describe information in dissertationhelp 9f com secont type. and please give me the sampling pie chart as mention above,. i need it urgent because i will exam soon. thank u inadvanced. I wrote about the pie charts and I’ll deliver it to my IELTS teacher.please check it.Where I wrote wrongly?

The pie charts illustrates five different sources of energy production(coal,gas,petrol,nuclear and others),compared in harvard reference France between 1995 and 2005. Units are measured in 9f com percentages. Overall , it can be seen that the most significant sources of energy production were coal and gas,accounted for less than a third in both years,increased by am proud american, 1%. another major kind of producing energy was petrol in initial years, at 29.27%.However,energy produced by petrol a minority less than a fifth in 2005. With regards to the remaining types of producing energy (nuclear and others) at 6.40% and 4.90% respectively.

The figures were similar in 2005,produced just more than a fifth. !)first in think percentage is not a unit. 2)and if word generation use for production will be more good. 3)and then mention in totall span of 9f com, 10 years. 4) and 5 paragraph essay cold, the body paragraphs are also not that strong. hi, teacher Liz… i don’t know the reason why the petro had a significant change ( 29.27% to dissertationhelp, 19.55%) but in your overview of report: all of beckham identity essay, type had a minimal change! please help me, teacher) I tried to write this with my own version without seeing yours, Can I go with this kind of approach? As examiner, what is the approximate score for 9f com, this following task?

I have issues with grammar and I will fix those soon. The two pie charts describe about the rhetorical, energy production comparison in France between ranges of time 1995 to 9f com, 2005. The samples of energy included on the research are Coal, Gas, Petro, Nuclear and anecdotal, other kind of 9f com, resources. Overall, coal and gas show the most resources to be produced on that 10 years range. It Like Identity Essay! Meanwhile, other kind of resources and nuclear are on the last orders in both years. All of the dissertationhelp, energy production showing a expanding percentage except for the Petro. Between 1995 and 1995, the percentage of bend it like beckham identity essay, Petro is decreasing over almost 10%, but this experience is not happened on other 4 types of energy used in the research. For example, Gas and 9f com, Coal increased insignificantly with the growth not more than 2%. In addition, Nuclear in 2005 is more than in 1995 which reached 3% increasing. The same expanding is american essay, also shown in other kind resources but in the different percentage which is 4.2% Thank you so much for your update.

Sorry I don’t comment on writing. Thank you for 9f com, replying, I dont know if you don’t comment on writing. I need to know if it is ok to have just 1 body paragraph but write more details in overview because sometimes we cannot explain much. So overall there are 3 paragraph with a long introduction in par 1. Will it lower our scores? Hi ,i am having a doubt “overall .in both years the rubric, most significant source of energy were coal and gas…should i write “was”..plz rply the message. “Source was” or “sources were”. It depends if coal and gas are two separate sources. thanks a lot .you are really nice teacher .I m impressed to watch your lectures. Liz, can I use “collectively” instead of overall?

No, that is the wrong linking words to use for dissertationhelp 9f com, an academic report. Can we use comprises of, account for and represent only for pie charts or else can we use them in line graph etc. ? It’s mostly for beckham essay, pie charts. It can be used for tables or bar charts but not often for line graphs which reflect change over 9f com, time. First, thank you very much for harvard reference generator essay, your extraordinary service. For the dissertationhelp, overall statement instead of your last sentence there (minimal changes) if we use such a sentence like ” Only amount of petro decreased as an anecdotal, energy source, while four other types increased to 9f com, some extent for the period given ” does it also work ? Yes, the technique words but check your grammar. First of all thank you for all your IELTS lessons, I have learned a lot here. I have a doubt, in task 1, do we need to write a conclusion like task 2? This is the only confusion I have.

Thank you. The examiner is looking for an overview in task 1 not a conclusion. Essay Cold War! See my overview or conclusion lesson and 9f com, also my task 1 structure lesson to learn more. Thank you for the model answer for demonstration speech thesis statement, the pie chart. You have written as “very slight increase of about a mere 1%”.

My question is 9f com, do we still need to wright mere since we have used slight and about in the same sentence.? (all three are synonyms? may be duplicate?) It is not necessary to use mere but it is also not incorrect. It’s fine to use it. Thanks your tips.I just wonder that I was writing one paragraph for task 1 and not using gaps this is because my teacher said that you should write your sections on only one paragraph for task 1 particularly.Should I write another paragraph my sections? 25% of your marks is based on your ability to organise information into different paragraphs.

Using just one paragraph will lower your score. See my lessons on writing task 1 structure and paragraphs to learn how many you should have. This is not my opinion, this is fact based on the requirements of IELTS. Liz, please help me. I am very weak in writing task 1 i got 5 band in writing last time tommorow is my lrw exam please help me. With only one day left, I suggest you review all model answers and also other lessons which show an overview.

Make notes on the content and anecdotal, how it varies for different types of task 1. Thanx Liz for your kind advise. I am little bit confuse regarding to 9f com, task 1 give me some ideas because today i am going to appear in exam and rubric analysis, pressure is 9f com, increasing dramatically. Focus on getting a very clear overview written. Am Proud American Essay! See my model answers to check the information in dissertationhelp 9f com the overview. Should I skip one space between each paragraph in the real exam? Yes, it is a good idea to do that. It helps the am proud american, examiner see your paragraphs more clearly.

Thank you for such an interesting answer, little corrections like this made my day, because, I have been having issues with a similar problem. very much appreciated. thanku liz for 9f com, your lessons.the lessons u give are very clear n helpful. i was just wondering if the overview has to speech, be written before the two body paragraphs? to get a score of 9 , or is it ok if i write it after the 9f com, body paragraphs.. will it matter like in terms of my score ? It makes no difference. See my lesson about the structure and paragraphs for writing task 1. thank you so much ! Hi Liz, I am a bit confused about what tense to use in essay writing task 1. Please enlighten me on this. 9f Com! Thank you. You use past tense when you are given dates in rhetorical analysis essay the past. Dissertationhelp! You use future forms when you have dates in the future. You use the present tense when there are no dates given. Thank you Liz #128578; How about if I want to enumerate examples or time periods, can I use colon? For example, … in different time periods: 1991, 1995 and it like, present.

It is best to use brackets “The graph shows sales in three time periods (1991, 1995 and the present)…” Thanks Liz. Another confusion, is percentage and dissertationhelp 9f com, fraction plural or singular? Thank you. Percentage is bend essay, used as a singular.

Fraction is hardly ever used in IELTS. Please which is correct? illustrate or illustrates? I am asking based on the introduction above please. Dissertationhelp 9f Com! Thank you. I hope for a nice performance tomorrow. Check your grammar about third person singular “s” for verbs. This is not third person singular, it is plural – hence no “s”. By “third person plural”, do you mean the “pie chart” or “the five types of energy production” It means the subject of the sentence. thank you so much for your this gratitude.i love the way your are teaching n your smile as well.i came to know about your site onward i will keep on watching your videos and write here also for correction and your guideline as well. hope you will help me in getting required band.stay blessed. I’m glad my blog is essay, useful #128578;

Hi Liz, we never have to write possible reasons for trends which are shown in the charts / diagrams in IELTS part1? And is both possible: “With regard(s) to the remaining…” ? You never write opinions or reasons for data. You can only write about what it presented in the chart, not what you interpret. hii…Liz I need ur favour..I have done IELTS from 2 diff. institutes, n both have taught us dat conclusion is always written at last in task 1..tomorrow is my exam..n I need 2 know whether 2 write overview or conc. in exam..also at what sequence..after d intro or at last 2 get good score. Check the band score descriptors published by IELTS. They very clearly state you MUST have an overview. Dissertationhelp 9f Com! This isn’t an opinion, it is a fact. hey diya you have to write conclusion in writing part 2 instead of task one. Yes, you MUST have a conclusion for rubric, writing task 2. why dont you mention the type of sources in your introduction?

best wishes Vince. And one more point: Why do you start with overall, my teacher told me you use the word “overall” for dissertationhelp 9f com, a conclusion, therefore it would be better to start with ” it is evident”. In an preperation book the perfect answer structure is : introduction, body a, body b, conclusion with “overall”…. You can start with any word you want. I am giving you my professional opinion and advice after having completed the IELTS examiner training. You choose to follow it or not. It is not necessary. Hi,in listening test in our answers is a,the are required ?is that compulsory. Please watch the video of 25 tips on the listening page for bend beckham identity essay, your answer.

Can i send you some of my essay and some of my work in writing task 1 to be marked and corrected . i really will appreciate your effort with because i am writing and dissertationhelp 9f com, practicing and i don’t know if it is correct or not. Sorry, I don’t offer an essay marking service. thank you very much. thank you Miss Liz. ” Over the 10 year period” or ” over anecdotal essays, the 10 years period ” ? huge thanks for your blog! It’s really very interesting and useful. Last sentence of the answer includes word “fifth”, shouldn’t it be “third”? No, it ‘s right. It says “to a fifth” which means around 20%. Dissertationhelp! You are thinking of “by a fifth” which relates to the difference. Be really careful using “to” (arriving at a point) and “by” (a difference).

Your lessons are very useful thank you so much! I have a problem, while practicing writing task 1 I end up writing too many words and rhetorical analysis, my paragraphs contain more than 200 words. I try focusing on the main key features or ideas but when there are is dissertationhelp 9f com, a lot of details about the chart I get really confused of what to and what not to write. Any tips for that? Thank you again for harvard, reading and replying #128578; When there is a lot of dissertationhelp 9f com, information to give, group it together. Speech Statement! For example “people spent around 45% on cigarettes, cameras and perfume” – instead of giving the percentage of all three, I put an average amount down for all three together. Always plan how you will present your information and what you will group together before you start writing.

I understand, thank you Liz. More power. Good day Liz! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. 9f Com! I believe you that there is no conclusion in task 1. But my ielts teacher always remind us to am proud essay, have a conclusion and 9f com, not an overview. My exam is fast approaching. I don’t want to be confused about bend identity this. I am really worried #128577; thanks again Liz. Thanks for always smiling. 9f Com! #128578;

This is not about believing teachers, it is am proud essay, about reading the band score descriptors published by IELTS to dissertationhelp, help students understand what they need to do to rubric rhetorical analysis essay, get their score. Dissertationhelp 9f Com! Here is the official link: Check the column of Task Achievement and you will see you MUST produce an overview. Analysis Essay! This is dissertationhelp, not an opinion, it is official. You can find the demonstration speech, same for writing task 2 where it mentions the dissertationhelp, conclusion.

Has your teacher completed the 5 paragraph essay, IELTS examiner training course? Doubtful. Thank you, Liz! I will take note of that. I am reading your lessons everyday. My exam is on August 1. I will send you some of 9f com, my writings before my exam. Thanks again and have a good day! #128515;#128515;#128515;

I wrote the ielts using liz standard -introduction ,overview ,paragraph body 1 and 2 and for part 2 -introduction (paraphrase ),thesis ,2 body paragraph and a conclusion .The out come – BS =8 . Just becareful with spellings ,punctuations,vocabs,no contracted words and write up to the word limit.Finally read through all the responses to harvard reference essay, comments and believe in yourself. Just the reading was my Achilles foot- BS 6.5. A good score – well done. 9f Com! Shame about your reading but still good overall by the sounds of rhetorical, it. Does both the writing tasks contain same waitage. Writing task 2 counts for double the marks of task 1. See this page – there’s a great table at the bottom to calculate your score: I have an ielts exam on 23 of July and have a problem with Task 1.

I want to ask you about the introduction of Task 1. May I use this structure: The pie charts provide a breakdown of …. To paraphrase the verb “shows”, you can use “illustrates” or “gives information about”. See my bar chart lesson. The introduction techniques are the same for all types. I am completely confused if i have to go with an overview or a conclusion. I got some samples of writing task 1 checked by my tutor and dissertationhelp, she informed me about using a conclusion instead of an overview.

Then, i found your blog with lots of tips which i think are very helpful. And what makes me anxious is that I have to take my exam on the following week. I just wanted to american, clarify if an overview will help me in obtaining a good score rather than going for a conclusion. Is that right? I hope I can hear from you soon. It clearly states on the band score descriptors published by IELTS that an overview is essential for task 1 and a conclusion is needed for 9f com, task 2. This isn’t an opinion, it is information given by IELTS. You must take a look at the band score descriptors – just google them or you can find a link to them on my Band Score Page in the IELTS Extra section. This is american essay, also explained very clearly in the IELTS examiner training. Am i in the right track to get over 6.5 or 7? I tried to have ago to write a report about the chart above, however, I got confused, before writing and just after reading the introduction of the model answer , about the “five energy sources”.

The question is dissertationhelp, how did you determine the number of energy sources when there is a section labelled by speech, “others”? You are kindly requested to explain how and why. I understand your confusion. But don’t over think this. There are five colours and five categories in the pie charts. 9f Com! “Other” counts as one category as shown in the pie charts. Cold! You should write this as “other forms of energy account for dissertationhelp 9f com, …..”. It is quite common for IELTS to essay, give type of category in a pie chart, table or bar chart. very thanks for your very helpful lessons.

kindly,have you standard answer fit for most task 1. thanks for help,regards. hi,Liz i am a fan of you. i am really benefited watching your video. Liz, Thanks a lot for clarification. You are the dissertationhelp, best ! Hi Liz , can i use the demonstration thesis, adjective ‘ drastic’ when i describe an increase in pie chart or it is only used with line graphs ? For any chart or graph which shows change over a period of time, you can use the words “dramatically” or “dramatic” but you can’t use the word “drastic”. I have question that in lestening section can I write all what I hear in capital leteres mean block letters like if I hear …home can I write HOME…. Please check the 9f com, information page in the listening section of this blog for your answer. Thank you so much for this amazing website.

I would like to ask you a question about the anecdotal essays, third paragraph please. when you wrote ” slight increase of dissertationhelp, about a mere 1% to 30.9 in 2005 ”what mere means in demonstration speech here. if you meant” no more than ” 1% , i afraid it would be wrong because i think it rose by a hair more than 1% from 29.80 to 9f com, 30.9. i just want to know what mere means in here please. There are two key words in that sentence. One is the word “about” which means the figure is rubric rhetorical analysis, not exact but a rough estimate. The second word is “mere” which is used to emphasis how small the figure was. 9f Com! We could also use “just” instead. okay i understand it now. thank you for clarifying this to me.

how about pie charts which talk about something in the past and something is in the future ? how can I use them together and bend it like, which tense I can use in this case? 2010 and 2020. Pie charts as you have described are pie charts of change and dissertationhelp 9f com, you must highlight the main increases and decreases in your overview. Speech Statement! You will need to use both past simple and future forms. Here’s an example of a sentence: “The percentage of people travelling abroad was 20% in dissertationhelp 2010 and 5 paragraph, is expected to dissertationhelp 9f com, rise considerably by more than double to 50% in 2020.” You can see I have used “was” and also “is expected to rise”. I would like to assess your web and got lots from that because lots of good materials. can I join in your lessons to learn more from you? I look forward to hearing from you. I post free IELTS lessons each day for free on this blog. You can get them delivered for free by 5 paragraph cold, email if you follow this link: At present I don’t offer any private lessons.

However, I am currently in 9f com the process of making complete training videos for IELTS writing task 2 essays which students can buy. Essay! As soon as I have one ready I will post a notice on this blog. If you have any specific questions about IELTS, please let me know and I’ll do my best to answer. Well done! May i ask if its ok not to write conclusion in the task 1? There’s no conclusion for dissertationhelp 9f com, task 1. In task 1, there is an overview with the key features and in task 2 there is a conclusion which restates the main points. Good day. Anecdotal Essays! I am planning to sit for IELTS on 9f com 14th February 2015 and started to prepare myself by watching your videos which are really amazing. Thanks a lot for making IELTS easily graspable for everyone. Thanks. I’m glad they help.

Just post a question if there’s anything you get stuck with in your IELTS prep. Hi Liz best of the new year.I have been try to identity, locate you lecture on writing task one for combination of pie chatr and a grapg or a graph and a tables. I haven’t put one up yet. But here are some tips for you: 1. introduce both charts in your introduction.

2. put key features of both charts in your overview. 3. normally you would have one body paragraph for each chart. 4. think carefully about how much detail you will give for each chart – you will get a lower score if you overload your report with too much detail. 5. keep your writing to under 200 if possible. I’ll put up a model in the next few weeks.

I am starting to 9f com, prepare for IELTS test that is coming on 14th of February. Your site have made it clearer, on what I need to harvard reference essay, focus on and the expectations from the graders of the 9f com, test. Thanks a lot. You’re welcome. Good luck with your studies! thank you very much. the site is very useful for me. and i said to the God to save you and open the harvard reference generator, way around you as a result to your work in this site. i was searched and didnt find word to thanks you larger than thank you alot of.

i just want to confirm that i mostly used to write conclution in around 30 words at the end of dissertationhelp 9f com, IELTS writing task-1. i usually start like “After gone throught the deeper analysis of demonstration thesis, (Chart, table, line graph) provided by the authority”……………………….. please let me know is it beneficial to use this kind of language at the end….? Hi, for IELTS writing task 1, there is no conclusion but there is an overview which contain the key features. Your overview should start with “overall” to help the examiner locate it quickly and easily. Also when writing IELTS it is essential that you don’t use learned phrases such as “After going through the deeper analysis” or “provided by the authority”. Dissertationhelp! This language is not appropriate for IELTS writing task 1. Thank you very much. It is rubric rhetorical analysis, really helpful #128512; Current IELTS exam topics and questions:

Share your IELTS test results. Useful Links for IELTS Line Graphs in WT1. WT1 Table 30th Sept: To be completed. IELTS Model Essays for September 2017. IELTS Writing Questions September 2017. Answer to dissertationhelp 9f com, yesterday’s paraphrasing exercise 3. Hi, my name is Elizabeth (Liz). I'm an experienced IELTS teacher from the harvard reference, UK and a graduate of the University of London. I have been teaching for over 16 years and for the last 9 years I have specialised, exclusively, in IELTS.

I have taught in 9f com a number of countries: England, Spain, New Zealand, South Korea, China and Vietnam, where I taught at essay, the British Council.

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Zelf je ondernemingsplan schrijven. Wil je je eigen bedrijf beginnen? Of je nu een winkel, restaurant of dissertationhelp 9f com, sportschool wilt beginnen: het is cold war verstandig om een ondernemingsplan te schrijven om je plannen concreet te maken. Dissertationhelp! Wat ga je precies doen? Is er markt voor je product? Waar wil je naar toe? Dit zijn slechts enkele vragen die je beantwoordt in essays je businessplan. Qredits helpt je hier graag mee op weg. 9f Com! Wij bieden je verschillende tools: een ondernemingsplan template, digitale cursus, schrijven met een coach of thesis, klassikaal. Dissertationhelp! Bekijk hieronder onze verschillende mogelijkheden.

Een gratis template die je helpt om jouw ideeën op een rij te zetten. Handig voor ondernemers die alleen een structuur nodig hebben. Deze e-learning laat jou nadenken over am proud je onderneming. 9f Com! Je krijgt volop inspiratie en voorbeelden. Reference! Na afloop download je een kant en klaar plan. € 49,95 incl. btw inclusief financieel plan met inspiratie en voorbeelden eenvoudig online direct beginnen. Laat je je liever begeleiden door iemand? Een coach helpt je verder, geeft feedback en biedt zekerheid. Het resultaat: een perfect plan, klaar om in 9f com te leveren bij je kredietverstrekker. ˆ 200 excl. btw inclusief financieel plan advies op maat persoonlijke begeleiding eerlijke feedback 100% focus op jou. Wil jij je ondernemingsplan schrijven in statement een klassikale cursus onder begeleiding van experts?

Binnen tien weken heb jij je eigen plan. Een vaste docent begeleid je. ˆ 275 excl. btw klassikaal leren begeleiding van experts in 9f com 10 avonden een eigen plan inclusief e-learning inclusief werkboek optrekken met ondernemers hulp bij je financiele plan. Wat je wil weten over essays een ondernemingsplan. Een ondernemingsplan, ook wel bedrijfsplan of 9f com, businessplan genoemd, is am proud essay de eerste stap op weg naar een eigen bedrijf. 9f Com! Hiermee breng je de haalbaarheid van jouw ideeën in rubric rhetorical analysis essay kaart. Een ondernemingsplan is dissertationhelp 9f com op te delen in essays de volgende drie hoofdstukken: Graag helpen je op weg om je eigen ondernemingsplan te maken en schrijven met de onderstaande stappen. De ondernemer is het eerste hoofdstuk van het ondernemingsplan.

Je eigen bedrijf draait namelijk om jou en jouw idee om een bedrijf te starten. 9f Com! Net zoals bij een sollicitatie moet je opschrijven wat je werkervaring is, wat je motivatie is en wat je persoonlijke doelstellingen zijn. Harvard Reference Generator Essay! Indien er sprake is dissertationhelp 9f com van meerdere ondernemers, zoals bij een V.O.F., vul dan voor elke ondernemer dit hoofdstuk in. Demonstration Speech Statement! De gevraagde gegevens zijn namelijk bedoeld voor alle ondernemers. Met onze whitepaper helpen we je welke bedrijfsvorm (rechtsvorm) je zou moeten kiezen. Hier vermeld je je privégegevens, zoals je adres, naam, burgerlijke staat, enzovoort. 9f Com! Denk er ook aan dat je deze gegevens voor alle ondernemers aanlevert. 1.2.

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Als je weet wat je zwakke punten zijn, kun je daar rekening mee houden. Op welke gebieden heb je coaching en begeleiding nodig? Om (meer) inzicht te krijgen in dissertationhelp je sterke en zwakke punten kun je een ondernemerstest invullen. De uitkomst van de ondernemerstest laat zien hoe je scoort op je ondernemerscompetenties. Voor elke product of dienst is essays er een markt. Dissertationhelp! Althans, heb je dat onderzocht?

Welk product of harvard reference generator essay, dienst ga je tegen welke prijs en op welke locatie aan wie verkopen? Hoe kun je het beste je product of dienst op de markt zetten, wie zijn jouw klanten en hoe ga ik eraan verdienen? Als je dit lastig vindt kan onze e-learning verkoopplan schrijven je daarbij helpen. Hier zet je alle algemene gegevens van de onderneming op een rijtje. Een duidelijke organisatie is een belangrijke voorwaarde om succesvol te kunnen ondernemen. Ben je al wel of nog niet ingeschreven bij de Kamer van Koophandel? Heb je de benodigde verzekeringen en Algemene Voorwaarden geregeld? Voor welke rechtsvorm kies je, waar ga je je vestigen en wie doet de administratie? Dit is dissertationhelp de kern van je ondernemingsplan. Demonstration Speech! Hier leg je kort maar krachtig uit wat je wilt gaan doen en waarom.

Probeer jezelf te verkopen. Maak anderen enthousiast. Hoe heeft de markt zich in het algemeen ontwikkeld en wat is de toekomstverwachting? Geldt de uitkomst hiervan ook voor dat deel van de markt waar je je op wil richten? Je markt bestaat uit de verzameling van gegevens over bestaande afnemers, potentiële afnemers en alle aanbieders van het product of 9f com, dienst of essays, vervangende product of diensten. 9f Com! Zijn er weinig aanbieders en geen vervangende product of essays, diensten, dan zit je natuurlijk goed. Dissertationhelp! Zijn er veel aanbieders en zijn er ook nog eens allerlei vervangende producten of statement, diensten, dan heb je het als starter beslist moeilijk. Voor een starter is dissertationhelp het van belang dat je jouw markt kent.

Hier geef je aan hoe de markt zich ontwikkelt, zowel op landelijk niveau als op lokaal niveau. Verschuift de behoefte van de potentiële afnemers of thesis statement, juist niet? Wat gebeurt er met het aantal concurrenten en hoe ontwikkelt de prijs van het product of dienst zich? Het is dissertationhelp belangrijk om uw doelgroep zo nauwkeurig mogelijk te omschrijven. Wie zijn je (potentiële) klanten? Wat zijn belangrijke kenmerken van deze klanten? Naarmate je jouw klanten beter kent, ben je ook beter in american staat ze te bereiken en te bedienen. Je moet weten of er meer aanbieders zijn van jouw product of dienst. Dissertationhelp! Denk daarbij ook aan concurrentie die een alternatief aanbieden.

Wat zijn de sterke en zwakke punten van de concurrentie? Weet welke prijs ze vragen en welke kwaliteit ze bieden. Bend Beckham Identity Essay! Richten ze zich op dezelfde klantengroep? Hoe zorg je ervoor om hiertussen op te vallen? Wat zijn de sterke en zwakke punten van je eigen onderneming en wat zijn de kansen en bedreigingen die zich in de markt voordoen of dissertationhelp, gaan voordoen? Met de marketingmix geef je je bedrijf een duidelijk eigen gezicht. 5 Paragraph Essay! De marketingmix maakt je bedrijf herkenbaar voor de buitenwereld. 9f Com! De marketingmix bestaat uit de vijf P’s: Product of bend it like beckham, dienst staat voor meer dan alleen een product of 9f com, dienst. Bend It Like Identity! Wat is 9f com de toegevoegde waarde voor de klant? Welk probleem lost het op?

Denk ook aan verpakking, garantievoorwaarden, uitstraling en merk. Anecdotal Essays! Wat zijn de belangrijkste kenmerken van je product of dienst? De prijs zegt iets over het product of 9f com, dienst dat je levert, maar ook over bend identity het deel van de markt waar je je op richt. 9f Com! Met een hoge prijs trek je een andere doelgroep dan met een stuntprijs. Welke prijsstrategie ga je hanteren? Leg je de nadruk op service of ben je een prijsvechter?

Hoe liggen de prijzen bij concurrenten? Hier maakt je duidelijk waar je je bedrijf vestigt. Ga je huren of kopen? Start je vanuit huis of bend it like beckham essay, kies je voor een bedrijfspand? Beschrijf ook hoe je bedrijfskolom eruit ziet. Dissertationhelp 9f Com! Hoe verloopt de distributie van leverancier tot klant? Waar ga je de producten of anecdotal essays, diensten verkopen? Wie zijn de leveranciers? Zijn er samenwerkingsverbanden? Promotie maken kan op allerlei manieren en via verschillende kanalen.

Beurzen, nieuwsbrieven of internet zijn mogelijke promotiekanalen. Dissertationhelp 9f Com! Wanneer ga je wat precies doen? Promotie hoeft zeker niet duur te zijn. Bend Essay! Er zijn vele mogelijkheden: advertentie plaatsen, billboards, promotiefoldertjes, mondelinge promotie bij feestjes en verenigingen, mond tot mond reclame, gerichte promotiefolder, telefonisch contact, winkelinrichting, kortingsbonnen, persbericht, eigen website, webadvertising, sponsoring, beurzen (bezoeken of eigen stand), etc. Alles begint met wie je wilt bereiken en wie jou moet begrijpen.

Kun je het werk alleen aan, of dissertationhelp 9f com, het nodig personeel aan te trekken? Personeel aannemen moet zorgvuldig gebeuren. Thesis! Het belang van de uitstraling van het personeel naar buiten toe is van groot belang en wordt regelmatig onderschat. 9f Com! Hoe kom je aan jouw personeel? Heb je behoefte aan hoog- of laaggekwalificeerd? Wordt het personeel zelf opgeleid?

Welke normen en waarden worden er gehanteerd? Een missie is waarvoor we staan, een visie is anecdotal essays waarvoor we gaan. De missie heeft te maken met waarden en identiteit. Dissertationhelp 9f Com! Een visie geeft aan: hoe gaan wij de wereld van morgen beïnvloeden zodat wij succes hebben? Het is noodzakelijk om kort en bondig je missie en je visie te kunnen beschrijven. Grote lappen tekst met onderbouwing kunnen in het plan zelf terug komen. Wel moeten ze duidelijk zijn. Anecdotal Essays! Dat kun je vrij gemakkelijk doen via de SMART theorie. SMART staat voor: Specifiek, Meetbaar, Attractief, Realistisch en Tijdgebonden.

Als aan deze voorwaarden wordt voldaan kan via het ondernemingsplan zelf nagegaan worden of 9f com, deze missie en doelstellingen uiteindelijk met alle aanwezige achtergrond informatie werkelijk mogelijk zijn. Wie zijn we, wat zijn onze waarden, hoe willen we met onze klanten en medewerkers omgaan? Probeer ook zo reëel mogelijk in anecdotal te schatten hoe groot de omzet is dissertationhelp die je verwacht te gaan halen. Waar wil je over essay 5 tot 10 jaar staan met je onderneming? Wat ga je doen om te zorgen dat je succes hebt en houdt? Het financieel plan is in feite het vertalen van de aannames uit het ondernemingsplan naar financiën/geld. Je kunt onze gratis template financieel plan daarvoor gebruiken. Het financiële hoofdstuk bestaat uit de volgende onderdelen: Waar komt mijn kapitaal vandaan en waar is het geïnvesteerd? Ben ik - winstgevend? Kan ik op tijd voldoen aan mijn financiële verplichtingen?

Een bedrijf starten kost geld. 9f Com! Sommige investeringen zijn noodzakelijk om te kunnen starten, andere kunnen misschien beter nog even wachten. Bend Beckham Identity Essay! In de investeringsbegroting zet je op een rij wat je minimaal nodig hebt om te kunnen starten. De investeringsbegroting is onderverdeeld in dissertationhelp 9f com vaste activa en vlottende activa. Bend! Vaste activa, zoals een computer, machines, inventaris, en een bedrijfsauto, zijn bedrijfsmiddelen die langer dan een jaar in dissertationhelp je bedrijf aanwezig zijn. Generator! Deze middelen maken het mogelijk dat je de activiteiten kunt uitvoeren. Zij ondersteunen het bedrijfsproces. Bedrijfsmiddelen die korter dan een jaar in dissertationhelp je bedrijf aanwezig zijn, zoals voorraden, vorderingen, voorfinanciering BTW en debiteuren, zijn vlottende activa. Deze middelen zijn onderdeel van je bedrijfsproces.

Aanloop- en openingskosten zijn kosten die je maakt voordat je kunt starten en/of omzet kunt maken. Voorbeelden: notariskosten, inschrijving Kamer van Koophandel, levensonderhoud eerste periode, marktonderzoek, advieskosten, visitekaartjes en briefpapier. Onderbouw de bedragen met offertes. Essay Cold War! Vraag offertes op bij meerdere leveranciers om zo tot een juiste keuze te komen. 9f Com! Houd rekening met onvoorziene kosten. In uw financieringsbegroting staat hoe je de benodigde investeringen gaat financieren. Am Proud American! Dit kan door middel van eigen vermogen of 9f com, met vreemd vermogen. Het deel van de investeringen dat je zelf financiert heet eigen vermogen. Essays! Dit kan in vorm van geld zijn dat je hebt gespaard of bedrijfsmiddelen (auto, voorraad, computer) die je eerder hebt aangeschaft.

Het kan ook zijn dat een familielid of kennis je geld wil lenen. Er is dissertationhelp 9f com een regeling die het voor particulieren, zoals familie of 5 paragraph cold, kennissen, fiscaal aantrekkelijk maakt geld aan startende ondernemers te lenen. Dissertationhelp 9f Com! Deze regeling biedt zo'n particuliere geldgever namelijk interessante fiscale voordelen. Essays! Zogenaamde `achtergestelde´ leningen of dissertationhelp 9f com, durfkapitaal wordt door een kredietverstrekker vaak gezien als eigen vermogen. Andere voorbeelden van partijen die kunnen financieren en hun bedrag achter zouden willen stellen, zijn de huurbaas, of rhetorical analysis essay, de vorige eigenaar van de zaak die je hebt overgenomen. Vreemd vermogen is dissertationhelp geld dat zakelijke financiers (bijvoorbeeld banken en leveranciers) je willen lenen. Er is onderscheid tussen schulden met een looptijd van langer dan een jaar en korter dan een jaar.

In feite zijn de langlopende leningen bedoeld om de vaste activa te financieren. Analysis Essay! Hypothecaire leningen hebben als doel een bedrijfspand te financieren, met een (middellange) banklening (of lease) kun je een machine of inventaris aanschaffen. Dat betekent automatisch dat de vlottende activa met kort vreemd vermogen moet worden gefinancierd. Dissertationhelp! Dit zijn voornamelijk het rekening-courantkrediet (of werkkapitaal) en crediteuren (leverancierskrediet). In feite kan zelfs de belastingdienst je financieren, maar daar kun je beter maar niet te veel op leunen. Een balans is rubric rhetorical analysis essay een overzicht van de bezittingen, de schulden en het eigen vermogen van je onderneming op een bepaald moment. Anders gezegd: op een balans staat wat je hebt (activa, de linkerzijde van de balans), in 9f com de vorm van geld, goederen, enz., en hoe die gefinancierd zijn (passiva, de rechterzijde van de balans): met eigen vermogen of met vreemd vermogen (leningen).

Dus een balans is een momentopname van bezittingen en van de manier waarop deze zijn betaald. De solvabiliteit is bend it like beckham identity essay de verhouding van uw eigen vermogen ten opzichte van het totaal benodigde vermogen. Dit geeft aan in dissertationhelp 9f com hoeverre uw onderneming de schulden op lange termijn kan voldoen. In je verkoopprognose moet je de omzet op een juiste en reële manier inschatten. 5 Paragraph War! Het maken van een verkoopprognose is dissertationhelp 9f com niet eenvoudig, maar wel noodzakelijk. Demonstration Speech Statement! Daarmee kun je namelijk inschatten wat je gaat verdienen en of 9f com, dat voldoende is bend beckham om alle verplichtingen te kunnen voldoen. 9f Com! Uiteindelijk bepaalt de omzet, minus de inkoopkosten en overige kosten je winst of anecdotal, verlies. De berekening is 9f com simpel. American Essay! Het aantal verkochte producten per maand wordt vermenigvuldigd met de prijs die voor het product vraagt. Als dienstverlener kun je het aantal uren invullen, wanneer je een vergoeding op uurbasis vraagt. De omzet moet je exclusief BTW opgeven.

Je moet wel aangeven welk BTW tarief op jouw product of dienst van toepassing is. Dissertationhelp 9f Com! (21%, 6% of 0%). De belastingdienst geeft hier meer informatie over. Omzet wordt gemaakt op het moment dat de factuur naar de klant/opdrachtgever wordt gestuurd. Anecdotal Essays! Dat wil in de meeste gevallen niet zeggen dat het geld direct wordt bijgeschreven op je rekening. Dissertationhelp! Betalen je klanten direct (contact of american, PIN) zoals in dissertationhelp 9f com de detailhandel, of moet je weken op je geld wachten. Deze periode noemen we de debiteurentermijn. Harvard Reference! Onderaan de verkoopprognose moet je invullen wanneer welk deel van je klanten gaat betalen. Zorg ervoor dat je prognose kan worden onderbouwd met cijfers uit de branchegegevens, je concurrentieanalyse en marketingmix. Houd rekening met seizoensinvloeden. 9f Com! Ga je direct in essay je eerste maand omzet maken, of is 9f com er sprake van een aanloopperiode?

Is het geplande aantal uren daadwerkelijk declarabel? Houd rekening met bijvoorbeeld reistijd, acquisitie, ziekte, administratie. Am Proud American! Is deze omzet haalbaar (reëel), gezien vanuit de geplande investeringen en personeelscapaciteit? Om geld te kunnen verdienen aan producten die je verkoopt, moet je die producten eerst zelf inkopen. Dissertationhelp! Het verschil tussen wat je verkoopt en de prijs die je zelf hebt betaald om die producten in te kopen is 5 paragraph cold war je brutowinst. Er bestaat dus een direct verband tussen inkoop en verkoop. 9f Com! De inkoopprijs van alle verkochte artikelen hoort tot de inkoopwaarde van de omzet. De formule om de inkoopwaarde van de omzet te bepalen is als volgt: Beginvoorraad + Jaarinkopen Eindvoorraad. Alle producten die je al wel hebt ingekocht, maar nog niet hebt verkocht, heb je op voorraad en worden daarom niet tot de inkoopwaarde van de omzet gerekend.

Bedrijven die niet handelen in anecdotal essays producten, maar hun kennis en tijd ‘verkopen’ aan de klant, hebben te maken met diensten. 9f Com! Diensten hebben meestal geen inkoopprijs (of slechts zeer gering). Beckham Identity Essay! Bij diensten kun je stellen dat de brutowinst (bijna) gelijk is 9f com aan de behaalde omzet. Er zijn meerdere factoren die de inkoopwaarde van de omzet kunnen bepalen. Am Proud American! Denk bijvoorbeeld aan het inhuren van andere bedrijven (‘diensten van derden’). Dissertationhelp 9f Com! Deze worden meestal ook rechtstreeks van de behaalde omzet afgehaald. Essays! Andere voorbeelden zijn provisies die je betaald aan tussenpersonen of 9f com, agenten, het huren van materiaal die je nodig hebt om een dienst te kunnen verlenen. Speech! Dit zijn zogenaamde directe kosten. 9f Com! Heeft een bedrijf te maken met een werkplaats, dan worden veel van de bewerkkosten of am proud, ‘maak’ kosten ook rechtstreeks verrekend met de behaalde omzet. Dissertationhelp 9f Com! Eigenlijk alles met een rechtstreeks verband met de behaalde omzet! Om de inkoopprognose correct in te vullen, moet je invullen wanneer je daadwerkelijk voorraad moet gaan inkopen.

Afhankelijk van het product, de branche en de vraag zal de frequentie verschillen. It Like! Is het nodig dat je elke dag inkoopt (bijv. 9f Com! verse levensmiddelen), of kun slechts één keer per american kwartaal je inkopen doen (bijv. kleding)? Kun je inschatten hoe lang je product gemiddeld op voorraad ligt? En welke deel van je voorraad is 9f com niet meer te verkopen na verloop van tijd (incourante voorraad)? In je exploitatiebegroting schat je in of je bedrijf rendabel is. Door de omzet en kosten in 5 paragraph essay cold war een overzicht te plaatsen, kun je in dissertationhelp een oogopslag zien of thesis, je bedrijf winst of verlies maakt. 9f Com! In de exploitatiebegroting staan de bedragen exclusief BTW vermeld. Uitgangspunt voor de exploitatiebegroting is rubric rhetorical de verkoopprognose (zie 3.3).

Door de inkoopwaarde van de omzet af te trekken wordt de brutowinst zichtbaar. De inkoopwaarde van de omzet wordt berekend aan de hand van de ingevulde inkoopprognose (zie 3.4). Door de brutowinst te verminderen met alle wederkerend bedrijfskosten, zoals huisvestings-, vervoers-, promotie- en personeelskosten, houd jij je netto bedrijfsresultaat over. Dissertationhelp 9f Com! Dit bepaalt of harvard, je bedrijfsactiviteit op zichzelf rendabel is. Onder de bedrijfskosten vallen ook de afschrijvingen. Afschrijvingen zijn wel kosten, maar geen uitgaven. Afschrijvingen geven de je gelegenheid reserves op te bouwen om te kunnen (her)investeringen in 9f com de vaste activa van je bedrijf.

Je geeft het geld pas uit op het moment dat je moet gaan investeren. Reference Generator! Je geeft je ook extra ruimte om je aflosverplichting te voldoen. Voordat jij je winst uit onderneming kan bepalen, moet je opgeven hoeveel vergoeding je aan de financiers, die je bedrijfsactiviteit mede mogelijk hebben gemaakt , jaarlijks moet betalen. Dissertationhelp 9f Com! Dit wordt ook wel rente genoemd. Als je winst hebt gemaakt, moet je daarover belasting betalen. Hoeveel dat is, hangt af van het winstbedrag en aftrekposten die je als zelfstandige mag opvoeren.

Voor deze aftrekposten gelden wel diverse voorwaarden. Kijk daarom goed op de site van de belastingdienst. De nettowinst is de basis voor uw inkomen uit een eenmanszaak of VOF. Harvard Generator Essay! In een BV staat de ondernemer als bestuurder/directeur van de BV op de loonlijst en ontvangt een salaris. Dissertationhelp! Het salaris is een kostenpost voor de BV. De omzet moet hoog genoeg zijn om ook het salaris van de directeur te betalen. We bieden je gratis een eenvoudige template voor exploitatiebegroting.

Aannames moeten gebaseerd zijn op goed doordachte veronderstellingen Omzet op basis van marktonderzoek en niet op alleen basis van aantal x prijs Check de samenhang met het Marketingplan Omzet moet met gewenst personeelsbestand en kapitaal vervaardigd kunnen worden. Kun je elke maand alle rekeningen betalen? Door het maken van een liquiditeitsbegroting bepaal je of er iedere maand voldoende geld op je rekening staat. Inkomsten en uitgaven kunnen gedurende een jaar sterk wisselen. Bijvoorbeeld door seizoensinvloeden, een vakantieperiode, belastingaanslag of rubric analysis, door klanten die laat betalen. Dissertationhelp! Met een liquiditeitsbegroting maak je inzichtelijk op welk moment extra financiën nodig zijn. Vrijwel alle bedrijfskosten die zijn opgenomen in harvard generator de exploitatiebegroting komen ook terug in 9f com de liquiditeitsbegroting. Am Proud American Essay! Afschrijvingen vormen hierop de belangrijkste uitzondering. De liquiditeitsbegroting toont hoe de kosten over dissertationhelp het jaar worden verdeeld en aan in welke maand de kosten daadwerkelijk betaald moeten worden. Zeker in 5 paragraph essay cold war een groeiende ondernemingen zullen met de omzet ook de kosten maandelijks variëren (en toenemen).

Naast de bedrijfskosten, worden ook de (maandelijkse) privéopnamen, inclusief inkomstenbelasting, en aflossingen staan niet in de liquiditeitsbegroting opgenomen. 9f Com! Via onze site kun je nu eenvoudig een sjabloon liquiditeitsbegroting downloaden. Op de exploitatiebegroting zijn alle bedragen exclusief BTW. Am Proud Essay! In de liquiditeitsbegroting reken je de BTW ontvangsten en uitgaven mee. Uit de exploitatiebegroting kun je opmaken of je voldoende omzet genereert om de bedrijfs- en financieringskosten te dekken. 9f Com! De cashflow berekent vervolgens of cold, jij je privéopnamen wel uit de onderneming kan halen en of er daarnaast genoeg overblijft om leningen af te lossen, herinvesteringen te voldoen of dissertationhelp, reserves op te bouwen. Grofweg is de cashflow gelijk aan de nettowinst plus afschrijvingen van een onderneming. Demonstration Thesis Statement! De cashflow is positief als er jaarlijks meer geld binnenkomt dan dat er uit gaat. 9f Com! De cashflow is demonstration speech negatief als er per 9f com jaar meer geld wordt uitgegeven dan er binnenkomt. Een positieve cashflow wil niet direct zeggen dat je onderneming liquide is, dat er het hele jaar door voldoende geld op je rekening staat. Am Proud! Dat moet blijken uit de liquiditeitsbegroting.

Voordat je met je bedrijf begint, moet je weten hoeveel je maandelijks nodig om privé van rond te komen. 9f Com! Breng al je (huishoud)verplichtingen in bend beckham essay kaart. Vermeld ook alle inkomsten die je huishouding ontvangt, zoals het loon (inclusief vakantie geld en dertiende maand) van jezelf en/of je partner, uitkeringen, pensioenen en eventueel kinderbijslag. Het verschil tussen de privéverplichtingen en -inkomsten bepaalt het bedrag dat je maandelijks uit je onderneming moet halen om van te leven. Houd je zakelijke betalingsverkeer gescheiden van je privé-inkomsten en -uitgaven door het openen van een aparte rekeningen. Een afschrijving is 9f com het in 5 paragraph cold war de boekhouding tot uitdrukking brengen van de waardedaling van een bedrijfsmiddel over dissertationhelp een bepaalde periode. Rubric! Doordat je machines gebruikt zullen ze slijten.

Ook zal de waarde van je gebouw of dissertationhelp 9f com, vrachtwagens in rubric rhetorical analysis essay de loop van de jaren afnemen. Dissertationhelp 9f Com! De waardevermindering van deze kapitaalgoederen wordt ook wel afschrijving of demonstration thesis, afschrijvingskosten genoemd. Er wordt steeds afschrijving toegepast om de slijtage door het gebruik tot uitdrukking te brengen. 9f Com! Deze afschrijving vormt een kostenpost in de Winst- en Verliesrekening en leidt dus tot een lager resultaat. Bekijk de mogelijkheden van Qredits. Ondernemingsplan template downloaden. Als je een onderneming wilt beginnen, is 5 paragraph cold war het verstandig eerst een ondernemingsplan te maken. Dissertationhelp! Qredits wil je hier graag mee op weg helpen. E-learning Ondernemingsplan Schrijven. Deze e-learning laat jou nadenken over je onderneming. It Like Beckham! Je krijgt volop inspiratie en voorbeelden.

Na afloop download je een kant en klaar plan. Vind je het moeilijk om je eigen ondernemingsplan op te stellen? Twijfel je of 9f com, het goed is? Een coach helpt je bij het structureren van je ideeen. Qredits helpt ondernemers bij het succesvol starten van en investeren in rhetorical analysis hun bedrijf. 9f Com! We bieden coaching, kennis in am proud american essay de Qredits Academy voor ondernemers en we verstrekken bedrijfskredieten tot ˆ 250.000. Qredits verstrekt de microkredieten mede dankzij twee programma’s van de Europese Unie: het EaSI, een Europees programma voor werkgelegenheid en sociale innovatie, en COSME, een programma dat de concurrentiepositie van midden- en kleinbedrijf verbetert.

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30+ Best Free Resume Templates in dissertationhelp 9f com, PSD, AI, Word DocX. Download and find innovative ways to design a creative resume with this collection of free resume templates we have gathered for you. You can easily find resume templates but to bend beckham have a distinct and unique look you may have to implement a personal design model. Changing images, adding abstract elements and 9f com, altering fonts can lead to a bold design in rhetorical, a matter of 9f com minutes with Photoshop and illustrator. This topic contains both free resume templates as well as premium templates for those looking for having a truly professional design.

All of these templates require an 5 paragraph cold editing software like Photoshop, MS word, illustrator to edit and 9f com, change the design the speech thesis statement, way you want. The Doc, Docx formats is for Microsoft office, open office, Google doc applications. This sleek list of professional looking free resume templates will help you to create a resume that is dissertationhelp 9f com, printable, has a clean design and shows your career story in a creative way. A free resume template for designers, developers, entrepreneurs, graduates who like to show their skills, portfolio in 5 paragraph essay, a creative modern way. This CV is dissertationhelp, print ready as it comes with 300dpi resolution and uses CMYK color standards. Harvard Generator! Also, the 9f com, document size is U.S Letter(8.5?11#8243;) and it comes with proper bleed and margins on all sides. It comes with Photoshop PSD and Microsoft word files that let you edit text and images as required. Cover (psd + doc), Resume (psd + doc), Portfolio (psd + doc). Free Download. Free Creative Resume for 5 paragraph essay war, Designers (Exclusive in Word, Pdf) Always looked for a brilliantly designed resume for your personal use?

This free cv template will guide you to dissertationhelp 9f com build a resume of thesis your dreams. Dissertationhelp 9f Com! I have included Word Docx and anecdotal, Pdf documents for easy editing. You can later print the 9f com, A4 resume in high-quality 300dpi output as well. The content of this CV can be edited to your resume needs quite easily as this resume template has a clean layout to am proud present your skills. A mighty resume template for free download to create your personal resume. Edit this free resume template to your taste with Illustrator as well as with MS Word. Free Minimalistic Clean Resume | Word, PSD AI. A clean minimal template with rich details to showcase your resume along with a nice cover letter. The psd is 9f com, well layered and harvard reference, nicely grouped with smart objects and 9f com, this kit also contain illustrator ai file, MS word file. A resume or CV template which delivers a minimalist look for your personal resume. Download this template in MS word and PSD format.

A set of five mockups is also available so that you can present the resume to your clients if you are a designer. Get complete control over word documents as it is easy to edit. Thesis Statement! This is a printable template that has high resolution and uses standard CMYK colors. A resume template for dissertationhelp 9f com, chefs, restaurant employees is demonstration speech statement, made available for free download. Format: PSD + PDF + Word.

CV Design Free Resume template vol. 9f Com! 2. Thesis Statement! A simple resume, fully editable, A4 size, all layers are named and dissertationhelp, grouped. High-quality PSD + PDF + Word. Bend It Like Beckham Identity Essay! Simple Resume Template (Doc, Docx, IDML, INDD) Craft your personal resumes in a simple and elegant way with this free PSD download of the template. Software like Microsoft word or any alternative word processor can be used to open doc file.

Other formats include Adobe Indesign which is a popular magazine editing software. Dissertationhelp 9f Com! A cover letter is also included with this kit. An other simple resume, fully editable, A4 size, all layers are named and grouped. Font used : Roboto Light, Thin, Regular Bold. Free Creative Resume Template (AI, DOC, DOCX) Have you ever thought of having a creative resume template which can be a gateway to your new job or impressing your clients. This free template we introduce here today is one of a kind which you an download and use for rhetorical essay, any purpose. Make your skills set popup with this template as it comes in illustrator ai file and also for Microsoft word in DocX and Doc Formats which is put separate for you to download. Like to have something creative for your resume? This is a template unlike any other you might have come across as it is a totally different version of what you have seen and it features a magazine style. You can download this one in dissertationhelp 9f com, illustrator and word formats. As the anecdotal essays, naming goes this zip file contains three psd files to build your personal resume, cover letter and a portfolio web template if you like.

All layers are well grouped for easy editing and you can easily manage it photoshop. A personalized resume with fields designed to 9f com showcase all your skill sets, work portfolio, references and rubric analysis, much more. The two page psd file will give you much more to add your experience to dissertationhelp 9f com your personal resume. This sample is much suited for designers and web developers but can be used for any purpose . A resume version for essays, those who are bit high on the creative side for everything and like to showcase their personal resume in dissertationhelp 9f com, style. The psd file comes well layered for demonstration speech thesis, easy editing of text and images. Dissertationhelp 9f Com! Creative Resume Template | PSD, DocX, PDF. Beckham Essay! An awesome free psd template which has two variants in white and black colored theme to dissertationhelp 9f com setup resume for reference essay, your professional work portfolio.

This download has been updated and we have added word compatible docx format for you to work with. 9f Com! Get this Package which includes 2 CV Print Versions in illustrator Ai format and also a free Business Card – Ai file. DocX version will be suitable for MS office users who like to have easy editing of pages. A superb and simple designer#8217;s resume template which comes in dual fonts like Opensans, proxima nova can be used for cover letter and a resume. This minimal CV template is perfect for those who want to place information about their professional skills online: education, experience, awards and works. Modern, clean, but yet flexible design based on Bootstrap. Vita / Resume / CV InDesign Template. A free resume template in indesign format.

Minimalistic Resume PSD Set (PSD, AI, EPS) A beautiful resume template to bring you guys another awesome minimalism resume template. A unique template where you have the freedom to use as many pages as you want just duplicate the bend it like beckham essay, layers and dissertationhelp 9f com, edit. A fully free CV template in PSD free to download for public and for speech thesis, any usage. A cool resume design by rabbe007 which is available as free psd download. Free Creative Resume Template (PSD) This free resume and cover letter template is available in Green, Blue, Orange color options.

30 Free Long Shadow Icons for designers. 40 Amazing Flat Free Sketch, PSD Admin Dashboard Templates. 9f Com! 30+ Beautiful and it like beckham, Free Thin Fonts You Shouldn’t Miss. 20 Best Websites to Download Free Vector in 2017. 30+ Awesome Free Fonts for Your Designs.

60 Free Flat Icons in Different Shapes | PSD, Vector. 30 Best Photoshop Logo Design Tutorials. 25 Best Websites to dissertationhelp Download Free PSD. 20 Free Blog PSD Templates for Magazines, Personal Blogs, News. Thesis! 35+ Free Photoshop PSD Price Templates for Pricing Tables, Plans. Photoshop templates especially PSD files are getting very useful for designers to share their work Great stuff and finally some nice free templates :-) I used resume services and dissertationhelp, they designed me a cool resume from one of the templates that I chose from anecdotal, your list! Awesome collection! I love creative resume templates!

I bought mine in Etsy and it is great because is fully customizable and in Microsoft WORD! :) I think I spend less than for bitten. Very nice and helpful collection! Hello, how can I suggest a resume template to this collection, is there any submission form at DesignsCrazed? check out that website has a warehouse of downloadable cv#8217;s. This #8220;Free Minimalistic Clean Resume | PS AI#8221; is actually mine. Could you change that #8220;Download#8221; to #8220;Source Link#8221; and refer to this page: Thanks in dissertationhelp, advance. I might have to change that download link anytime, but that Behance site will be always running. This way you won#8217;t end up getting dead links. Am Proud American! Thanks you very much for referring to my awesome freebie, Very innovative collection of PSD Web Design which is very useful to dissertationhelp me. i am PSD Designer and i am looking to 5 paragraph essay refer this blog for 9f com, great modern web design ideas. Super!

The more we read positive information, the more we recieve good tips that help us to be proficient in demonstration speech thesis statement, the future. We would like to share our freshly made FREE resume template with you. It was inspired by wireframing kits design. Everything is carefully layered, so it#8217;s super easy to edit and use. The download link is on our Behance page These are amazing! I would also suggest checking out wow#8230;.

I’m feeling proud that three of those best CV are from Bangladesh. A small country with a huge talents ! :) So sweet. Yes have seen many talents from Bangladesh and worked with them as well. Looks like your website has been rethemed. Dissertationhelp! Nice. Such a brilliant website you have there. I have seen you guys from am proud, old times when there was psdgraphics, freepsdfiles like that. Dissertationhelp 9f Com! Good times. I had one too.

But doesnt matter now. :) The link for beckham, #8216;Freebie Resume cover letter (PSD)#8217; is currently dead. 9f Com! Can you fix it ? Hi! Do you mind sharing your Etsy template with me? Thanks in advance! Finally! A site with working INDD download links and nice layouts. Thank you! hmm, i thought INDD was most suitable for rubric rhetorical analysis essay, magazine like designs.

Time to find and dissertationhelp 9f com, make more. Would be great if all the Dropbox designs can be reuploaded to a file transfer service without limits. You might want to try MediaFire or Google Drive. Thesis! true.. dropbox is getting bad. Mentioned link is not working. (Dropbox 429 error). can you please help me with this file. thankyou for marketing your website, but no thanks really, cause the cv designs there lack creativity, are very bland and are paid. thanks for providing such an ideas introducing me to a new world of presentation. Excellent Publication Allie Kingsley, I#8217;m happy that i came across it. ;) thnk you so much. :) Wow! all templates is awesome! thanks for share. Glad to know you like the dissertationhelp 9f com, collection. :) Great posting about free template. Anecdotal Essays! hmm it is.

Let me see what can be done. Thank you from Colombia!! Thanks for sharing. I was wondering if you would want to add another model. I#8217;ve just created a pretty different design from what is listed on this page. :)

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colby college resume Our 2015 Rankings of National Liberal Arts Colleges are based exclusively on factors actual college freshmen said were most important to their college decision. According to the most recent nationwide survey published by the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA, these factors include academic reputation, financial aid offerings, overall cost, and success of graduates in the post-college job market. Each of these factors were weighted equally in our ranking and data was derived from a variety of publicly available sources, including U.S. News World Report, the National Center for Education Statistics, and Update: We have just released our 2016 ranking of the best National Liberal Arts Colleges. Click here for the latest ranking.

St. Olaf College offers a distinctive education grounded in academic rigor, residential learning, global engagement, and a vibrant Lutheran faith tradition. 9f Com? Known as “The Hill,” St. Olaf College’s picturesque 300-acre campus sits adjacent to anecdotal essays 325 acres of restored wetlands, woodlands, and native tallgrass prairie owned and dissertationhelp maintained by St. Olaf, and a utility-grade wind turbine that supplies one-third of the college’s daily electrical needs. From the speech curriculum to dissertationhelp 9f com advanced research, from energy conservation and reference essay local purchasing of food products, the college has been actively engaged in seeking out solutions and advancing the well-being of the planet. Dissertationhelp? In tribute to the Norwegian immigrants who founded the college, St. Essays? Olaf still offers a robust program in Scandinavian culture, including Norwegian language classes, Nordic film studies, and Viking history courses. Dissertationhelp 9f Com? In addition to american a liberal arts education students are required to take, at a minimum, the dissertationhelp Bible in thesis statement Culture and dissertationhelp 9f com Community course and a class on Christian theology. Of St.

Olaf’s 3,115 full-time undergraduates 68 percent receive some kind of need-based financial aid. Average financial aid: $21,527. Average net price: $27,323. Average starting salary: Founded in rubric essay 1775 Hampden-Sydney College is the tenth oldest college in dissertationhelp the United States and american essay one of the nations’s only three remaining traditional all-male colleges. Hampden-Sydney’s honor code demands that H-SC men will not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do. This code permeates the campus atmosphere and enriches the college culture with mutual respect. H-SC has a well-respected rhetoric program and graduates site how being trained to think clearly, communicate concisely, and to write well was one of the most important academic experiences. Dissertationhelp? At Hampden-Sydney College, 60.7 percent of full-time undergraduates receive some kind of need-based financial aid.

Though H-SC’s Academic reputation score is the lowest on our list their post graduate starting salary of $49,800 and the average low net price to attend or $19,974 make it a competitive choice. Average financial aid: $18,570. Average net price: $19,974. Average starting salary: Rhodes College found across from Overton Park and the Memphis Zoo in the artsy neighborhood of Midtown, Memphis is am proud, a great location to balance academic life and extracurricular fun. Students can enjoy life on the beautiful campus or venture into dissertationhelp 9f com, downtown Memphis to experience the city’s famed music scene, dining, professional sporting events, and museums. There are more than 50 majors and am proud essay minors and 100 student organizations at Rhodes. Dissertationhelp? Around 75 percent of demonstration speech thesis, students complete internships at top-rated institutions such as St. Dissertationhelp 9f Com? Jude Children’s Research Hospital and multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Approximately 80 percent of students participate in community service projects, and about one third of Rhodes students go on anecdotal, to graduate or professional schools. The acceptance rates of Rhodes alumni to dissertationhelp 9f com law and business schools are around 95 percent, and the acceptance rate to medical schools is nearly twice the national average. More than 93 percent of Rhodes students receive some form of financial assistance through fellowships, scholarships, grants, loans, or student employment at am proud american essay, Rhodes. Average financial aid: $21,516. Average net price: $27,273. Average starting salary:

College of Wooster is one of only dissertationhelp 9f com two schools that every year since 2002 has made U.S. News World Report’s list of schools with outstanding undergraduate research opportunities and senior capstone programs. Each Wooster student’s senior year is thesis statement, filled by dissertationhelp 9f com working one-on-one with a faculty mentor to conceive, plan, and complete a significant piece of original research, scholarship, or creative expression, in a capstone program called I.S. Wooster’s Fighting Scots compete in the NCAA Division III and generator essay have 23 intercollegiate teams. Wooster’s homecoming weekend is a bit out of the ordinary, almost 1,000 people attend a annual cricket match.

The 2014–2015 comprehensive fee to attend Wooster is $53,600. Dissertationhelp? Over 75 percent of essay, Wooster students receive financial assistance and over $46 million of this aid takes the form of merit scholarships and need-based grants without repayment obligation. Six months after graduation, more than 90 percent of Wooster graduates are employed or in graduate school. Average financial aid: $24,911. Average net price: $24,589. Average starting salary:

Founded in 1883, Oberlin has longstanding commitments to access, diversity, and inclusion, noted in that it was the first college in America to 9f com adopt a policy to admit African American students (1835) and the first to essay cold war grant bachelor’s degrees to women (1841) in a coeducational program. Oberlin’s College of Arts and Science offers 47 majors and 42 minors and 9f com concentrations. The Oberlin Conservatory of Music is the oldest continuously operating conservatory in the country. The college and conservatory sponsor more than 500 concerts and recitals, about 40 theater and dance productions, and two operas each year. For the low rent of $5 a month students can obtain up to two works of art for a semester by artists such as Picasso and Toulouse-Lautrec through the Art Rental program. Oberlin would be much higher on 5 paragraph cold war, our rankings due to their strong Academic reputation score of dissertationhelp, 80 but Oberlin has the highest net price to bend essay attend on our list at dissertationhelp, $35,790, though the anecdotal essays college does meet 100 percent of students demonstrated financial need. Average financial aid: $21,478. Average net price: $35,790.

Average starting salary: Located in historic downtown Spartanburg, SC, Wofford College is a Methodist-affiliated liberal arts college that welcomes students of all faiths and beliefs. The 170 tree-lined acre campus is a designated arboretum, making Wofford an exceptionally beautiful setting for higher learning. 9f Com? Wofford uses a 4-1-4 academic calendar, offers more than 50 majors and minors to its 1,588 students, and am proud essay 57 percent of its classes have fewer than 20 students. 9f Com? More than 90 percent of the student body decides to live on campus during their college careers. Wofford has 18 men’s and women’s varsity sports, and the Terriers compete in the NCAA Division I Southern Conference. Tuition and rubric fees at Wofford College total $35,515, and 44 percent of students have their financial needs met in dissertationhelp full. Average financial aid: $24,889. Average net price: $21,066. Average starting salary:

St. Lawrence University, named for the St. Lawrence River, which lies approximately 20 miles from campus, is New York’s oldest coed university. St. Lawrence’s 2,398 students can choose from 40 academic majors available and 36 minors and 61.5 percent of the schools classes have fewer than 20 students. Students are also able to essay cold take courses at nearby Clarkson University and SUNY Potsdam and can make use of the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP), allowing them to study at 9f com, over 100 universities on six different continents. Located in anecdotal essays the village of Canton, New York, St.

Lawrence is considered a “walking campus,” as most the majority of the university is off-limits to cars. Dissertationhelp 9f Com? St. Lawrence has 100 students organizations, including the Outing Club, which is one of the oldest and largest in the country. St. Lawrence University is also home to the Java Barn, an on-campus music venue that hosts live bands every weekend. Tuition and fees at St. Lawrence University total $46,040, and generator essay 39 percent of students have their financial needs met in full. Average financial aid: $26,789. Average net price: $28,601.

Average starting salary: Founded in 1773 as Carlisle Grammar School in Carlisle, PA, Dickinson was the first college to dissertationhelp 9f com be chartered after the Revolutionary War came to a close, marking the formation of the United States. Today, Dickinson’s total undergraduate enrollment of 2,386, pick from a selection of 42 majors, with an emphasis on international studies. Dickinson has a USDA organic certified farm and the college shows its environmentally conscious through a variety of green initiatives while also being one of only demonstration speech 16 schools in the nation to receive the dissertationhelp highest score of am proud american essay, 99/100 “Green Rating.” At Dickinson College 56 percent of dissertationhelp 9f com, full-time undergraduates receive some kind of need-based financial aid and the median student loan debt for those in the class of am proud, 2013 who borrowed was $21,000. One year after graduation, 92 percent Dickinson graduates are either employed or attending graduate school. Average financial aid: $24,807. Average net price: $31,527. Average starting salary: Founded in 1837 by the Methodist Church, DePauw’s enrollment of 9f com, approximately 2,400 students can choose between a liberal arts college or one of the nation’s first Schools of Music. Fiftey-three percent of DePauw students receive need based financial aid which offsets the comprehensive charges of essays, tuition, room, board and fees equalling $54,026.

Depauw offers Forty-two majors, three music degree programs, five honors and fellows programs, plus experiential learning opportunities off campus and abroad. DePauw students can apply for 9f com entry to five Programs of cold, Distinction. Dissertationhelp? They are the essay Honor Scholars and Information Technology Associates programs and three fellowships in Management, Media, and Science Research. 9f Com? Located in Greencastle, Indiana, a 45-minute drive west of Indianapolis, Depauw’s campus is also home to a 520-acre nature park where students can hike 9 miles of trails, catch a show in the outdoor amphitheater, or perform ecological research. The Prindle Institute for Ethics located in the Nature Park is where students, faculty, and visiting scholars come together to demonstration thesis statement debate moral decisions in a picturesque setting. Average financial aid: $22,970.

Average net price: $25,830. Average starting salary: Denison is the state of Ohio’s second oldest liberal arts college. With a spacious 900-acre campus located in the small town of Granville, Denison offers its students plenty of room to spread out, including its 550-acre biological reserve just east of campus, where professors of sciences like geology and 9f com biology often hold class. Reference Essay? Students can walk to dissertationhelp the restaurants and shops on american essay, Granville’s main street. Bikers can enjoy a 36-mile trail connecting Granville to several nearby Ohio cities. The state capital, Columbus, is about twenty miles away, and students can get there by way of free shuttles. All Denison students must live on campus, unless they are married, have children, are over the age of twenty-five, or commute from home. Dissertationhelp 9f Com? Denison offers its 2,336 students BA, BS, and BFA degrees, a student to teacher ratio of 9:1, and it like beckham identity 74 percent of classes with 20 or fewer students.

According to college lore, students who step on the seal in front of the school’s Swasey chapel will not graduate, so watch your step! Tuition and fees total $43,910 and 27 percent of students have their financial needs fully met. Average financial aid: $23,244. Average net price: $28,776. Average starting salary: Located in Schenectady, New York, Union College was the 9f com first college chartered by the Board of Regents of the it like beckham identity State of New York. Union’s 2,241 students can choose to dissertationhelp 9f com major in one of 21 academic departments within the essay college’s liberal arts curriculum. Eighty-nine percent of students live in college housing, and all students belong to one of dissertationhelp, Union’s seven Minerva Houses, which provide a center for members’ academic and social activities. These Houses also provide residence halls offering distinctive housing for over 240 upper-class students.

There are more than 100 student clubs and harvard organizations, including more than 15 fraternities and sororities to choose from at dissertationhelp, Union. More than 60 percent of essays, students travel abroad before graduation and 67.6 percent of Union’s classes have fewer than 20 students. 9f Com? Tuition and rubric essay fees total $46,785 and 97 percent have financial needs met in full. Average financial aid: $23,417. Average net price: $32,633. Average starting salary: Gettysburg College was named as one of The Princeton Review’s Best Value Colleges for 9f com 2014. Demonstration? The honor was presented to only 150 colleges out of 2,000 surveyed nationwide in 2012–2013 concerning their academics, cost, and dissertationhelp financial aid awards.

Gettysburg College awarded $45.2 million in merit scholarships and need-based grants for the 2012–2013 academic year, benefiting 67 percent of the student body. Gettysburg offers a four-year career prep program and its international alumni network lead to internships, externships, and careers. Ninty-five percent of graduates, one year out, are on a career track or in graduate school. Gettysburg offers over essay, 1,000 leadership opportunities every year. The school is dissertationhelp 9f com, located on rubric analysis, a 200-acre campus adjacent to the Gettysburg National Military Park in Pennsylvania. The Eisenhower Institute, formally recognized as a distinctive program of the college is a nationally recognized center for 9f com leadership and public policy based in Gettysburg and 5 paragraph war Washington, D.C.

Average financial aid: $47,200. Average net price: $28,987. Average starting salary: Located in central Ohio, Kenyon College’s 1,600 students study with nearly 200 professors on an exceptionally beautiful hilltop campus that makes Leisure and Travel’s list of “America’s Most Beautiful College Campuses.” The hilly campus runs into the town’s quaint shops, and the main walkway of campus, Middle Path is 10 foot wide and 9f com lined with the most beautifully glowing orange trees in fall. Identity Essay? Kenyon has over 50 majors, minors, and concentrations in 18 departments and is enriched by 13 interdisciplinary programs. Kenyon is highly selective: 47 percent of the Class of 9f com, 2017 were in the top 5 percent of their high school graduating class. Nearly one-third of the student body participates in intercollegiate athletics (NCAA Division III). Kenyon’s strong men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams have won a combined 56 national championships/titles.

For 2014–2015, total charges to attend Kenyon are $58,890. About 50 percent of students receive need-based financial aid with an. Average financial aid package being $24,005. Average financial aid: $24,005. Average net price: $31,675. Average starting salary: Occidental College is essays, located 8 miles from downtown Los Angeles in the neighborhood of Eagle Rock. 9f Com? Students are required to live on campus for their first three years of speech thesis statement, school, but there are more than 100 clubs and organizations to dissertationhelp 9f com get involved in on campus. Occidental also has a handful of sororities and fraternities, and a coed organization.

Occidental College is notable for its diverse undergraduate student body with only about 60 percent of students being Caucasian. Around 75 percent of Oxy’s 2,176 students participate in a study abroad program during their education, and for classes on anecdotal, campus, 64 percent have fewer than 20 students. Occidental has produced 10 Rhodes Scholars and is one of the dissertationhelp nation’s leading Fulbright feeder schools, with 72 students winning the grant since 2003. Downtown L.A. is brimming with opportunities for anecdotal essays college students: internships, dining, nightlife. The college’s proximity to Hollywood makes it one of the dissertationhelp 9f com most filmed campuses in the U.S. Tuition and fees at Occidental total $46,270 and bend beckham identity essay 99.8 percent have their financial needs met.

Average financial aid: $27,806. Average net price: $30,537. Average starting salary: Founded in 1839, Virginia Military Institute is the dissertationhelp 9f com first state-supported military college in harvard reference the U.S. The institute offers 14 majors and 20 minors categorized under engineering, liberal arts, humanities, and the sciences. 90 percent of VMI’s 1,664 students are men, and 83 percent are caucasian. 9f Com? Students of VMI are required to am proud american essay participate in dissertationhelp 9f com Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC), but unlike other federal service academies, Virginia Military Institute’s students are not required to serve in the military once they graduate. VMI offers students over rubric rhetorical essay, 80 academic, professional, and social clubs to participate in and they compete in NCAA Division I in athletics. Freshmen are required to dissertationhelp participate in the Rat Line, a system designed to create equality and prepare cadets for the mental and physical challenges of their career in the Corps. 84 percent of freshmen return for their sophomore year. In-state tuition and fees are $14,404, whereas out-of-state tuition and fees total $35,392.

51 percent of students have their financial needs met in full. Average financial aid: $12,676. Average net price: $13,133. Average starting salary: Bryn Mawr was the first women’s college to offer graduate education through the rubric rhetorical analysis essay level of PhD, a signal of its founders’ refusal to accept the limitations imposed on women’s intellectual achievement at other institutions. Located in the suburban outskirts of Philadelphia, Bryn Mawr is one of the Seven Sister colleges, and is part of the 9f com Tri-College Consortium founded by Quakers that includes the coeducational institutions of Swarthmore College and Haverford College. Anecdotal Essays? It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 1,322 students. Bryn Mawr graduates have the highest average starting salary of the other women’s colleges and dissertationhelp 9f com enjoy the strong student/faculty ratio of 8:1. On the first Sunday after the speech thesis statement end of finals, the campus gathers for May Day, an dissertationhelp, annual tradition in which students dress in all-white to eat strawberries and cream and perform traditional Scottish and Maypole dances.

Average financial aid: $ 24,774. Average net price: $ 30,940. Average starting salary: Mount Holyoke College, according to The Princeton Review’s 2011 edition of The Best 373 Colleges, ranked first in the category of “best classroom experience,” and was highly rated in other categories, including “most politically active students” (#3) and “most beautiful campus” (#7). Harvard Essay? Located in South Hadley, Massachusetts, Mount Holyoke College is a highly selective, residential, research college for women. It was the dissertationhelp first member of the Seven Sisters colleges, and served as a model for some of the others. Mount Holyoke is renowned for american educating women leaders, from medical pioneers to Pulitzer Prize-winning playwrights. Mount Holyoke is a member of the Five College Consortium, which includes Amherst, Hampshire and Smith colleges, and the University of Massachusetts at dissertationhelp 9f com, Amherst.

At Mount Holyoke College, 69.7 percent of full-time undergraduates receive some kind of need-based financial aid to offset the 2013–2014 total undergraduate fees of $53,596. Average financial aid: $ 29,837. Average net price: $ 25,659. Average starting salary: Saratoga Springs is a picturesque small city that’s been called one of the most interesting and vibrant small cities in the U.S. and is only bend it like identity essay three hours drive from New York, Boston, and Montreal. That’s great for dissertationhelp 9f com students who don’t want to study in an urban setting, yet want access to big cities. Skidmore offers a broad curriculum, with traditional majors in the liberal arts and sciences, but also in subjects like management and business. The school is rubric, dedicated to the environment and has two “green” apartment complexes that rely on geothermal heating and 9f com cooling systems. Skidmore is listed in 2014 T he Princeton Review’s 150 Best Value Colleges under “best bang for your buck,” as the average post-college student debt (just under $23,000) is well below the national average. In addition, annually 150 students land credit-bearing internships or practicums, more than half of which are funded by Skidmore. With some of that money students save they can go enjoy themselves at the nation’s oldest thoroughbred racetrack in Saratoga Springs.

Average financial aid: $32696. Average net price: $23,804. Average starting salary: The phrase “Keep Portland Weird” definitely applies to Reed College. You won’t find Greek organizations, varsity sports, or course grades at this college in Portland, OR. While the college deemphasizes grades, Reed is known for its highly intellectual—and countercultural—students and relaxed administration. Reed’s students face a rigorous curriculum with requirements suc h as a yearlong humanities course an d a senior thesis with written and oral exam components.

Reed College ranked high in am proud two important categories by The Princeton Review 2014, number 1 in “Best Classroom Experience,” and number 2 in “Professors Get High Marks.” These rankings were based on students’ answers to several survey questions including how they rate their professors, their classroom and dissertationhelp 9f com lab facilities, the amount of speech statement, in-class time devoted to discussion, and the percentage of classes they attend. Total cost of attendance (2013–2014) is $57,780, and dissertationhelp 9f com 50 percent of Reed students receive financial aid, and of those, 100 percent had of their demonstrated need met. Average financial aid: $36,397. Average net price: $19,238. Average starting salary:

Connecticut College’s comprehensive fee for 2014–2015 is $60,895. This covers tuition, room and board, lab fees, studio fees, special programs, such as funded internships, some course-related travel, study away, and thesis even music lessons. Fifty-two percent of Conn College’s students receive financial aid, all of which have their needs met in full. Among liberal arts colleges, Connecticut College is a top producer of Fulbright scholars. The school was one of the first to offer a human ecology major, which is now known as environmental studies. About 75 percent of their students are involved in competitive sport, either through intramural, club, or varsity athletics. Students can venture in to New London, a town where the arts and music scene are brimming, shops and galleries stay open late on Friday nights. Students also often frequent Ocean Beach and Harkness Memorial State Park. Average financial aid: $32,025. Average net price: $24,845. Average starting salary:

Adopted in 1970, Colorado College’s “Block Plan” is a uniquely intensive academic schedule that allows students to plunge into a different subject every three and dissertationhelp 9f com a half weeks, rather than balancing several classes throughout a semester. Students take one course at a time with each block covering the same amount of material as a typical semester system. Each month, students get a four-and-a-half day “Block Break” to recharge before starting a new course. When students aren’t in class or are on a “Block Break” there is plenty to anecdotal essays do. CC is located in Colorado Springs at the base of Pikes Peak, where students can hike, bike and climb.

In addition, Colorado College is less than three hours from 10 different ski resorts and less than a day’s drive from seven national parks. While the majority of dissertationhelp, college aid is need-based with an average package $28,888, Colorado College does offer merit-based scholarships, as well as athletic scholarships through their two NCAA Division I athletic programs—women’s soccer and men’s ice hockey. Average financial aid: $28,888. Average net price: $23,262. Average starting salary: Nestled between the american Twin Cities of Minnesota—with their great theaters, museums, and outdoor actives—lies Macalester College, an intimate liberal arts college with a wealth of internship opportunities in business, finance, medicine, government, law, the arts. Macalester College is committed to an international focus, regularly enrolling students from more than 90 countries (one of the highest percentages of foreign students in the United States), and about 60 percent of the student body studies abroad. Macalester meets the dissertationhelp 9f com full financial need of admitted students—1 of only 70 colleges nationally that does so—and two-thirds of essay war, its 1,978 undergraduates receive financial aid, which helps to offset a total annual cost of $57,478.

In addition to dissertationhelp Macalester’s 37 majors and 63 areas of study, an essay cold war, arrangement between Macalester and dissertationhelp both the University of Minnesota and Washington University in St. Louis makes it possible for a student to earn a BA degree from Macalester and a BS degree in essays engineering or applied science from either university in five years. Average financial aid: $29,760. Average net price: $23,555. Average starting salary:

Bucknell University’s 3,500 undergraduate students can can choose from 50 majors and 65 minors in engineering, management, education, and music, as well as programs and dissertationhelp pre-professional advising that prepare students for study in law and medicine. Despite being one of the demonstration thesis largest liberal arts colleges, Bucknell’s classes are all taught by professors and the school touts a 9:1 student/faculty ratio. Bucknell’s average starting salary for dissertationhelp graduates is also one of the bend it like identity highest on our list at $53,400. $60,140 is the comprehensive fee that it could cost to attend but Bucknell evaluates each student’s financial circumstances to determine financial aid. Bucknell is 9f com, located alongside the West Branch Susquehanna River in the small town of Lewisburg, PA. The Susquehanna River Valley is surrounded by state parks, scenic country roads, abundant fishing streams and year-round recreational opportunities. Average financial aid: $27,936. Average net price: $29,204. Average starting salary: Located in historic Lancaster, PA, a dynamic city with a thriving arts scene, Franklin and Marshall’s need-based aid investment for 50 percent of anecdotal essays, their students underscores its commitment to enroll highly qualified students who could not otherwise afford it.

Otherwise, Franklin and Marshall’s 2,324 students will pay $60,999 in total tuition and fees for the 2014–2015 academic year. Established in 1787, with a gift of 200 British pounds from dissertationhelp, Benjamin Franklin, the school later merged with Marshall College, named for former Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall to get it’s current name. FM’s first trustees included five signers of the Declaration of Independence, two members of the Constitutional Convention and seven officers of the Revolutionary War. Essays? Many FM students choose to study within the dissertationhelp 9f com college’s strong government program. Its vast pool of notable alumni help students score high-level internships in government locally and abroad. Average financial aid: $35,072.

Average net price: $21,508. Average starting salary: Admissions to Barnard is considered most selective. The class of 2017’s admission rate was 20.5 percent, a new record low for identity the school, which makes it the most selective women’s college in the nation. Total cost to attend Barnard is $59,000 and dissertationhelp the average loan indebtedness of class of 2013 was $18,428. The school has a renowned Barnard Center for Research On Women, which sponsors conferences and panels on the subjects of demonstration statement, gender, feminism, and women’s rights. Found in the borough of Manhattan, in New York City, women at 9f com, Barnard College can have a varied educational experience—a small, liberal arts school and harvard reference generator essay a large, coeducational Ivy League institution. Columbia University and Barnard students can take courses at the other, live in the same residence halls, share access to twenty-two libraries, and 9f com compete together in the Columbia-Barnard Athletic Consortium. Average financial aid: $34,719. Average net price: $23,024.

Average starting salary: Known for its academic excellence, Carleton College has the 7th highest academic reputation score of 91, among our list of top 50 liberal arts colleges. Located in anecdotal the historic river town of Northfield, Minnesota, Carleton’s 2,055 students are offered 37 majors, with 15 concentrations. Carleton’s expansive 1,040 acre campus includes an 9f com, 880-acre arboretum. 55.7 percent of essays, full-time undergraduates receive some kind of need-based financial aid and the average financial aid package at dissertationhelp 9f com, Carleton is $26,419. The average freshman retention rate, an essay cold, indicator of student satisfaction, is 98 percent, and the college also has a high 4 year graduation rate of 9f com, 91 percent. Carleton requires students to rhetorical complete a senior-year integrative exercise that consists of research or creative expression and 9f com publicly-presented papers often referred to as “comps.” Average financial aid: $26,419. Average net price: $29,921.

Average starting salary: College of the Holy Cross is the am proud nation’s only Jesuit institution serving only undergraduates. Perched upon the north slope of Mount Saint James, Holy Cross enjoys a panoramic view of the city of Worcester, MA. Worcester is the dissertationhelp second-largest city in anecdotal Massachusetts, and is a booming college town home to a dozen educational institutions. Holy Cross offers over 100 student clubs and organizations for its 2,926 students.

Sixty-five percent of Holy Cross classes have fewer than twenty students, providing an intimate learning environment for students to pursue one of 28 Bachelor of Arts majors. As of 2010, Holy Cross placed in the top 3 percent of four-year colleges in the number of students going on to earn doctorates in their fields, boasting exceptional acceptance rates for graduates applying to medical school (84 percent) and dissertationhelp law school (90 percent). Holy Cross is the rubric rhetorical only Catholic college among the U.S. News and World Report’s Top 50 Liberal Arts schools, ranking #25. Tuition and fees total $44,272, and 95.5 percent of dissertationhelp 9f com, students had their financial need met.

Average financial aid: $31,034. Average net price: $23,324. Average starting salary: Davidson College is recognized as one of the nation’s more rigorous academic institutions, having produce 23 Rhodes Scholars. With over 20 undergraduate majors and a 10:1 student/faculty ratio, Davison was rated by Newsweek as 2012’s third most rigorous school in the United States. Anecdotal? Of the 1,790 enrolled students, more than 95 percent of the student body lives on campus and most participate in some of dissertationhelp 9f com, Davidson’s more than 200 student-run organizations. Davidson has a 26 percent acceptance rate, 72 percent of which are from out from am proud american essay, out of the state of North Carolina. Davidson maintains a deep-seated connection with the Presbyterian Church-USA. Dissertationhelp? The Wildcats compete in cold the NCAA Division I in all 21 varsity sports, and just over 25 percent of the student body is involved in varsity athletics.

Davidson College’s tuition and fees are $42,849, and the average need-based scholarship or grant award is $29,064. Average financial aid: $26,445. Average net price: $26,053. Average starting salary: Smith College, found in Northampton, MA—which is two hours from Boston and three hours from New York City—is among the largest women’s colleges in the United States, with students from every U.S. state and dissertationhelp 60 countries. Smith students get five colleges for the price of one through the unique interchange between five esteemed educational institutions as a member of the it like identity Five Colleges Consortium, including with Amherst, Mount Holyoke, Hampshire, and 9f com the University of Massachusetts. Smith is the only women’s college in the United States to grant its own undergraduate degrees in engineering. Smith does not offer dorms—instead 35 self-governing houses accommodate between 10 and 100 students, most of 5 paragraph essay, whom include women from all four classes. At Smith College, 62.7 percent of full-time undergraduates receive some kind of dissertationhelp, need-based financial aid and the. Average financial aid package is $33,050.

Average financial aid: $33,050. Average net price: $22,943. Average starting salary: Of the more than 4,000 U.S. colleges and universities, Grinnell College is one of the approximate 45 who meet the “gold standard” for financial aid, with its need-blind admissions policy and 100 percent fulfillment of demonstrated need. Grinnell, Iowa, with a population of 5 paragraph cold, 9,100, is home to Grinnell College’s 1,600 students who can earn a Bachelor of Arts in 26 major fields. Grinnell offers individualized curricular planning and dissertationhelp advising and there are no core requirements beyond First-Year Tutorial, which allows for independent majors. This approach adheres to essays Grinnell’s honor system known as “self-governance.” Grinnell’s students get involved, two-thirds of dissertationhelp 9f com, students participate in community service projects, and one-third of students engage in varsity athletics.

Grinnell hosts over essay, 500 free events each year and dissertationhelp has over it like beckham identity essay, 200 student organizations. Lastly, the school has been consistently ranked in the top 25 liberal arts colleges in the nation since U.S. News World Report began it’s rankings in dissertationhelp 9f com 1983. Average financial aid: $29,728. Average net price: $22,116. Average starting salary: At the University of harvard reference, Richmond you can earn a degree in Art Sciences, Business, or Leadership Studies. The Bonner Center for Civic Engagement on campus provides coordinated access to dissertationhelp community-based volunteer internship and anecdotal coursework opportunities. Located in Richmond, VA, the campus is comprised of beautiful gothic red brick buildings set around shared open lawns. Richmond’s endowment totals approximately $2.02 billion and is ranks in 9f com the top 35 nationally for university endowments, which enables the school to administer a generous financial aid program.

More than 60 percent of all students receive some form of financial assistance. As of fall 2014, Virginians with family income under $60,000 receive full scholarships. The U.S. News World Report ranked Richmond No. 2 on rhetorical, the list of “up-and-comers” for national liberal arts colleges that have made the “most promising and innovative changes in the areas of academics, faculty, student life, campus, or facilities.” Average financial aid: $37,274. Average net price: $20,301. Average starting salary: Trinity College offers an 9f com, intimate academic setting in the midst of Connecticut’s bustling state capital.

This busy urban setting affords Trinity’s 2,301 students access to hundreds of opportunities for internships at various organizations throughout the city. Trinity College’s 100-acre campus includes the Long Walk buildings, which are some of the oldest examples of Gothic architecture in bend it like beckham essay American colleges. Trinity offers students a 10:1 student faculty ratio and 62.4 percent of its classes with fewer than 20 students. More than 90 percent of undergraduates live on dissertationhelp 9f com, the 100-acre historic campus, and demonstration Trinity has one of the largest college libraries in New England. Thirty-four percent of 9f com, students compete in one The Bantam’s varsity sports, which are part of the NCAA Division III, New England Small College Athletics Conference. Anecdotal? Tuition and fees at Trinity College are $47,510, and 100 percent of students have their financial aid needs met. Average financial aid: $37,274. Average net price: $20,301. Average starting salary:

Lafayette College is private, coeducational college geared towards the liberal arts and engineering. 9f Com? It enrolls 2,488 students, who are offered a choice of 47 majors and enjoy a student/faculty ratio of essay cold, 10:1. Nestled in the College Hill neighborhood of Easton, PA, Lafayette offers students a wide range of dissertationhelp, extracurricular options, including over 250 clubs and organizations as well as access to the Easton Farmer’s Market during warm months—billed as the nation’s oldest continuous open-air market—and skiing and snowboarding in the nearby Pocono Mountains during the winter months. The Lafayette Leopards participate as a NCAA Division I member of the Patriot League, and enjoy a storied football rivalry with nearby Lehigh University. Tuition and fees at Lafayette total $43,970, and 98 percent of students have their financial needs fully met. Average financial aid: $31,815. Average net price: $23,905. Average starting salary: Haverford College boasts a close-knit community where 98 percent of students and 61 percent of faculty live on campus.

Although the essays college no longer has a formal religious affiliation, the 9f com Quaker philosophy still influences campus life, with one of the oldest honor codes in the U.S. and essays one of the few with a social dimension. Reflections of the Honor Code include the absence of RAs in dorms, unproctored test taking, 24-hour lab access, and the lack of an admission enrollment deposit. Downtown Philadelphia is just 8 miles from the Haverford College campus, which is the oldest collegiate arboretum in the United States. Haverford students are free to dissertationhelp take classes at Bryn Mawr and Swarthmore Colleges, and the University of Pennsylvania offers a 4 + 1 engineering program that grants a BS from Haverford and a masters from Penn in just 5 years. Fifty-three percent of students receive some form of financial aid, and more than 49 percent receive a college grant which helps to offset the cost of reference generator essay, tuition, $46,790 (2014–2015). Average financial aid: $37,089. Average net price: $20,623. Average starting salary:

Wesleyan has been noted as one of the most productive baccalaureate colleges in the United States with respect to dissertationhelp 9f com the number of analysis essay, undergraduates pursuing PhDs in various fields. Located in Middletown, Connecticut, and overlooking the Connecticut River, the total undergraduate enrollment is 2,940 students. Forty-nine percent of full-time undergraduates receive some kind of need-based financial aid. Named after John Wesley, the founder of dissertationhelp 9f com, Methodism, Wesleyan is among the oldest of the originally Methodist institutions of higher education, though now it is a secular university. At Wesleyan it is easy to get involved, the school has one of the highest students per club ratios with than 200 student organizations covering a range of interests: martial arts, outdoor activities, community tutoring, and an award winning Debate Society. Eighty-seven percent of thesis statement, students graduate in four years and after college the. Average starting salary is $43,900.

Average financial aid: $37,511. Average net price: $21,160. Average starting salary: Sitting on 109 acres of wooded landscape in Lewiston, Maine, Bates College was one of the first U.S. colleges to be coeducational from its inception. Bates was also a pioneer in the SAT optional movement.

Bates College enrolls 1,753 students and dissertationhelp 9f com offers them a choice of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in 35 areas of demonstration speech, study. Dissertationhelp? The cost for tuition and fees at Bates is $45,650; however, 42.4 percent of full-time undergraduates receive some kind of need-based financial aid, which drastically offsets the cost of attendance. Ninety-five percent of students live on campus in one of the 13 dorms or 25 Victorian Houses, each housing 10 to 30 students. Most students are involved in one or more of the nearly 90 student-run clubs or organizations on anecdotal, campus, and the college’s location offers many opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts, such as skiing, canoeing, beaches, Lake Auburn, and natural parks are all nearby. Average financial aid: $37,578. Average net price: $19,772.

Average starting salary: Once home to American luminaries such Nathaniel Hawthorne and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Bowdoin College has become established as one of the nation’s most selective liberal arts colleges. With an acceptance rate of only 14.5 percent—making it the the fifth lowest rate among liberal arts colleges in America—Bowdoin offers students a choice of 9f com, 33 majors and a student/faculty ratio of 9:1. Located in a picturesque, tree-lined campus in the coastal town of Brunswick, Maine, Bowdoin enrolls 1,839 students, 46.8 percent of which receive some form of demonstration speech thesis statement, financial assistance. Bowdoin has been co-education since 1971, and in dissertationhelp the late 90s moved to abolish its Greek fraternities, which were replaced by a housing system in which entering students are assigned to one of eight “college houses” that correlate with their first-year dormitory.

According the the Princeton Review , Bowdoin has the country’s number one dining service, which has been featured in news outlets like The New York Times . Average financial aid: $32,285. Average net price: $24,282. Average starting salary: At Hamilton College, 46.5 percent of full-time undergraduates receive some kind of need-based financial aid and the average need-based scholarship or grant award is $31,856. Its tuition and speech fees are $46,080 (2013–2014).

All students receive a Bachelor of Arts degree with 54 optional areas of study. Hamilton is well known for dissertationhelp its “open” curriculum, for which there are no distributional requirements; students have nearly total freedom over essay, their course selection. Nearly half of students study abroad during their time at Hamilton through 180 programs around the world or the school’s consortium programs. Hamilton is the third-oldest college in New York and was named after its former board of trustee and U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton. The current Hamilton College campus consists of the combined Hamilton and Kirkland college campuses, which has three large wooded areas that students readily enjoy. Average financial aid: $31,856. Average net price: $23,414. Average starting salary: Claremont McKenna College is located at dissertationhelp 9f com, the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains, 35 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, and is part of the it like seven-college consortium known as The Claremont Colleges. The Princeton Review’s 2015 Edition college rankings lists Claremont McKenna College number 1 in dissertationhelp 9f com the category “Their Students Love These Colleges.” Students at generator essay, Claremont McKenna really love their school reporting “this really is dissertationhelp, a place where professors become like family.” Students spend a “good deal of out-of-classroom time” with their teachers, one venue in bend beckham identity which this occurs is through the Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum.

The athenaeum provides a cultural, social, and academic center for the interchange of ideas between CMC students, faculty, and community guests in an intimate and relaxed setting that integrates their academic and social lives. CMC is also highly selective, admitting only 13.6 percent of 9f com, applicants for the 2012–2013 admissions term, this being one of the american essay lowest acceptance rates of any college in the country. Academic reputation score: 89. Average financial aid: $34,023. Average net price: $23,842. Average starting salary:

Colby has several initiatives that not only make the average net price to attend only 17,842 but also make it possible for students with financial need to graduate debt-free. Dissertationhelp 9f Com? Some of the financial initiatives include loans not factoring into financial aid packages, offering College funds to enrolled students who couldn’t otherwise afford to 5 paragraph essay war take unpaid internships and making stipends available for students to pursue academic research instead of campus jobs. Colby is located in Waterville, Maine, just 60 minutes north of Portland, Maine’s largest city. Students choose from dissertationhelp 9f com, 55 majors and 31 minors, or design their own independent major through flexible independent study programs, and participate in internships and study-abroad programs. More than two thirds of 5 paragraph essay cold, students spend time studying off-campus to extend their Colby experience around the globe. Average financial aid: $37,558. Average net price: $17,842. Average starting salary: Wellesley is a private women’s college that was founded in 1870. Travel Leisure has called the campus, “one of the most beautiful college campuses in the United States,” located in Wellesley, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston. Wellesley students have an even greater range of course offerings through a cross-registration program with MIT, in addition, students can spend a semester in another college in the Northeast as part of the Twelve College Exchange Program.

The Wellesley Centers for Women at Wellesley College is dissertationhelp 9f com, one of the largest gender-focused research-and-action organizations in the world. It is home to several prominent American feminist scholars, including Jean Kilbourne and Peggy McIntosh, who conduct social science research and evaluation, develop theory and american essay publications, and implement training programs on issues that put women’s lives and dissertationhelp 9f com women’s concerns at demonstration, the center. Paying an average net price of just $19,465 for a school that is consistently ranked among the top 10 liberal arts colleges isn’t bad either. Average financial aid: $35,835. Average net price: $19,465. Average starting salary: Washington and Lee University is named after George Washington, who gave a generous $20,000 endowment to the school in in 1796, and Robert E. Dissertationhelp 9f Com? Lee, who was a college president following the Civil War until his death. Located in 5 paragraph essay cold war historic Lexington, VA, 180 miles southwest of dissertationhelp, Washington, D.C., Washington and Lee University has two undergraduate divisions: the College, and demonstration speech statement the Williams School of Commerce, Economics, and dissertationhelp Politics which are in the first tier of the U.S. Bend Beckham? News World Report’s rankings for national liberal arts colleges.

WL’s Johnson Scholarship provides full-tuition, room-and-board scholarships without loans each year to up to 44 of the most exceptionally qualified students, regardless of their family’s financial circumstances. Dissertationhelp? With an average net price of only $18,788, attending the ninth oldest institution of higher learning in the United States and the second oldest in Virginia is attainable. Average financial aid: $36,055. Average net price: $18,788. Average starting salary: Vassar was one of the first historically women’s colleges in the northeast, but in essays 1969 the the formal decision to become coeducational came after its trustees declined an offer to merge with Yale University, its sibling institution. Vassar offers a student/faculty ratio is 8:1 and an average class size of 17, with upper-level classes typically much smaller.

In every discipline, there are opportunities for student-faculty collaboration on dissertationhelp, original research, frequently resulting in publication in bend beckham identity essay scholarly journals. Vassar adheres to a need-blind admission policy for 9f com all first-year students, which insures all admission decisions for applicants are made without regard to their financial situation. Vassar’s average net price is one of the lowest at thesis statement, $18,934 of our top 50 liberal arts colleges. Average financial aid: $38,451. Average net price: $18,934. Average starting salary:

Rated the Most Beautiful Campus by The Princeton Review 2015, Colgate is located in Hamilton, NY, a small town where the undergraduate enrollment of 2,871 doubles the population. Colgate’s undergraduates study abroad at 9f com, a rate of about two-thirds, which is a high proportion compared to rhetorical other colleges and universities in the United States. Students who think they cannot afford a private, highly selective liberal arts college such as Colgate, should know that the dissertationhelp school is committed to meeting 100 percent of the demonstrated need of accepted students. A recent fundraising campaign generated an additional $141 million exclusively for financial aid so that 35.8 percent of full-time undergraduates receive some kind of need-based financial aid and the. Average financial aid package from demonstration thesis, Colgate is 9f com, $36,186. The number 13 is demonstration thesis, considered to be lucky to Colgate, alumni wear Colgate apparel on every Friday the 13th, which is dissertationhelp, designated as Colgate Day.

Average financial aid: $36,186. Average net price: $19,384. Average starting salary: Located in central Vermont, Middlebury has established itself as a leader in campus environmental initiatives, with an am proud american, accompanying educational focus on environmental issues around the globe. 9f Com? Founded in 1800, Middlebury continually seeks to create and sustain an environment on campus that is essay, conducive to learning and that fosters engaged discourse. Middlebury follows a 4–1–4 academic calendar, with two four-course semesters and dissertationhelp 9f com a one-course January term. In 1823 Middlebury became the first American institution of higher education to grant a bachelor’s degree to an African-American, and rhetorical analysis is also one of the first formerly all-male liberal arts colleges in New England to become a coeducational institution, accepting its first female student in 1883.

At Middlebury College, 41 percent of full-time undergraduates receive some kind of need-based financial aid, with an. Average financial aid package being $33,226. Average financial aid: $33,226. Average net price: $23,824. Average starting salary: Harvey Mudd College aims to dissertationhelp 9f com educate engineers, scientists, and rubric rhetorical mathematicians to better understand the impact of their work in 9f com society by also focusing on social sciences and humanities.

Integration of research and education is an important component of the educational experience at Harvey Mudd College. Every student experiences some kind of research, usually in the form of a senior thesis or a Clinic Program, where students participate in collaborative, professional research with high-profile sponsors. Founded in 5 paragraph essay 1995 in Claremont, California Harvey Mudd is residential college that is one of the six Claremont Colleges, which share adjoining campus grounds and resources such as libraries, dining halls, and health services. A Harvey Mudd education pays off, the average starting salary for dissertationhelp graduates is $73,300 and according to PayScale , “graduates of Harvey Mudd College earn the highest salaries among graduates of rubric rhetorical analysis, any college in the United States.” Average financial aid: $27,763. Average net price: $30,205. Average starting salary: Pomona College is a premier liberal-arts college with a focus on the arts, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Located in Claremont, California, east of downtown Los Angeles, Pomona is an exclusively undergraduate four-year institution with an enrollment of approximately 1,600 students.

The Princton Review has ranked Pomona College No. 1 in 9f com the nation for “Great Financial Aid,” and calls Pomona, “the college at which students reported the highest satisfaction with their financial aid awards,” which results in the average net price being $18,112. The same review also ranked Pamona No. 4 in the categories “Their Students Love These Colleges” and “Best Run Colleges,” and No. 5 for “Best Science Lab Facilities.” Pomona offers around 45 majors and has a 8:1 student/faculty ratio. Pomona students can also take classes at anecdotal, the other six colleges in the Claremont Colleges consortium. Average financial aid: $37,207. Average net price: $18,112. Average starting salary: The Swarthmore College 425-acre campus is designated as an arboretum and is located just 11 miles southwest of dissertationhelp 9f com, Philadelphia. Founded in 1864, many of the founders were prominent in the abolitionist and women’s rights movements.

Today the student/faculty ratio of 8:1 ensures that students have close, meaningful engagement with their professors, which helps to translate skills and understanding gained at speech thesis statement, Swarthmore into their future. The average starting salaries for Swarthmore graduates is $51,000. Swarthmore College is part of the Tri-College Consortium with Bryn Mawr and Haverford. Dissertationhelp? Students have access to the consortium’s shared library system of more than three million volumes, and students can take courses at essay cold, all three institutions. Dissertationhelp? In addition to 5 paragraph essay cold war a liberal arts education, Swarthmore also offers a BS in dissertationhelp 9f com engineering. 5 Paragraph War? Since U.S.

News World Report began to rank liberal arts colleges, Amherst, Williams, and Swarthmore are the only schools to have been ranked #1, with the three colleges often interchanging positions in dissertationhelp 9f com the top three. Average financial aid: $35,783. Average net price: $20,112. Average starting salary: Within the Berkshire Mountains, in 5 paragraph essay cold Williamstown, Massachusetts, you can find the private institution of Williams College.

Williams ranks number one in 2014 for 9f com National Liberal Arts Colleges, boasting a student to am proud teacher ratio of dissertationhelp, 7:1 and a 4 year graduation rate of 91 percent. Student participation is anecdotal, key to the schools Oxford-style tutorials. Students major in dissertationhelp 9f com a core area of reference generator, study and instead of academic minors, the dissertationhelp school offers concentrations, groupings of classes that help to diversify the demonstration statement students learning experience. With three main areas of study, Williams students take at least three courses in 9f com arts and anecdotal humanities, three in social sciences, and three in science and mathematics. At Williams College, 53.2 percent of full-time undergraduates receive some kind of need-based financial aid through need-based scholarships or grant awards leaving the average net price to 9f com attend Williams at only $17,365 (the lowest amount in our list of war, top 50 liberal arts schools) an amount that would be easily paid off with the 9f com school’s average starting salary for students being $50,400. Additionally, Williams College has an academic reputation score of 100, making it the highest rated liberal arts college in speech thesis the nation. Average financial aid: $39,776.

Average net price: $17,365. Average starting salary: Amherst College has a total undergraduate enrollment of 1,817, a student-faculty ratio of 8:1, and a 4 year graduation rate of 9f com, 86 percent. Amherst College, located in Amherst, MA, is an engaging, residential community where 98 percent of students live on campus every year. Amherst offers an open curriculum with 37 different areas of study.

Twenty different First-year Seminars are designed to essay engage new students in the interdisciplinary environment of a liberal arts college. The academic and co-curricular communities at Amherst College are greatly enhanced by our membership in the Five College Consortium of Amherst College, Mount Holyoke College, Smith College, University of dissertationhelp, Massachusetts Amherst, and Hampshire College. Students can take classes at rubric analysis essay, any of these schools. Dissertationhelp? With tuition and fees being $46,574 (2013–2014) it nice to know that 55 percent of full-time undergraduates at Amherst College receive 100 percent of their need-based financial aid.

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It’s Time to Read John O’Hara Again. Writing in dissertationhelp, his memoir about the literary avant-garde of Paris and New York in the 1950s and 1960s, Richard Seaver lamented the imperfections of memory. The late publisher and bend beckham identity essay editor cautioned that, “Time is dissertationhelp, not kind to the harried mind.” Seaver explained that he “tried to tell these tales as they were, accurately and fairly, and rubric analysis if I have erred or memory has betrayed, blame it on those Irish genes my wife has encountered over the years.” It’s a safe assumption that the once prominent American writer John O’Hara would never issue such an 9f com, apologia. Harvard Reference Essay? Irish genes predispose their recipients to hyperbole and dissertationhelp embellishment, but O’Hara wasn’t a carrier of this ancestral foible. His meticulous devotion to detail produced novels and short stories that captured the cultural temperament and consumer preferences of America between the 1880s and World War II. He didn’t want us to forget either, as his epitaph suggested: “Better than anyone else, he told the truth about his time. He was a professional. He wrote honestly and well.” O’Hara died in 1970, but the imperfections of literary appreciation—accompanied by the unremitting passage of time—have sentenced the author’s work to a cruel purgatory of faded memory. The latest attempt to revive O’Hara’s legacy comes through the Library of America, which recently released a volume of sixty stories.

The collection, compiled by speech statement, the New York Times ’ Charles McGrath, reminds us that O’Hara remains the Bard of the American Short Story. Once known as the “master of the fancied slight,” O’Hara has suffered a posthumous assault for his grudges, arrogance, and alcohol-induced temper. 9f Com? His contemporaries in mid-20th century Manhattan acknowledged his talents but denied him absolution. And so O’Hara’s penance lingers with each passing decade, with no revival restoring his invaluable and boundless literary contributions. As critics frantically search for historical and literary clarity during this newly christened Trump era, John O’Hara’s work is a necessary start. Speech Thesis? His stories provide a factual account of the dissertationhelp period of unparalleled growth during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Rubric Rhetorical Essay? At a time dominated by Snapchat, where people express without reflection, O’Hara offers a curative message into how people actually think, feel, and experience the dissertationhelp 9f com extraordinary and rubric rhetorical analysis essay ordinary of dissertationhelp 9f com everyday life. Born in 1905, O’Hara’s anthropological sense of place wasn’t nurtured on the tension-soaked streets of some coastal Eastern metropolis. Essays? His brilliant gift for observation and ear for dissertationhelp, dialogue germinated instead in Pottsville, a small city tucked away in the anthracite coal region of Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. It’s impossible to understand O’Hara without understanding his hometown.

Pottsville was the commercial center of the region’s southern coal field. Approaching O’Hara’s hometown on Route 61, one can recognize the important role this city once played during the essay height of the Industrial Revolution. 9f Com? Its grid of dramatic hills supports blocks of pre-World War II architecture, structures dressed up in the ornate styles that only Gilded Age wealth could build. Overlooking the city of steeples and harvard reference essay Federalist townhomes is the Schuylkill County Courthouse, a massive Queen Anne edifice that conceals the region’s darkest chapter in history. Located behind the courthouse is the county prison, a brownstone castle facade dating back to 1851.

It was here, on June 21, 1877, that six men were executed for their alleged acts of violence against dissertationhelp mine bosses. The men were believed to be members of the essays Molly Maguires, an oath-bound Irish secret society with agrarian roots in dissertationhelp, Ulster. During the 1860s and ’70s, Irish laborers protested the medieval conditions of the mines and thesis company towns. Dissertationhelp? A series of heinous crimes were committed against anecdotal Welsh and English mine bosses, and the acts were subsequently tied to dissertationhelp, these Irish laborers. The powerful Philadelphia Reading Railroad, which controlled Schuylkill County’s mines and bend identity essay railroads, hired a Pinkerton detective to dissertationhelp 9f com, uncover the alleged Mollies’ crimes. Twenty Irishmen were placed on trial and they were convicted by essays, mostly German-speaking juries. The hanging of six men in Schuylkill County was part of the largest mass execution in Pennsylvania history. Historians continue to debate the very existence of the Molly Maguires. The historian Kevin Kenny wrote that the Mollies “have been depicted in every imaginable way, from sociopaths and terrorists at one end of the spectrum to dissertationhelp 9f com, innocent victims and proletarian revolutionaries at the other.” Regardless, any association with the Mollies or Ancient Order of Hibernians risked excommunication from the Roman Catholic Church.

Archbishop James F. Wood, a convert from a patrician Philadelphia family, frightened the region’s Ulster and Connaught immigrants with this threat, and so the very mention of the Mollies remained verboten through the early 20th century. The Mollies’ legacy still haunted the region during O’Hara’s youth, a time when he digested the stark and latent cultural complexities of his surroundings. A devout social historian, O’Hara recounted the ethno-religious tensions in his “Gibbsville” stories, the fictional name he pinned on his hometown in honor of The New Yorker’s Wolcott Gibbs. In just one example, “Afternoon Waltz,” O’Hara reports the unspoken strain between an Irish-Catholic maid and essays her Welsh-Methodist host family. In spite of the divisions that the Mollies created among the Irish, O’Hara wrote that the “non-Mollies were loosely united with the dissertationhelp 9f com Mollies by the common enemy, the Welsh Protestants, and when Sarah Lundy first went to work for generator essay, the Evans family neither party could guess how the arrangement would work out.” When not deciphering the socio-economic fault lines of dissertationhelp his native geography, O’Hara revealed the endless flaws and disappointments of characters in Hollywood, Philadelphia, and anecdotal essays New York.

But when discounting O’Hara’s undervalued novels, his richest contribution remains the “Gibbsville” stories, a number of which can be found in the Library of America collection. Although the stories bracket a unique period of American society, O’Hara’s themes remain timeless through his evocative character portrayals. The stories grapple with money and class, with O’Hara exposing the resentment, perversion, insecurity, and cruelty of dissertationhelp 9f com humanity as it reaches, retains, or loses its aspirations. O’Hara’s stories were not clever literary inventions, but accurate depictions from his own memory and experience. He was raised in a “lace-curtain” Irish-Catholic family, growing up in essay, a spacious rowhome—across from the dissertationhelp Yuengling Brewery—on Pottsville’s fashionable Mahantongo Street. The O’Haras enjoyed a better place in the city’s social hierarchy than fellow members of their tribe, but their position remained tenuous. His father, Dr.

Patrick O’Hara, was known as “the Irish doctor,” a founder of the rubric essay city’s Catholic hospital, and a legendary surgeon for victims of mining accidents. The Yuengling Brewery, Pottsville, Pa. (Wikimedia Commons) The Molly Maguire episode, bouts of labor unrest, and a growing Democratic Party induced a lingering anti-Catholicism and prejudice against the Irish. The Klan-fueled defeat of dissertationhelp Al Smith in the 1928 presidential election only amplified this reminder. But the 5 paragraph essay cold O’Haras enjoyed their place in dissertationhelp 9f com, society, and whatever subtle hostility existed was checked by their financial security. As a boy, O’Hara enjoyed all the material possessions of a young country squire. If anything, O’Hara matured in a city where groups were segregated for their socio-economic standing.

But a simple stroll along Centre Street exposed O’Hara to the WASP elite, Pennsylvania Dutch merchants, poor southern and eastern European immigrants, and the struggling working class members of his own tribe. It was through Pottsville that O’Hara learned how financial predestination determined not only where a person lived, but which college he attended and clubs he joined. The alternative was a life of 5 paragraph cold factory jobs, too many children, and eternal economic insecurity. As a young man, O’Hara was considered a snob, and a preference for riding boots didn’t help his reputation. 9f Com? But his social standing and material preferences didn’t discourage the boy O’Hara from playing with all children, regardless of background. O’Hara demonstrated this “spurious democracy” in his 1934 masterpiece, Appointment in Samarra . The novel, set in Gibbsville in 1930, follows the downfall of Julian English over statement, a three-day period during Christmas. O’Hara occasionally flashes back to Julian’s earlier years, such as when the dissertationhelp 9f com sons of the wealthy and poor would play a ball game. Anecdotal Essays? O’Hara delineated what was left unsaid during ball games: “you did not talk about jail, because of Walt’s father; nor about dissertationhelp drunken men, because there was a saloon-keeper’s son; nor about the Catholics, because the motorman’s son and one bookkeeper’s son were Catholic.

Julian also was not allowed to mention the name of any doctor.” O’Hara refined his craft when driving his father to house calls in the patch towns. While waiting in the car, he read F. Bend Beckham Identity? Scott Fitzgerald, Sinclair Lewis, and Booth Tarkington. An early immersion in realistic character development, along with careful listening to dissertationhelp, how people spoke, inspired stories like the autobiographical “The Doctor’s Son.” In life and fiction, O’Hara was paralyzed by his preoccupation with class. This yearning for essay, recognition stemmed from 9f com a heavy dose of misfortune and self-destruction in early life. As a teenager, he floundered in prep school after prep school, until finally excelling and becoming valedictorian at Niagara University Prep.

Approaching the academic finish line, O’Hara thought he might fill a slot at his beloved Yale. But a drunken night on demonstration speech graduation eve resulted in expulsion and shattered dreams. O’Hara’s misfortune continued with his father’s early death. Among Dr. O’Hara’s last words were, “poor John,” and a warning that his son had a spot on his lung. The father died without a will, leaving his family with almost no money. After a faltering newspaper career, O’Hara’s misfortune slowly turned in dissertationhelp, New York, where he befriended members of am proud essay a famed literary collective, the Algonquin Round Table. He is best remembered for 9f com, his long and demonstration speech thesis statement turbulent career with The New Yorker, which ran most of dissertationhelp 9f com his short stories.

But O’Hara’s fame never made him feel fully accepted into speech thesis statement, the club. 9f Com? O’Hara’s character flaws were indisputable, and yet his Irish Catholicism—no matter how hard he worked to drop it—was likely the biggest reason he only achieved partial membership in the Protestant-dominated establishment. When reporting for beckham identity essay, Time , O’Hara commented that his editor, Henry Luce, always gave him “that Protestant look.” He expressed this bitterness in his writing as well: “We’re Micks, we’re non-assimilable, we Micks.” At a time when a large proportion of the population once again seems to feel alienated from the establishment, the characters of Gibbsville and beyond remind us that geographical and dissertationhelp class divisions have long been part of the rhetorical analysis essay American story. And that is dissertationhelp 9f com, why it’s time to read O’Hara again. Charles F. McElwee III works in the economic development sector in northeastern Pennsylvania. Kennedy’s Forgotten Coalition: Working Class Catholics. When Historic Preservation Depends on Gentrification.

7 Responses to It’s Time to identity essay, Read John O’Hara Again. “During the 1860s and ’70s, Irish laborers protested the 9f com medieval conditions of the mines and company towns. ” Sigh. Writers for a *conservative* magazine shouldn’t be using “medieval” as a smear! Where in essay, the Middle Ages does McElwee think he would have found conditions like work in a 19th-century mine? Welsh Protestants had a coherent identity in America? March 9, 2017 at 1:15 pm. Welsh Protestants had a coherent identity in America?”

Of course not, not in the sense their Welshness, even without the language, remained central after a generation or two. But they played very large roles, out-sized per their numbers, in cementing Anglophone Protestant communities in the upper hill south and the lower midwest. The PA coal mine wars are unique. Dissertationhelp 9f Com? There, the harvard generator essay rich owners, invariably Protestant, and dissertationhelp socially so in a vicious way, were of Anglo-Saxon or German origin. They saw Welshmen with coal mine experience as ideal middle men between them as owners and 5 paragraph the new coal miners, the despised Irish Catholics. If you’ve seen or read How Green Was My Valley, you have an idea how the awful Welsh coal mines. Getting a job to dissertationhelp, leave there and essay no longer be the trash on the bottom was a great deal.

So the Welsh middle managers in PA usually did the most vicious overlording of the mines, which led the Irish to hate them as being the amoral servants of the Anglo-Saxon/German Protestants owners. The Welsh in the US provide a great warning study about what happens when any group immerses itself in Anglophone Protestantism as the basis off America. 9f Com? They got so totally absorbed that they really have not existed for more than a century. Their Welshness got washed out, leaving people lacking any real roots. In 1964, O’Hara was writing a newspaper column, and supported Barry Goldwater. Analysis Essay? “I think it’s time the dissertationhelp Lawrence Welk people had their say,” he wrote. “The Lester Lanin and anecdotal essays Dizzy Gillespie people have been on dissertationhelp too long.”

Miners receive a degree of security in return for an early grave. Why do you think mine owners recruited immigrants for jobs in areas with plenty of poor local farm boys? Your “conservatism” is a hard leftist’s caricature of conservatism. I have read many O’Hara books and found them both riveting and disturbing. He was indeed a great writer, but I was so upset by his narratives — particularly characters like Grace Tate in “Rage to Live’ (almost a perfect woman who destroys her family, kills her husband and wreaks havoc on bend it like beckham all around her for the sake of a tawdry affair that meant very little to her) that it sent me into dissertationhelp, a tailspin for weeks. He MAY have written a form of the truth, but his truth is 5 paragraph cold war, one I personally reject. His focus on dissertationhelp 9f com characters who obliterate relationships for the most inane reasons is quite unsettling to harvard reference essay, me. I think, tragically, at the end of the day, he missed something in his messaging, and dissertationhelp projects an embedded bitterness in his writings that I find, well, tragic.

It was his fatal flaw, I believe, and perhaps the reason that he never copped that Nobel Prize that he coveted with such single-mindedness. “…projects an embedded bitterness in essay, his writings…” For the other side of the coin, see his short story, “Can I Stay Here?” It’s also the most carefully-crafted short story I’ve ever read.