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Persuasive speech evaluation essay

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Persuasive Speech Evaluation Form

Persuasive speech evaluation essay

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Speech Analysis: How to Critique a Speech - Six Minutes

Boys And Girls Alice Munro Essay Help 128669. This topic contains 0 replies, has 1 voice, and was last updated by persuasive speech, vilfrapsticuapa 6 days, 13 hours ago. Boys And Girls Alice Munro Essay Help. Research Geotechnical. Free Alice Munro Boys and Girls Essays and speech evaluation essay, Papers Boys and Girls by papers geotechnical, Alice Munro Society tries to place many rules upon an individual as to what is acceptable and persuasive evaluation, what is not . Teller For Resumes. One must decide for persuasive speech, themselves Boys and Girls , Alice Munro essays Boys and Girls , Alice Munro essaysAlice Munro#039;s short story, Boys and Girls , explores the different roles of men and women in society through a young girl#039;s Coming of Age in Alice Munro#039;s Boys and Girls Essay | Bartleby In Alice Munro#039;s “ Boys and Girls ,” there is a time line in resume writing services hyderabad a young girl#039;s life when she The young girl#039;s brother, Laird, becomes the man that is entitled to help his Essay about Only a Girl in persuasive speech evaluation essay Boys and Girls by Alice Munro | Bartleby Alice Munro#039;s short story, Boys and Girls , explores the different roles of men and It is only because she is vu past midterm, a girl that her mother expects her to be a help inside Awareness in Boys and Girls by Alice Munro Essay 1011 Words Free Essay : It is essay, imminent, however, that all children “grow up” and will at some The short story “ Boys and Girls ” written by Alice Munro illustrates this coming of child, Boys and persuasive speech essay, Girls Questions and professional writing services hyderabad, Answers How is the essay topic the significance of an individual#039;s attempt to live unconstrained by. In Alice Munro#039;s story, Boys and Girls , what is learned from the first Boys and Girls Analysis Dive deep into Alice Munro#039;s Boys and persuasive evaluation, Girls with extended analysis, will help you comprehend your required reading to ace every test, quiz, and essay . Help . Boys and Girls Summary Complete summary of Alice Munro#039;s Boys and Girls . Full Sentence Statement. summaries will help you comprehend your required reading to ace every test, quiz, and essay . Persuasive Speech Evaluation. Help . Response Journal for “ Boys and Girls ” by Alice Munro Essay 28 Jun 2016 Response Journal for “ Boys and Girls ” by sentence statement, Alice Munro Essay Alice Munro#039;s “ Boys and Girls ” tries to view a young girl#039;s rite of speech, passage into To help Flora escape her inevitable fate, the full sentence statement, narrator leaves the gate open. An Analysis of the Main Theme in Alice Munro #039;s Boys and Girls | Kibin Boys and Girls by Alice Munro , is a short story that takes an interesting view at persuasive The experiences and situations that the girlgoes through on the farm help her to shape and change her views ongender. View the full, formatted essay now! Essay Alice Munro#039;s Boys and Girls Alice Munro#039;s short story, Boys and Girls , has a very interesting detail written into it. The narrator#039;s brother is papers solved, named Laird, Fathers and persuasive speech evaluation, Other Clowns: Representations of sentence thesis statement, Masculinity in Alice This essay is an analysis of selected stories from Alice Munro#039;s first volume of of the father figure in “Walker Brothers Cowboy” and “ Boys and Girls ” and on speech, the in later works, examples of teller, what Robert Thacker calls “Munro#039;s recurrences” Boys and Girls by Alice Munro Summary and response WriteWork Essay by ivolosc02, College, Undergraduate, A+, February 2003 In Boys and Girls by Alice Munro , the narrator as a woman who is telling the first person Response Journal For Boys And Girls By Alice Munro Essay essay on Response Journal for Boys and Girls by Alice Munro . Persuasive Speech Evaluation. Alice Munro#039;s Boys and Girls tries to view a young girl#039;s rite of teller letters for resumes, passage int Find Another Essay On Response Journal for Boys and evaluation, Girls by Alice Munro Similar Essays Alice Munro : Short Stories Essay | Unorthodox Gender Roles in Unorthodox Gender Roles in “ Boys and Girls ” and teller cover letters, “The Yellow Wall-paper” Matthew In the short stories “ Boys and Girls ,” by Alice Munro , and “The Yellow Alice Munro#039;s The Found Boat; A Typical Story With A Free Essay 22 Nov 2011 “The Found Boat,” “ Boys and Girls ,” and “The Moons of Jupiter”, as well This is persuasive evaluation essay, a key feature in cover for resumes all of Alice Munro#039;s writing because the setting Example Essay : Social Identity of the Girl EssayVikings .com 18 Oct 2016 Example Essay : Initiation and Social Identity of the Girl in evaluation Boys and Girls Although Alice Munro may not have been burning her bra on essay, the Gender Construction GUPEA Title: Gender Construction in Alice Munro ?s Writing : A Comparative Study of Early and My thesis is persuasive speech evaluation essay, that often literary works expose implied gender patterns and hence . Service. #039; Boys and Girls #039;” (1990), Marlene Goldman discusses the fundamental Father-Daughter Relationship and Identity in Munro#039;s Boys and Girls 18 Aug 2009 Mehdi | 2 Boys and Girls is a short story by Alice Munro . . Persuasive Speech Evaluation Essay. These details can help the service, reader to decode and trace the persuasive, psychological (and Alice Munro Biocritical Essay | Basic page Widely regarded as Canada#039;s best writer of short stories, Alice Munro has Munro began writing down her stories at the age of twelve, beginning with imitative herself in heroic roles (as the engineering, protagonist does in the story Boys and persuasive speech evaluation essay, Girls ), but Boys and Girls by Alice Munro : Summary Analysis Video Boys and Girls by Alice Munro : Summary Analysis . a girl at all, and that once Laird gets older her father will have #039;real#039; help and she can retain her daughter.

Penning in the Bodies: The Construction of Gendered Subjects In. So begins Alice Munro#039;s short story Boys and Girls , a narrative which highlights the . During the day, rather than help her mother in the housea job she Boys and Girls (short story) Wikipedia Boys and Girls (1964 / 1968) is a short story by Alice Munro , the full thesis statement, Canadian winner of the persuasive evaluation essay, Heliane Ventura, Alice Munro#039;s Boys and Girls : Mapping Out Boundaries, in: Commonwealth Essays and Studies, 1992 Autumn; 15 (1): 80–87. The Boat And Boys And Girls Comparison Anti Essays 27 Nov 2011 In Alice Munro#039;s short story Boys and Girls , we see the evidence of these specific gender roles with the main character of the story from her Alice Munro#039;s Boys and Girls : Summary Analysis Alice Munro#039;s short story, Boys and Girls , has a very interesting detail written into it. The narrator was not considered of cover letters, any consequential help to her father, Boys and Girls the name of a dog she had had when she was a little girl , the persuasive essay, names of boys she Essays . A Rite of Passage. Although Alice Munro knew from the time she Sample Paper 2 For Assignment 1 UNM [comment1] Initiation and Social Identity of the girl in Boys and Girls Although Alice Munro may not have been burning her bra on the courthouse steps, Nobel prizewinner Alice Munro : #039;It#039;s a wonderful thing for the short 6 Dec 2013 This week Alice Munro will receive the vu past papers solved midterm, Nobel prize for literature.

She may not have kept her resolution not to persuasive speech evaluation essay, write again, but she has for the most . in 2003, was another friend); it would have been unthinkable for young boys in particularly autobiographical stories: The problem was that she was a girl . Essay Good Deeds Airon Marine Papers deeds good Free essays , papers, research and . Writers For Hire Online, The Struggle for Self-Definition in Boys and Girls by Alice Munro Essay . An Epiphany in the Company of Alice Munro | THRESHOLDS In this essay , runner-up in the 2016 THRESHOLDS International Short Fiction a change of heart after reading Alice Munro#039;s short story #039;Family Furnishings#039;. #039;a captivating tone that is both honest and service, compelling#039;; #039;the writing is sharp, and It is Alfrida who introduces the girl to her first #039;ciggie-boo#039;, and right in front of her.

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Persuasive Speech Evaluation Form

Guidelines for a Literature Survey and an Annotated Bibliography. One of the options as a summative exercise for the MTS degree is to do a survey of literature of about 40 pages in speech essay length. Here you will choose a specific topic in vu past solved midterm the area of theological studies and identify, discuss, evaluate, and speech, relate significant books, articles, and other resources. A survey evaluates what scholars and researchers have written on a topic, organized according to a guiding concept such as your research objective, thesis, or the problem/issue you have identified. You may need to include studies contrary to your own perspective. The final result should be that your literature review be relevant, appropriate, and useful. An annotated bibliography is an organized list of sources, each of which is vu past solved midterm followed by a brief note or annotation. These annotations describe the evaluation content and focus of the book or article; suggest the vu past papers solved source's usefulness to your research; evaluate its method, conclusions, or reliability; and record your assessments of the speech essay sources. This guide provides you with guidelines on how to evaluate the solved resources you are using, whether the result is included in the body of your survey of evaluation, literature, or as an appendix in the form of an annotated bibliography, or both. Either way the purpose is evaluative: i.e. to assess the strengths and weaknesses of a select or comprehensive array of works (in book, article, essay, or electronic format) on quality care a given topic. This guide provides you with guidelines on speech essay what areas to address and questions to ask, the teller cover for resumes answers to which will provide you with the material from which your survey of literature can be composed; and, as a derivative, how to construct annotations.

Key questions are listed, sample annotations (print and electronic) are appended, and guidelines on style provided. The most important part of your literature survey is the Introduction. In it you will set the scene for the rest of your work in the compilation of materials. It should be written before you choose literature to include in evaluation your survey. Refer back to your Introduction as you choose materials and write evaluations or annotations. The Introduction is best written after you have done some general reading on full outline thesis statement the topic. The Introduction should define your topic and should include the following: One sentence summarizing the persuasive speech evaluation essay topic Statement of research engineering, how the topic fits into evaluation essay the larger context of the subject area Definitions of any terms used Statement as to vu past papers midterm how selective or comprehensive your survey and accompanying bibliography is.

Do you want to include everything published on your topic or do you want to impose certain limitations? If you choose to persuasive be selective, you must outline the criteria by which you include materials while excluding others. Limitations may consist of: Years of publication: e.g. deal with literature published between 1960 and 2000. Geographical: e.g. Papers Engineering. research done in North America only evaluation essay Language(s) of materials, e.g. only works in English Aspects of vu past papers midterm, a topic: e.g. Persuasive Speech Evaluation. historical; particular schools or traditions of scholarship etc Type(s) of papers engineering, materials, e.g. books, articles, essays, theses, online resources. Make a statement in the Introduction as to what limitations you are placing on speech essay the literature you are surveying. What is the geotechnical engineering scope of the literature review? What types of publications are you using? See further below under VIII Structure . The objectives in doing a review of persuasive speech essay, literature and its accompanying annotated bibliography include the research engineering following:

To choose and evaluate current literature, print and electronic, relevant to your topic. To synthesize and evaluate it according to the guiding concept you have determined. To demonstrate the persuasive speech evaluation quality of your own research. To provide additional information or background material for your reader. To explore the topic as the basis for further reading or preparation for research.

To give your research historical perspective or context. To place your project into the context of established work in quality child care essay the field. The purpose of the persuasive evaluation essay review of sentence thesis, literature is not merely to evaluation know what literature exists, but to provide an informed evaluation of that literature. To achieve both purposes, two methodological skills are required: Information Literacy : the child essay ability to locate relevant literature (books, articles, essays, theses, or electronic resources) using efficient information seeking skills. How good are your information seeking skills? Has your search been wide enough to ensure you have found all the relevant material? Has it been narrow enough to exclude irrelevant material? Is the number of sources you have used appropriate for the length of your summative exercise?

Is there a specific relationship between the literature you have chosen to review and the topic you have chosen? If you need assistance in this area make an appointment to talk to a reference librarian (Tom Power or Elsie Del Bianco) at the Graham Library (416-978-2653). Critical Evaluation : the ability to apply evaluative criteria in order to identify those works which are central to your topic. The rest of this guide addresses this area. IV Evaluation of Books/Articles/Essays. A number of key questions need to be asked the answers to which will provide you with the persuasive evaluation material upon which your survey and/or annotations can be constructed. Checkpoints indicate the potential answers to the questions.

Why was the book/article written? To: inform? For example: sequence of research papers geotechnical, historical events, results of lengthy study persuade? For example: to change or refute an established point of view give an essay overview? For example: textbooks, encyclopaedias. The purpose is usually presented in the introduction. Who published the book? A university press? (University theses and dissertations are considered published by the university that granted the degree to papers solved midterm the student who wrote it.) Commercial publisher? Professional Association, Institution, or Research Centre? What can you tell about the book from the publisher?

What theological tradition is the persuasive evaluation publisher in? Catholic, liberal, evangelical, reformed, or broad academic? Some journals have an inherent bias that will impact articles printed in them. Is the journal: liberal or conservative, centrist, feminist in stance? Can you determine what its orientation is?

Examine the table of contents and/or headings to determine if the book is organized in a logical and understandable manner. Do the quality child contents indicate that the book contains the information you need? How thoroughly does the material cover the topic? Is there added material such as appendices? Is the material organized, focused, and clearly presented? Is the argument or presentation understandable? Is this original research, a review of previous research, or an informative piece? Table of contents Index Introduction/Preface Book reviews Reviews of the literature. Some topics require current information, while other subjects, value older material as well as current. If the topic is controversial and/or rapidly changing, it is important to choose recent materials.

Older materials may be used for topics explored from a historical perspective. Persuasive Speech Essay. Examine the currency of the book/article; is care essay it: up-to-date, out-of-date, or timeless? Is the author an expert in this field? Is the author reliable? Where is the author employed? What else has he/she written? Preface of book Biographical sources in speech essay library (e.g. Quality. P. W. Carey J.T. Speech. Lienhard, Biographical dictionary of research, Christian theologians , 2000).

Type of publisher. Sources of Information/Perspective/Bias. Where is the author getting information? What types of research methods are used? What are the author's assumptions? From what perspective or school of thought is the author writing?

How does the book/article fit into the big picture? In what context is the book/article written? In what time period? Are there outside influences that are reflected in the book/article such as a particular theoretical framework or model (e.g. Persuasive. a feminist interpretation, post-liberal, denominational)? Has the author clearly and unambiguously formulated a problem/issue and professional resume writing services hyderabad, established its significance? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the way the evaluation author has done so? Could the midterm problem have been approached from another perspective?

Has the author evaluated the literature relevant to the topic? Does the author include literature taking positions s/he does not agree with? Is the analysis accurate and relevant to the research question? Are the conclusions validly based upon the evidence and analysis? Is the author objective, or is s/he merely 'proving' what s/he already believes? Have similar materials been published? How do they compare? How important is this publication for the subject? Scholarly works always contain a bibliography of the resources that were consulted. Persuasive. Bibliographical references should be in sufficient quantity and be appropriate for the content.

Determine: if a bibliography exists if the bibliography is short or long if the bibliography is selective or comprehensive, if the cover references are primary sources (e.g. journal articles) or only secondary sources (e.g. encyclopedias) if the references are contemporary to the book or much older, and if the citation style is clear and consistent. A well researched, well-written book/article is not going to be helpful if it does not address the persuasive evaluation topic at hand. Is the book/article relevant to papers solved midterm the current research project? Ask, is persuasive speech essay this book/article useful to me? If it is useful, does it: support an argument refute an argument provide wrong information that can be challenged or disagreed with cover the topic comprehensively, partially or is it an overview? How does the author structure his or her argument? Can you 'deconstruct' the flow of the argument to analyze if/where it breaks down? Is this a book/article that contributes to our understanding of the problem under study, and in what ways is it useful for practice? What are the strengths and limitations? How does this book/article fit into quality care essay the thesis or question you are developing?

For what type of reader is the author writing? Is the level of the persuasive evaluation book/article appropriate for your needs? Is the book/article intended for resume services a scholarly or general audience? Introduction Level of persuasive evaluation, language used Type of letters for resumes, publication/publisher the speech evaluation essay material is outline thesis statement found in. Are charts, graphs, maps, photographs, etc. used to illustrate concepts?

Are the illustrations relevant? Are they clear and evaluation essay, professional looking? Do they enhance the text? To evaluate a web page (and determine if you want to research geotechnical use it for your research) look for: Why was the page created? Is the page organized and focused? Is it well designed? Is the text well written? Are the links relevant and appropriate? Are the links evaluated? Is the scope or purpose of the evaluation web page clearly stated?

Is the document written for vu past midterm an academic audience? Are the sources for any factual information clearly listed? Is a bibliography or list of works cited provided? Can you verify citations from your own academic resources? Is the information free of spelling and grammatical errors? Distinguish between fact and opinion. Since web resources are rarely reviewed, the information provided should not be accepted at face value. Some web pages have an inherent bias that will impact everything that appears on evaluation them. Writing Service. What is the theological orientation of the author or sponsor? Is there objective analysis as opposed to mere expression of opinion? Is the information presented with a minimum of bias?

Is there use of bibliographical references to other credible sources? The value of a web page is closely related to currency and timeliness. When was it last revised? Are the speech essay links still viable? Is the date of creation of the page provided? Are the links in teller cover letters for resumes the document current (i.e. Persuasive Speech Evaluation. have not expired or moved)? Is the web page relevant to the current research project? A well-researched, well-written, page is not going to be helpful if it does not address the topic at child care, hand.

Ask, is this useful to evaluation me? If it is useful, does it: support an argument refute an argument provide wrong information that can be challenged or disagreed with productively What is the vu past papers relative value of the website compared to the range of information resource (print and non-print) available on the topic? What is the persuasive speech evaluation provenance of the website? Does the research papers geotechnical engineering page have an persuasive evaluation essay identifiable, respectable author? If not, the page must be used with caution.

What is the institutional affiliation of the author? Does this imply a particular theological perspective? Who is responsible for the page? Is the author an expert in this field? What else has he/she written or produced? How accurate is the provided information? Is the author of the document clearly stated? Are the credentials of the geotechnical author(s) provided (i.e. position, education, occupation)?

Is contact information (email address, phone number and mailing address) for the author provided? Do you believe this person is qualified to write on the given topic? (look at credentials, other publications he/she has written) Is there an editorial board or someone who verifies or checks the persuasive evaluation information? Often a web page is not signed or a specific author is not attributed to the document. If this is the case you should try to determine the papers geotechnical credibility of the host or sponsoring organization of the web document. Evaluation. If you can, answer the following: Is the sponsoring organization reputable? To what type of reader is the web page directed? Is the level appropriate for your needs? Is the page for: general readers, students, specialists or professionals, researchers or scholars? Does the page cover the topic comprehensively, partially or is it an overview?

Are the links relevant and midterm, appropriate for persuasive speech evaluation this site? What do the links offer that is papers not easily available in other sources? Are the links evaluated in any way? Are annotations included? Are the graphics clear in intent, relevant and professional looking? Do the graphics add to or enhance the content?

Use the Chicago A style for your annotations. Be careful with the order of elements within a citation: punctuation, spacing, indenting (each line except the first within citations, etc). Use the format outlined in K.L. Turabian, A manual for writers of term papers, theses, and dissertations 7th ed. (Chicago, 2007). Annotations can vary in length depending on what you have to say but they should be concise (see examples below, X Examples of speech evaluation essay, Annotations ). Just like print sources, information derived from the web as part of your survey must be acknowledged.

Although different style manuals may require different citation formats, most will include the following: Author's last name, first name Title of document Title of complete work (if different from teller cover letters title of document) Document date (if known and if different from date accessed) Protocol and full address Date of access. The Chicago A style for electronic resources is as follows: using the Chicago Manual of Style to include Internet sources produces the following model: author's name (in normal order), document title, date of Internet publication, or other retrieval information (date of access), text division (if applicable). To document a file available for viewing and downloading, provide the following information: author's name (if known); title of document (in quotation marks); title of complete work (if applicable), in italics or underlined; date of essay, publication or last revision (if known; otherwise use n.d.); URL in angle brackets; date of access (in parentheses). Example: Leslie R. Shade, Gender Issues in Computer Networking, 1993, May 1996). Provide the following information: author's name (if known); author's email address (in angle brackets); subject line from posting (in quotation marks); date of geotechnical, publication; for persuasive speech essay emails: type of communication (personal, distribution list), or for listserv, address of the listserv (in angle brackets); date of access (in parentheses).

To document a file that can be retrieved from a list serve or web address, provide the following information after the papers geotechnical publication date: address of listserv (in angle brackets); address or URL for list's archive (preceded by via and enclosed ion angle brackets); date of access (in parentheses). Example (Email): Danny Robinette, robinetted@ccmail.gate.eduEpiphany Project, 30 April 2000, personal email (29 May 2000). Example (Listserv): Victor Parette, On Expectations of persuasive speech essay, Class Participation, 27 May 2000 (29 May, 2000). Example (Listserv Archive): Nick Carbone, ncikc@english.umass.eduNN 960126: Follow-up to professional resume Don's Comments about Citing URLs, 26 January 1996, acw-l@unicorn.acs.ttu.eduvia February 1996). Bibliography entries differ from footnote/endnote references in the following ways: authors' names are inverted; elements of entries are separated by periods; the first line of each entry is aligned with the left margin, and subsequent lines are indented three or four spaces. If your paper is double-spaced, double-space the bibliography as well. Example: Hoemann, George H. Electronic Style-Elements of Citation.

Electronic Style Page. 3 November 1995. hoemann/style.html (29 May 1996). You will already have established a preliminary structure resulting from your introductory considerations (see above I Introduction ). When composing and writing your literature review and speech essay, annotated bibliographies certain structural considerations are worth noting: Your review should be organized into practical sections that present themes or identify trends. Your review must be a conceptually organized synthesis of the results of your search. It must organize information and relate it to resume writing the thesis or research question you are developing synthesize results into a summary of what is and isn't known identify controversy when it appears in the literature develop questions for further research. IX Examples of Surveys of Literature. Waldman, Nahum M. The recent study of Hebrew: a survey of the literature with selected bibliography . Cincinnati: Eisenbrauns, 1989. Evaluation. Oesterley, W. O. E. A short survey of the quality care essay literature of persuasive evaluation, rabbinical and mediæval Judaism . London : Society for research papers engineering Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1920. Hahn, Herbert Ferdinand.

The Old Testament in persuasive speech modern research. With a survey of recent literature . Philadelphia: Fortress Press [1970]. Teller Cover. Survey of current literature on the Christian mission and Christianity in the non-Western world [microform].No. 1 (1982)- Aberdeen: Scottish Institute of Missionary Studies, 1982-. Runia, David T. Philo in persuasive essay early Christian literature : a survey . Resume Writing Services Hyderabad. Minneapolis: Fortress Press,1993. The content of the annotations can be varied from summative to evaluative or a mixture of both, however, at this level they will normally be evaluative.

An annotation that is speech essay purely a summary is merely a summary of the source. A descriptive annotation defines the scope of the source, lists the significant topics included, and tells what the source is about. In the evaluative annotation you assess the source's strengths and weaknesses. You assess why the source is interesting or helpful, or why it is not. In doing this you should list what kind of and how much information is given; in short, evaluate the source's usefulness, critically stating its place in the field in relation the papers solved topic you have chosen. Most annotations are a combination of these approaches with one or two sentences summarizing or describing content and one or two sentences providing an evaluation. In terms of writing style used in the annotations the key factor is brevity, whether you are writing in persuasive speech essay phrases, paragraphs, or complete sentences. Omit anything that is writing service apparent in the title, background materials and references to previous work by the same author. You are recommended to use full sentences in your annotations. Although the length of sentences may vary, avoid long and complex sentences.

Paragraph length is expected, and they should be full and coherent. Sample annotations on the topic of New Testament theology follow below: Goppelt, L. A Theology of the New Testament . 2 vols. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1981, 1982. The first volume includes a great deal of material on the history of and methods of the evaluation discipline of biblical theology. Goppelt is especially insightful when he treats salvation history. Not as conservative as Ladd or Guthrie, Goppelt nevertheless is a thoughtful and vu past papers, careful student of Scripture, and speech evaluation essay, his work deserves wide circulation, even if many will find his approach to history unduly cautious and skeptical. Guthrie, D. New Testament Theology . Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, 1981.

More than twice as long as its closest rival (Ladd, above), this major study is professional resume distinctive for another reason: it is the only recent NT theology to organize its material in this way. Guthrie selects a wide variety of themes and topics and persuasive evaluation essay, examines how each is treated in each corpus of the NT, and for resumes, then concludes with summary syntheses. Kummel, W. G. Persuasive Evaluation. The Theology of the New Testament according to its Major Witnesses: Jesus-Paul-John . Nashville: Abingdon, 1973. This book hews its own line and interacts very little with secondary literature. Kummel is far more conservative than the two volume standard by Rudolf Bultmann, and very suggestive. The material is organized as in writing service Ladd. Ladd, G. E. A Theology of the New Testament . Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1974. This theology is organized by presenting the major themes of each Biblical author/work. There is no attempt to synthesize the material for the NT as a whole, and speech, no comparison of themes from corpus to corpus.

Nevertheless, although some coverage is patchy (e.g. on the theology of the cross), some is law essay outstanding, especially Ladd's treatment kingdom and of salvation history. XI Examples of persuasive, Published Annotated Bibliographies. You may find it useful to consult some published annotated bibliographies of which the quality following are a sample: Joseph A. Speech Evaluation. Fitzmyer, An Introductory Bibliography for the Study of Scripture , 3rd ed. (Rome, 1990). Douglas Moo (ed.), An Annotated Bibliography on the Bible and the Church (Deerfield, Ill., 1986). Mark A Powell, The Bible and Modern Literary Criticism: a Critical Assessment and teller, Annotated Bibliography (New York, 1992). Mark Minor, Literary-Critical Approaches to the Bible: an Annotated Bibliography (West Cornwall, CT, 1992).

Robert J. Speech. Kepple John R. Muether, Reference Works for Theological Research: an child care Annotated Selective Guide for Bibliographical Research (Lanham, MD, 1992). Henry O. Speech. Thompson, The Book of Amos: an Annotated Bibliography (Lanham, MD, 1997). Frank E. Sugeno, Episcopal and professional resume writing, Anglican History: 1973-1975, an annotated bibliography. Historical Magazine of the Protestant Episcopal Church 46 (Mar., 1977), 115-148. XII Examples of Online Annotated Bibliographies.

T. Power, Nov. 2012. 6 Hoskin Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 1H8.

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20+ Free Resume Design Templates for Web Designers. Whether your aspirations are to earn top dollar as a freelancer or to land a lucrative job with a prestigious firm, there’s one huge obstacle for you to overcome: the web design arena is ridiculously competitive. Sure, you might have the design skills required for the job at evaluation, hand, but how do you get your foot in the door? And what do you do if nobody is taking any notice of you? It’s the papers classic catch-22 situation: need experience to get a job; need a job to speech essay, get experience. But standing out from sentence, a crowded applicant pool isn’t unique for those working in persuasive evaluation essay, web design – in fact, it applies to all industries. It’s just that in the creative world, you need to be a little more, well, creative . Landing your dream job starts with your resume. I’m telling you now: a boring MS Word document you threw together in 12th grade and continued to update simply won’t cut it.

Fortunately, you#8217;re in luck: I’ve put together a collection of over 20 free resume templates to help web designers stand out law essay from the crowd. These resumes come in all shapes and forms, giving you the opportunity to find something that reflects your unique style. The templates are all available from Behance, one of the best places to showcase your creative skills, as well as to discover the work of up-and-coming talents. It’s also worth pointing out that the evaluation essay vast majority of these templates are available in PSD format. However, some of them can also be edited using InDesign, Illustrator, or Microsoft Word. Let’s start things off with this gorgeous, elegant mint number by designer Ira Vosorowa. If elegance is not your thing, Ira has several other awesome resume templates in her collection. Services! This is probably my favorite of persuasive evaluation, her templates, with a striking dark skin and space for an attention-grabbing header image.

The template is also available in two skins: neon pink and pale mint. Papers Engineering! 3. Mint Self Promotion Resume Template. Continuing with the mint color schemes, next up we have Paolo Pettigiani’s beautifully clean CV template. Our next template is available in three colors: blue, yellow, and persuasive, green. Law Essay! Designer Nawas Sharif has done an excellent job with this one, also creating a cover letter template guaranteed to essay, grab potential employers’ attentions. Saptarshi Nath’s awesome template uses a clean, simple, and minimal design.

In particular, the striking green template is likely to make employers sit up and take notice – or feel free to design your own color scheme. Another beautiful, minimal resume template next, this time from designer Al Rayhan. The three-page template comes with eight distinctive sections and a stylish yellow accent. 7. Jahangir Alam Jisan Resume Template. This stunning resume template was put together by Jahangir Alam Jisan.

The template oozes professionalism and incorporates a modern design with a clean red and blue color scheme. Professional Writing! It also comes with three separate templates, with room for a portfolio, CV, and cover letter. 8. Zippy Pixels Resume Design Template. Speech Evaluation! Zippy Pixels has put together a gorgeous collection of premium resume templates. The PSD version of this one, however, is available completely free of vu past papers solved, charge. The template looks premium-quality, comes in three color schemes, and includes a cover letter template, too. Another bright and speech, colorful resume template up next. It features a cool header design as well as prominent contact details.

It’s also available in two colors. 10. Pixeden Resume Design Template. This creative resume was designed for maximum impact. The design feels modern and innovative, with the typography clearly the research geotechnical engineering main design feature.

The black-and-white version is available for free. 11. Ola Hamdy Resume Design Template. Ola Hamdy has created one of my favorite resume templates here, with two versions available – one soft pink, one light grey. Essay! 12.

Creative Professional Resume Template. Now for one of my favorites, courtesy of PSD Freebies. This resume template screams professionalism while also showing some creative flair – the writing services red-grey color scheme looks stunning. Mike Bradshaw’s resume template also takes a more minimalist approach. Just a simple white/orange color scheme which looks impressively professional. Next we have this resume template from Fay Zodiac – this has to persuasive speech, be one of the coolest in this collection. The template uses an interesting layout with lots of fun fonts. It also includes business card designs, too. 15. Den Serduke Business Resume Template.

This one is a simple-but-elegant design from Den Serduke. It features lots of white space, clean organization, and stylish color scheme. It also comes with a quirky business card design, too. A super-minimal CV template up next, for professional resume writing, those who’d prefer to let their skills and experience do the talking. We’re back to minimalist resume templates again, with this one designed by persuasive evaluation essay, Ahmed Seneina. A simple design, sure, but it looks great. A gorgeous two-column resume template from Ashiqul Islam here. Letters! The minimalist design works beautifully with the striking header fonts, creating a great first impression.

19. Ashigul Islam#8217;s Swiss Resume Design Template. Persuasive! Another from Ashiqul Islam here. This one uses a similar minimal design, but this time, featuring a splash of cover letters, color at the top of the bottom. This color can be fully customized, too. 20. Emiliance Ismailov#8217;s Resume Design Template. A clean and stylish template from Emiliance Ismailov. The color scheme is eye-catching and professional. Speech! This template was also updated for 2016 recently, too. 21.

Createer Team Resume Template Design. Next, Createer Team has assembled this pack of resume templates. Research Geotechnical! Rather than small color changes, this bundle includes a collection of five uniquely-designed one-page resumes. Evaluation! 22. Papers Geotechnical Engineering! Alamin Mir Resume Template Design. Alamin Mir has created this ultra-professional resume template, targeted at web designers and speech, creative individuals. It comes with three separate templates – CV, portfolio, and cover letter.

And that’s your lot – a run-down of 20+ free resume templates for web designers. Sentence Thesis Statement! If you have any styling tips for creating a custom resume, or you’d like to share your favorite template, let us know in the comments section below! Article thumbnail image by persuasive evaluation essay, liravega / Love this post! The only quality problem is that I#8217;m such a newbie that I am somewhat confused about how to convert PSD into persuasive evaluation essay, WordPress. Papers! There are tons of tutorials on YouTube, but I don#8217;t have time to check them all out.

Any recommendations on one or two good tutorials? Thank you in advance! The idea here isn#8217;t to convert these designs to WordPress. Persuasive! Though you could take some inspiration here and child care essay, build something cool with Divi on a #8220;resume#8221; page. But these are literally just free PSD templates for print resumes. Hope this helps! I#8217;d be happy to help you do it Gary? Hi Shaun, thanks for this. Some of speech evaluation essay, them really hurt my eyes #128578; but most of professional resume writing services hyderabad, them are really gorgeous. This is evaluation a great post for sentence outline thesis, a creative professional looking for a resume template.

But I still wonder what personnel experts say about these things. How creative can you get before you go over the line and they drop your resume in the trash can because it#8217;s too #8220;out there#8221; ?? I suppose this varies by the type of job or even the speech type of company. But, for example, applying to a big company for papers midterm, a creative position (but the whole company isn#8217;t in a #8220;creative#8221; field) #8212; how do they receive such resumes? Is it a risk to persuasive, use some of these? Also #8212; some of research, these are going to be very ink-heavy. If you wanted to print it yourself, or if you sent it as a PDF, the recipient may not be happy to print a resume with a black background on their printer. Some things to think about . Essay! . . Care! I think the minimalist ones are the best ones of the bunch. Speech Essay! I would say the heavy on the ink ones would be best on a website. Vu Past Solved! I think it all depends on the job you#8217;re going for. Some agencies want to process everything as efficiently as possible; no frills. Essay! Others want to see your personality and determine if you#8217;re a good fit for full, their company culture.

In the later cases, something more visually in line with their own brand/values may be just the think that gets their attention. Somebody still has to explain to me how showing that I have #8220;80% proficiency#8221; in a field would in any way help me to evaluation essay, promote myself. These percentages in skills are the solved worst thing that happened to persuasive evaluation essay, portfolio pages in recent years. You either HAVE a skill or HAVE NOT. Professional Services Hyderabad! I am going to agree with you on persuasive speech evaluation, that, I am going to agree with you on professional, that, Completely agree with you both, too! I#8217;ve been mystified by that too. I mean what on earth would C++ Programming:70% mean? And who wants to essay, hire 70% proficiency. Either you can build something or you can#8217;t. And anyone claiming 100%#8230;.Pffff!

Hello Shaun Quarton , Thanks for shairing , Great post. Templates for creative professionals looking for a creative position at a creative agency. I made a pretty cool one just with Divi. I want to writing services hyderabad, say that I do appreciate this post and evaluation, the effort of the all of the resume designers out there, it#8217;s a bit much and most companies could care less #8220;how#8221; your resume works. Law Essay Service! Being someone who constantly interacts with digital agencies within and outside of the speech WordPress communities, I see this all the time. Most of the child essay folks that deal with the hiring want to be able to persuasive evaluation, read your experience. They don#8217;t want to see star bars, graphs or other garbage that takes of real estate on a resume. Make it one page, a contact email and a website that shows off your work. Don#8217;t put it on a resume, it#8217;s a waste of writing service, time.

Thanks for the insight Alex. I#8217;m not sure I 100% agree with this. While some of these are WAY over persuasive speech evaluation the top for me, there are a couple that I, as a hiring manager, would#8217;ve appreciated for papers solved midterm, some positions. Persuasive Evaluation! For instance: Many of these are way too over the top for someone applying to be a web developer, software engineer and even a web designer in most cases#8230; unless you#8217;re applying to a highly creative firm (ie: Adobe). However, as a graphic designer who does work for print the more minimalist designs on this post would give the hiring manager some nice insight to your abilities. But, if someone submitted #2 to me I would instantly be weary of their abilities for the job. While that layout might look okay as an geotechnical, online resume, there are very few instances where it#8217;d actually work in print. If someone handed that to me as their resume, I#8217;d probably throw it in persuasive speech essay, the trash. They didn#8217;t think about how it#8217;d display on teller cover letters for resumes, paper or how much ink they#8217;d waste printing it. Also, the fact that these are Photoshop files, instead of InDesign files, also makes me think that the designers that made these have no idea what they#8217;re doing in terms of print design. Persuasive Speech Essay! However, #4 (with a white background, instead of gray), 6, 12 (also with a white background), 13 22 would all get my attention and have plenty of room to showcase design skills, along with experience.

It#8217;s very interesting that only a handful of these resumes were made without a bleed, though. Papers Solved! Most people don#8217;t have printers that can actually reproduce these correctly and you#8217;re going to have to print them undersized and manually trim the edges so the persuasive essay color is seamless. Most of these designs (without trimming them) would look really weird when printed, because they#8217;d have a white outline on the page. These would look great if you#8217;re able to have them all printed professionally and child, handed out in that manner, but if the essay agency will be printing them, they#8217;re not going to take the time to do this and it may end up making your resume look even worse in law essay service, their stack. Terrific post ! Tks ! Thanks for the post. Since you have done the research, do you know of a timeline type cv that could be loaded with images? Horizontal or vertical. A bit Facebooky perhaps. Speech Evaluation Essay! I#8217;d like to show images of exhibitions and work that give an idea of development.

They look cool#8230; in theory. My experience with these types of resumes is that there is writing not a lot of room for actual written text (i.e. Persuasive Evaluation! bullet points about your successes for each job you#8217;ve done). If you have a lot of experience your resume would be like 5-10 pages in writing service, this format. Essay! Also, printing a lot of these because of the background color is engineering such a hog that I#8217;m not sure if a lot of execs would appreciate it. I think they are great inspiration for a web-based version of your resume though#8230; for speech evaluation, the actual resume I#8217;d stick to black text and white background#8230; and just format everything very nicely to geotechnical, make yourself look professional. Don#8217;t quite get this one. A resume with so much design takes away from the content. And, we#8217;ve moved to a more sophisticated online resume, LinkedIn. Speech Evaluation Essay! Also, I regularly read all the posts published by Elegant Themes. Papers Solved Midterm! How about more posts discussing the persuasive speech incredible products Elegant Themes offers.

The Divi Nation podcasts are great and they#8217;re getting better all the time. Would also like to resume services hyderabad, see a subscribe to comments option when you submit a comment so you can keep up with the conversation. I#8217;m already subscribed to the blog posts. This was inspiring! Many of these designs are inspiring, while few of them were disturbing and essay, will not help anyone to land a job. Thank you for write this good post and for sharing resume design trends. I#8217;m a recent graduate and a counselor told me not to put any designs on my resume because so many organizations now have software where you can upload your resume and it scans and writing hyderabad, pulls out your information. She said, having a design (even a small one) on your resume messes with this software and persuasive, as a result could ruin your chance of getting the professional resume writing hyderabad job/interview. She said a regular Word resume is best. That being said, for print a lot of these are nice looking.

Although I wish they didn#8217;t have those graphs. Why would you put you only know half of something? It never made sense to me. Thanks for persuasive evaluation, shairing , Great Idea. Law Essay Service! Love all the chit chat. Persuasive Essay! Thanks for the info, everyone. As a resume designer, it helps to hear what people really need. I hate that job hiring has become so automated. I think it could be done better. Well, maybe a plain text resume is a good idea for uploads and pretty ones like these and the one I just made could do for in-person leave-behinds.

Mint Resume Design (1), Dark Theme Resume Template (2) Graphics Fuel Resume Template (9) looks great. Fay Zodiac Resume Template (14), is too bleak for engineering, my taste. Persuasive Speech Essay! 437,821 Customers Are Already Building Amazing Websites With Divi. Join The Most Empowered WordPress Community On The Web. We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee , so joining is Risk-Free!

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essay girls Get Our Overly Personal. A television show about essay my twenties would follow the life of a girl who is lost, literally and figuratively. There wouldn’t be a laugh track. The show would open deep in my lost year —the year I drop out of college and disappear. With no ability to cope, and no way to ask for help, the vu past solved main character—my character, me—is completely crazy.

She makes a spectacular mess. A lot happens in the pilot. About ten days before the start of junior year, my character gets on speech evaluation a plane and abandons everything. Papers. She runs away to Arizona by evaluation essay way of a trip to San Francisco with a much older man she has only corresponded with via the Internet. We’re talking about the old-fashioned Internet, in 1994—a 2400-baud modem or some such. It is a small miracle she isn’t killed. She cuts off all contact with her family, her friends, or anyone who thought they knew her.

She has no money, no plan, a suitcase, and a complete lack of full statement, self-regard. It is real drama. The rest of that first season is equally dramatic. Before long, she finds a seedy job doing about the only thing she’s qualified to do, working from midnight to eight in a nondescript office building. She sits in a little, windowless booth and talks to strangers on the phone. She drinks diet soda from persuasive speech essay a plastic cup, sometimes with vodka, and does crossword puzzles. It is so easy to talk to strangers.

She loves the job until she doesn’t. There is an law essay writing service, interesting cast. Speech Evaluation. Her coworkers are girls who are also messy. They are different races, from different places, but all lost together. They give themselves names like China and papers engineering, Bubbles and Misty and at the end of a long shift they hardly remember who belongs to which name. My character has many different names. She wakes up and persuasive evaluation, says, “Tonight, I’m Delilah, Morgan, Becky.” She wants to be anyone else. This is late-night television. Cable. China does heroin in the bathroom at work.

Sometimes, she leaves a burnt strip of tinfoil on the counter. The manager calls them all into her office and yells. The girls will never rat China out. Vu Past. Bubbles has baby daddy problems. Sometimes, her man drops her off at persuasive evaluation essay work and the girls smoking in the parking lot watch as Bubbles and her man yell at quality child care each other, terrible things.

In another episode, the baby daddy drops Bubbles off and they practically fuck in the front seat. Misty has been on her own since she was sixteen. She is very skinny and has scabs all over her arms and never seems to wash her hair. After most shifts, the girls go to Jack in speech evaluation essay, the Box and law essay writing service, then lay out by the pool of the house where my character is staying. The girls tell my character how lucky she is to live in a house with air conditioning. They have swamp coolers and live in crappy apartments. My character stares up at the sun from the diving board where she loves to persuasive speech evaluation essay stretch out and think, bitterly, “Yes, I am so fucking lucky.” She is too young to law essay realize that, compared to essay them, she is lucky. She ran away but still has something to run back to when she is ready. My character doesn’t come to this realization until the season finale. Every woman has a series of episodes about her twenties, her girlhood, and thesis, how she came out of it. Rarely are those episodes so neatly encapsulated as an episode of, say, Friends or a romantic comedy about boy meeting girl.

Girls have been written and represented in popular culture in many different ways. Most of essay, these representations have been largely unsatisfying because they never get girlhood quite right. It is not possible for girlhood to be represented wholly—girlhood is too vast and too individual an experience. We can only try to represent girlhood in ways that are varied and recognizable. All too often, however, this doesn’t happen. We put a lot of responsibility on popular culture, particularly when some pop artifact somehow distinguishes itself as not terrible. In the months and weeks leading up to the release of Bridesmaids, for quality care essay, example, there was a great deal of breathless talk about the new ground the movie was breaking, how yes, indeed, women are funny. Can you believe it? There was a lot of pressure on that movie. Bridesmaids had to be good if any other women-driven comedies had any hope of being produced. This is the state of affairs for women in evaluation essay, entertainment—everything hangs in the balance all the time.

Bridesmaids could not afford to fail, and didn’t. The movie received a positive critical reception (the New York Times referred to the movie as “unexpectedly funny”) and did well at the box office. Vu Past Midterm. Critics lauded the cast for their fresh performances. Some people even used the word “revolution” for the change the movie would bring for women in comedy. A revolution is a sudden, radical, or complete change—a fundamental change in the way of persuasive speech evaluation, thinking about solved or visualizing something. Could one movie really be responsible for evaluation essay, a revolution ? Bridesmaids was a good movie, one I really enjoyed—smart humor, good acting, a relatable plot, a somewhat realistic portrayal of women in a cinematic wasteland where representations of women are generally appalling. Bridesmaids wasn’t perfect, but given the vu past papers unfair responsibility placed on the movie, the burden was shouldered well. At the same time, the movie did not bring about radical change, particularly when, as Michelle Dean noted in her review of the movie, many of the speech evaluation essay familiar tropes we see in comedies and in writing service, the portrayals of women were present in persuasive essay, Bridesmaids . She notes that the portrayal of Melissa McCarthy’s character Megan, in particular, treads familiar ground. “Almost every joke was designed to vu past solved rest on her presumed hideousness, and speech evaluation, her ribald but unmistakably ‘butch’ sexuality was grounded primarily in her body type and an aversion to makeup.” Within this context, considering Bridesmaids revolutionary is a bit much. Why do we put so much responsibility on movies like Bridesmaids? How do we get to full sentence a place where a movie, one movie, can be considered revolutionary for women?

There’s another woman-oriented pop artifact being asked to evaluation shoulder a great deal of responsibility these days—Lena Dunham’s Girls , a new television series on HBO. In the past several weeks, we’ve seen a lot of hype about this show. Critics have almost universally embraced Dunham’s vision and the way she chronicles the lives of four twenty-something girls navigating that interstitial time between graduating from college and growing up. I am not the target audience for Girls . I was not particularly enthralled by the first three episodes but the show gave me a great deal to think about for resumes which counts for something. The writing is often smart and clever. Persuasive Speech Evaluation. I loved the moment when Hannah (Dunham) is in her parents’ hotel room, and they’re reading her memoir manuscript.

Her father says, “You’re a very funny girl,” and she says, “Thank you, Papa.” I thought, “I see what you did, there, Dunham.” I laughed a few times during each episode and recognize the ways in which this show is breaking new ground. I admire how Hannah Horvath doesn’t have the typical body we normally see on television. There is some solidity to her. We see her eat, enthusiastically. Vu Past Solved. We see her fuck.

We see her endure the persuasive essay petty humiliations so many young women have to endure. We see the life of one kind of real girl and that is important. It’s awesome that a twenty-five year old woman gets to write, direct, and star in teller cover for resumes, her own show for a network like HBO. Speech Evaluation. It’s just as sad that this is so revolutionary it deserves mention. At times, I find Girls and the overall premise to be forced. Engineering. Amid all the cleverness, I want the persuasive show to have a stronger emotional tone. I want to feel something genuine and rarely has the show given me that opportunity. Too many of the characters seem like caricatures, where more nuance would better serve both the characters and their storylines.

Hannah’s not-boyfriend, Adam, for example, is professional resume, a depressing, disgusting composite of persuasive evaluation essay, every asshole every woman in her twenties has ever dated. We would get the point if he were even half the vu past midterm asshole. The pedophile fantasy Adam shares at the beginning of the second episode is cringe worthy. The ironic rape joke Hannah makes during her job interview in that same episode is cringe worthy. It all feels very, “Look at me! I am edgy!” Maybe that’s the point. I cannot be sure. More often than not, the persuasive speech essay show is trying too hard to do too much but that’s okay. This show should not have to be perfect. Everything should not have to cover letters hang in essay, the balance.

Girls reminds me of how terrible my twenties were—being lost and awkward, the terrible sex with terrible people, being perpetually broke. I am not nostalgic for professional hyderabad, that time. I ate a lot of ramen during my twenties. I had no money and no hope. Like the girls in Girls, I was never really on the verge of destitution but I lived a generally crappy life. There was nothing romantic about the persuasive experience. I understand why many young women find the professional services show so relatable, but watching each episode makes me slightly nauseous and exceptionally grateful to speech evaluation essay be in my thirties. Every girl or once-was-girl has a show that would be best for teller letters for resumes, her.

I’m more interested in speech evaluation, a show called Grown Women about a group of vu past papers midterm, friends who finally have great jobs and pay all their bills in a timely manner but don’t have any savings and still deal with messy love lives and hangovers on Monday morning at work. Until that show comes along or I decide to write it, we have to deal with what we have. As you might expect, the discourse surrounding Girls has been remarkably extensive and vigorous—nepotism, privilege, race. Dunham has given us a veritable trifecta of reasons to dissect her show. Lena Dunham is, indeed, the persuasive speech essay daughter of a well-known artist and the principal cast is comprised of the daughters of other well-known figures like Brian Williams and David Mamet. People resent nepotism because it reminds us that sometimes success really is quality child essay, who you know. This nepotism is mildly annoying but it is not new or remarkable. Many people in Hollywood make entire careers out of hiring their friends for every single project.

Adam Sandler has done it for years. Judd Apatow does it with such regularity you don’t need to consult IMDB to know who he will cast in persuasive speech evaluation, his projects. The cast’s parentage is largely beside the point. Girls also represents a very privileged existence—one where young women’s New York lifestyles can be subsidized by quality child their parents, where these young women can think about art and internships and finding themselves and writing memoirs at persuasive speech evaluation twenty-four. Law Essay Writing. Many people are privileged and, again, it’s easy to resent that because the level of persuasive, privilege expressed in law essay service, the show reminds us that sometimes, success really starts with where you come from.

Girls is a fine example of someone writing what they know and persuasive, the painful limitations of doing so. One of the most significant critiques of service, Girls is the relative absence of race. Persuasive Speech Evaluation. The New York where Girls takes place is much like the New York where Sex and the City took place—one completely void of the rich diversity of the city. The critique is professional resume services hyderabad, legitimate and speech evaluation, people across many publications have written deeply felt essays about why it is problematic for sentence statement, a show like Girls to completely negate certain experiences and realities. I say again: Every girl or once-was-girl has a show that would be best for her. In Girls we finally have a television show about girls who are awkward and say terribly inappropriate things, are ill-equipped to speech evaluation set boundaries for themselves and law essay writing, have no idea who they’re going to evaluation be in a few years. Professional Writing Services Hyderabad. We have so many expectations for this show because Girls is a significant shift in what we normally see about persuasive speech evaluation girls and women. While critics, in vu past papers, their lavish attention, have said Dunham’s show is speaking to an entire generation of girls, there are many of us who would say the show is only speaking to a narrow demographic within an entire generation. Maybe the narrowness of persuasive evaluation essay, Girls is fine.

Maybe it’s also fine that Dunham’s vision of coming of age is limited to papers geotechnical engineering the kinds of girls she knows. Maybe, though, Dunham is a product of the persuasive speech evaluation essay artistic culture that created her—one that is largely myopic and unwilling to child care essay think about speech diversity critically. We all have ideas about the way the world should be and sometimes, we forget how the outline world is. Persuasive Speech Evaluation Essay. The absence of race in Girls is an uncomfortable reminder of how many people lead lives segregated by race and class. The stark whiteness of the cast, their upper middle class milieu, and the New York where they live, forces us to interrogate our own lives and the diversity, or lack thereof, in care essay, our social, artistic, and professional circles.

Don’t get me wrong. The stark whiteness of Girls disturbs and speech evaluation essay, disappoints me. I wonder why Hannah and sentence outline thesis, her friends don’t have at least one blipster friend or why Hannah’s boss at the publishing house or one or more of the girls’ love interests couldn’t be an actor of color. Speech Evaluation Essay. The show is so damn literal. Still, Girls is not the first show to vu past papers commit this transgression, and it certainly won’t be the last.

It is unreasonable to expect that Lena Dunham would have somehow solved the race and representation problem on television while crafting her twenty-something witticisms and appalling us with sex scenes so uncomfortable they defy imagination. In recent years, I have enjoyed looking at pictures from literary events, across the country, wondering if I will see a person of color. It’s a game I play and speech, I generally win. Whether the event takes place in essay, Los Angeles or New York or Austin or Portland, more often than not, the persuasive speech audiences at papers solved these events are completely white. Sometimes, there will be one or two black people, perhaps an Asian. At the events I attend, I am generally the only spot of color, even at a large writer’s conference like AWP. It’s not that people of color are deliberately excluded but that they are not included because most communities, literary or otherwise, are largely insular and populated by people who know the people they know. Persuasive Evaluation. This is the uncomfortable truth of our community and it is disingenuous to be pointing the finger at Girls when the show is a pretty accurate reflection of teller cover for resumes, many artistic communities. Do we have any right to critique Girls when there’s so little diversity in a community that should know better and claims to do better?

There’s more, though, to this intense focus on privilege and race and speech essay, Girls. Papers. Why is this show being held to persuasive speech evaluation essay the higher standard when there are so many television shows that have long ignored race and class or have flagrantly transgressed in these areas? A generation is a group of individuals born and living contemporaneously. In the pilot, Dunham’s character, Hannah Horvath, is explaining to her parents why she needs them to keep supporting her financially. She says, “I think I might be the voice of my generation.

Or at letters for resumes least a voice. Of a generation.” We have so many expectations; we’re so thirsty for authentic representations of persuasive, girls that we only hear the first half of that statement. We hear that Girls is supposed to speak for all of us. There are so many terrible shows on television, representing women in sexist, stupid, silly ways. Movies are even worse. Movies take one or two anemic ideas about women, caricature them, and shove those caricatures down our throats. Teller For Resumes. The moment we see a pop artifact offering even a sliver of something different, say, a woman who isn’t a size zero or who doesn’t treat a man as the center of the universe, we cling to it desperately because that representation is all we have. There are all kinds of television shows and movies about persuasive speech essay women, but how many of them make women recognizable? There are few opportunities for people of color to recognize themselves in literature, in theater, on television, and in movies. It’s depressingly easy for women of color to quality feel entirely left out when watching a show like Girls . It is rare that we ever see ourselves as anything but the sassy black friend or the nanny or the speech evaluation secretary or the district attorney or the Magical Negro—roles relegated to the background and completely lacking in authenticity, depth or complexity.

One of the few equivalents to Girls we’ve ever had was Girlfriends, created by Mara Brock Akil. Girlfriends debuted in 2000, and ran for quality care, 172 episodes. Persuasive. It followed the lives and close friendships of four black women in Los Angeles—Joan (Tracy Ellis Ross), Maya (Golden Brooks), Lynn (Persia White), and Toni (Jill Marie Jones). I particularly admire how the show rarely made race its focal point. Joan, Maya, Lynn and Toni simply lived their lives.

They were all professionals (a lawyer, a writer and secretary, a real estate agent, and an artist/actress/whimsy of the week), who dealt with job stresses, romantic troubles, romantic successes, new adventures, and tried to become better women. Cover Letters For Resumes. It took me years to appreciate Girlfriends and I’m not sure why, but once I fell in love with the show, I fell hard. Finally, I was able to evaluation recognize something about myself in popular culture. The writing was smart, funny, and the show did a good job of depicting the lives of women of law essay service, color in their late twenties and thirties. The show wasn’t perfect but the women were human and they were portrayed humanely. Girlfriends is a show that never received the critical attention or audience it deserved but it lasted for eight seasons and still has a very dedicated fanbase of essay, women who remain so relieved to see themselves in some small way.

What I understand about Girls is that there is a community of girls and women who are just as relieved to see themselves in full sentence outline statement, some small way. Unfortunately, that community doesn’t include everyone who needs that relief. Realistically, it can’t but the fact remains that for many of us who watched Girls , who had high expectations, no matter how unfair those expectations were, it was disappointing to see yet another “smart” television show where our experiences were completely ignored. Women of color come of age and have the same experiences Dunham depicts in her shows but we rarely see those stories because they don’t fit the popular imagination’s rendering of Other girlhood, which is generally nonexistent in popular culture. At least there have been a few shows for black women to recognize themselves—the aforementioned Girlfriends , Living Single, A Different World, The Cosby Show. What about other women of persuasive speech evaluation essay, color? For Hispanic and Latina women, Indian women, Middle Eastern women, Asian women, their absence in popular culture is even more pronounced, their need for relief, just as palpable and desperate. The incredible problem Girls faces is that all we want is everything from each movie or television show or book that promises to offer a new voice, a relatable voice, an important voice. We want, and rightly so, to believe our lives deserve to research geotechnical engineering be new, relatable, and important. We want to see more complex, nuanced depictions of speech, what it really means to be whoever we are or were or hope to be.

We just want so much. Full Sentence Outline Statement. We just need so much. The desire for authentic representations of girlhood is like searching for water in a desert. It is persuasive speech evaluation, a matter of survival, and also faith. We’ll die without water, but we know it’s there, even if we are surrounded by a billion grains of dry sand that all look the law essay same.

We know we’ll find a cactus plant or an oasis or that the persuasive speech essay skies will open with rain or that you can dig deep enough to find a small pool of water to quench an unbearable thirst. For some women, Girls is that pool of writing service, water in a dry desert of flawed representations of girlhood. For the persuasive rest of us, we’re still stumbling through the research papers geotechnical desert beneath the burning sun. We’re waiting. Persuasive Evaluation. We don’t have much faith left.