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Rich dad poor dad essay

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"Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Richard Kyosaki: Summary Essay | Bartleby

Rich dad poor dad essay

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Essay Lessons of Rich Dad Poor Dad - 966 Palabras | Cram

awa essay topics We all know that the essays on the GMAT are scored separately and that the schools don’t care as much about the essay scores. We also know we have to write the essays first, before we get to the more important quant and verbal sections, so we don’t want to use up too much brain-power on the essays. Still, we can’t just bomb the rich dad essay essay section; the schools do care about the compare essays somewhat. So how do we do a good enough job on the essays without expending so much energy that we’re negatively affected during the multiple-choice portion of the test? We need to develop a template, an organizational framework on which to “hang” our writing. Rich Dad Poor? The template will not, of course, tell us exactly what to write. For that, we need the service actual essay prompt, which we won’t see until we take the test.

We can, however, determine how to organize the information ahead of time, as well as the rich dad essay general kinds of messages we need to convey at various points throughout. Original Writing Service? The template should tell us: how many paragraphs to dad poor dad essay, use the application primary purpose of each of those paragraphs the kinds of information that need to rich dad essay, be conveyed in preface writing for thesis each paragraph. The template will vary a little bit from person to person; the important thing is to have a consistent template for yourself that you’ve worked out in advance of the official test . In addition, we will need slightly different templates for rich the two different kinds of essays, so take note of the differences below. As a general rule, essays should have either four or five paragraphs total. The first paragraph is always the introduction, the last paragraph is always the conclusion, and the body (middle) paragraphs are for the examples we choose to american essay, use. Each paragraph should contain certain things; these are listed in the below sections. The information does not need to be presented in the given order below, though; just make sure that each paragraph does contain the dad poor dad essay necessary information in some sort of clear and logical order. In addition, the information listed below is the minimum necessary info; you can certainly add more where appropriate. summarize the application lettre issue state a thesis acknowledge that the other side does have some merit introduce your examples.

The first paragraph should contain a brief summary of the issue at hand in your own words (don't just repeat what the essay prompt said). Dad Essay? For an business research papers Argument essay, briefly summarize the conclusion of the given argument. For the Issue essay, briefly summarize the issue upon which the prompt has asked you to convey your opinion. For either, you don’t need more than a one to two sentence summary. The first paragraph should also contain a thesis statement. The thesis is typically one sentence and conveys to the reader your overall message or point for the essay that you wrote. For the dad essay Argument essay, you can write most of your thesis sentence before you get to the test! You already know that the Argument will contain flaws, and application that you will be discussing how those flaws hurt the author’s conclusion. Rich? Guess what?

That’s your thesis! “While the argument does have some merit, there are several serious flaws which serve to undermine the validity of the author’s conclusion that XYZ.” DON’T USE THAT EXACT SENTENCE. Am Proud American? They’re going to get suspicious if hundreds of rich, people use the same sentence. (Besides, that’s my sentence. Application? Come up with your own!) Note the opening clause: “While the argument does have some merit.” This is what’s called “acknowledging the other side.” We don’t say, “Hey, your argument is completely terrible! There’s nothing good about rich dad essay it at all!” We acknowledge that some parts may be okay, or some people may feel differently, but our position is that the flaws are the most important issue (that is, our thesis is the most important thing). On the Issue essay, you won’t be able to write your thesis statement ahead of time, but you do know you’ll have to do two things: (1) establish one clear position for yourself and compare and contrast - thesis (2) acknowledge the other side. (“While it’s certainly true that some people like Pepsi, more people prefer Coke.”) Notice one other thing that I don’t say: I don’t say “I think [blah blah thesis blah].” I state my thesis as though it is fact and reasonable people surely agree with me.

That’s a hallmark of a persuasive essay. Finally, the first paragraph needs to introduce whatever examples we’re going to use in the body paragraphs below. Dad Poor Dad Essay? Don’t launch into the examples fully; that will come later. You can choose to use either 2 or 3 body paragraphs. (I use 2 body paragraphs, personally. Remember, we just need to be “good enough!”) introduce one flaw explain why it is service, a flaw suggest ways to fix the flaw. introduce one real-world example give enough detail for reader to rich, understand relevance of example show how example supports your thesis. The body of an lettre essay is where we support our thesis statement. For the argument essay, your support will come from the prompt itself: brainstorm several flaws from the rich dad poor argument (try to find the and contrast - thesis biggest, most glaring flaws). Each flaw gets its own paragraph, so you’ll need either two or three, depending upon dad essay how many body paragraphs you want to write.

Explicitly explain why this flaw makes the conclusion less valid in some way, and then discuss how the author might fix that flaw. For example, let’s say that an lettre argument claims that firing half of a company’s employees will help the company to reduce costs and therefore become more profitable. While it’s certainly true that chopping half of dad poor dad essay, your payroll will reduce costs, it doesn’t necessarily follow that the company will become more profitable! That loss of personnel may reduce productivity, hurt morale of the remaining employees, and so on. The author of original writing service, such an rich argument could bolster the claim by, for example, showing evidence that half of the employees are fully redundant and writing firing them wouldn’t affect the company adversely (if such evidence actually exists, of course!). For the issue essay, your support will come from dad poor your brain: you’ll have to brainstorm some real-life example ( something that actually happened in the past ) in preface writing for thesis order to support your thesis.

That example could be something from your own life (work history, school, friend of a friend) or from the broader world (business, history, and so on). Stating that Coke’s market share is rich dad poor, higher than Pepsi’s, for example, would bolster your claim that more people prefer Coke. Preface For Thesis? There is no inherent advantage to a personal example versus a broader world example, but if you use a personal example, be sure to provide enough detail that the reader can understand the relevance. Dad Essay? When you use real-world examples that the readers are likely to know, you don’t have to and contrast, worry about, for example, explaining what Coke and Pepsi are. Finally, make sure to dad essay, tie your example specifically back to business papers fuse, your original thesis. Rich Dad Poor Dad Essay? Don’t make the preface writing for thesis reader connect the dots: tell him or her exactly how this example supports your thesis. re-state your thesis (using new words) re-acknowledge the other side (using new words) briefly summarize how your examples supported your thesis (using new words) minimum 3 sentences; ideally 4 to 5. Are you noticing a theme within the above bullet points? Basically, the rich dad poor dad essay conclusion paragraph isn’t going to original writing service, contain much new information. It’s a conclusion; the dad essay major points should already have been made earlier in lettre the essay. What you’re doing now is tying everything together in one neat package: yes, the “other side” has some merit, but here’s my point-of-view and, by the way, I proved my case using these examples. Rich Dad Essay? Before you go into the real test, you should have a fully developed template, so that all you have to do is come up with your two examples and your thesis statement, and lettre then “hang” your words on your framework.

Practice with the above as a starting point until you develop something with which you’re comfortable. Don’t forget to dad poor, leave some time to proof your essay; it’s okay to have a few typos, but systematic errors will lower your score.

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Sr.Tivoli Security Consultant Resume Sample. IBM Tivoli Security Admin/Develpoer 3. Total 9+ years of solid experience as Tivoli consultant specializing in rich, Tivoli Security Administration (Identity and Access Management – IAM ) using IBM Tivoli Identity manager and Tivoli access Manager ( ITIM / TAM ), IBM Directory server ( IDS ), IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator ( TDI ). Administration of J2EE Applications in Enterprise / Internet Infrastructure using IBM WebSphere , BEA WebLogic. Experienced in Web-hosting of Portals in Windows UNIX platforms. Strong experience in Systems Administration for application UNIX, Sun Solaris 8, and dad essay AIX 5.x. Red Hat Linux. Excellent problem resolution and communication skills with ability to work under pressure in a highly visible role. Papers Law. Adaptive to team environment and has the capability of completing complex tasks independently. Strong development background in rich dad poor dad essay, J2EE application development using EJB, JSP, RMI, JDBC, XML, XSLT, Java Mail, Servlets, JMS and Jakarta STRUTS 1.1, Validation Framework and Tiles Framework. KEY SKILLS / TOOLS:

Security IAM tools IBM Tivoli Identity Manager ( ITIM v4.5.1/4.6/5.0 ) , IBM Tivoli Access Manager ( TAM v5.1/6.0/6.1), IBM Directory Integrator IDI 5.1/6.0/6.1 , LDAP – IBM Directory Server IDS 5.1/5.2, Federated Identity Manager ( FIM 6.1 ), Tivoli Storage Manager ( TSM), SunOne Directory Server 5.2, Windows AD, TAI. Operating Systems Linux(Redhat,debian), SUSE Linux 10, Solaris 2.7/8/9, HP-UX 11i, IBM AIX 4.3/5.1/5.2, Windows 2000/NT 4.0/9x/me/xp, z/OS. Languages Java, JavaScript, C/C++, Pascal, COBOL, Perl, SQL PL/SQL, Shell Scripts. Middleware Web Technologies IBM Websphere Portal Server, Application Server 4.0/5.0/6.0, Apache Web Server, Netscape Enterprise Server (3.6.3/iPlanet), IBM HTTP Server, MS IIS and Netscape LDAP server, iPlanet mail server. WebLogic 6.0/7.0/8.1, Jboss 4.0, Apache Tomcat 4.1.x, IIS 5.0/6.0. Internet/Intranet Tools JAVA Technologies: Servlets, JSP, JAAS, JACC, EJB, JDBC, JMS, JNDI, Struts, Tiles, Web Services, JAXP, Ant1.6.5, JavaScript, RMI. Web Technologies HTML, DHTML, XML, SAML, XSLT, WSDL, SOAP, PHP. RDBMS Other Packages Oracle 7.x/8.x/9i, DB2, SQL Server 2000, MS-Access, MS SQL. CASE Tools Rational Rose, Rational ClearCase, UML. Other: MQ Series, BEA WebLogic WorkShop 8.1, WSAD 5.1, Eclipse 3.0, Jbuilder9.0, WinCVS 1.x, M.S.( Computer Science Telecommunications ) From Blekinge Institute of Technology , Sweden.

B.E. ( Computer Science and Information Technology ) From Bangalore University , India. HONDA, Torrance, CA June 08 – May 09. Sr.Tivoli Security Consultant. As a part of Enterprise Architrcture(Information Systems) team, implemented and supported the Identity, Access and research law Fedarated Identity management Provisioning solutions for dad essay American Honda Motor co,. Papers Business. This was very big implementation of ITIM across multiple end points including LotusNotes, LDAP, TAM, and repositories owned by local applications etc.. and also applications access controlled by TAM webseal. Primary role was to Implementation Administration of the ITIM provisioning solution. Technical Requirement Gathering : was responsible for gathering the dad essay user provisioning requirement for all the american end points of ITIM. Selection, installation and configuration of End point Agents for ITIM. Installation and configuration of multiple instances of ITIM ( Dev, QA , Prod , LAB etc ) Configuration and dad poor dad essay Administration of writing service, ITIM - Design org tree structure. Create provisioning and de-provisioning policies.

Implementation of rich dad poor, id policies, password policies. Service definition for End point Agents. Wrote the daily maintenance scripts using wscp and ksh for ITIM. Wrote the crontab scripts for automated recycle of compare and contrast essays, ITIM application and log rotation. Wrote the rich dad poor wscp / tcl scripts to automate the and contrast essays WebSphere application servers restart. The role involves interfacing with the direct clients for testing of multiple end point identities.

Installed and dad poor dad essay configured TAM 6.x. Created ACL, POPs, proxy server and webseal junctions. Configured single sign on solutions for many applications. Provided trouble-shooting and configuration of WebSEAL and all components with-in the TAMe/Identity Management space. Installation and original configuration of multiple instances of rich, ITDI. Used for american essay HRfeed, Initial load , TAM role synchronization and did many jobs using with TDI asamblylines. Used TDI scripts for Batch and real time attribute sync. Used TDI script to notify users of password expiration date. ITIM attribute validations and notify to itim administrators (ex: regex email check) etc..

Environment : Tivoli Identity Manager ( ITIM v 5.0/4.6) ,Tivoli Access Manager (ITAM v 6.1/5.1), IBM Directory integrator (IDI v 6.1.1/6.0). Dad Essay. Tivoli Federated Identity Manager (TFIM v6.1), IBM WebSphere, IBM Directory Server IDS LDAP, iPlanet LDAP, TSM, LotusNotes, Active Directory, IBM HTTP Server, z/OS, Mainframes, suse linux, AIX , Shell Scripts -ksh , wscp – tcl scripts, CNA. Chicago, IL May 07 – June 08. Sr.Tivoli Security Consultant. The scope of CNA's initial IAM role out includes installing and configuring integrated TIM/TAM/IDI infrastructure for enterprise. Primary responsibilities include Installation and american configuration of multiple instances of ITIM, WebSphere , LDAP – IBM Directory Server and dad poor IDI. Configuration of ITIM agents for multiple end points (AD, Sun OneLDAP and TAM/GSO) Configuration and Administration of ITIM. Design org tree structure. Create provisioning and de-provisioning policies.

Implementation of id policies and password policies. Service definition for preface End point Agents. ACL, POPs and proxy server. Created webseal junctions. Configuring remote resources etc … Used IDI scripts for Batch and real time attribute sync. Used IDI script to notify users of password expiration date. Developed IDI scripts, Provisioning Policies, Organization roles, Oracle database objects, ITIM groups, ACIs, Work Flows, Sub forms, Life Cycle rules. Used ADSI services to enumerate and manage the resources in a directory service(add,delete,modify users,groups and permissions). Resolved Ad Initial load problem. Resolved duplicate samaccountnames during the provisioning period.

Created AD default groups based on rich dad poor dad essay the employee type during the provisioning period using javascript. Created groups for corporate LDAP using ITIM and IDI. Created custom adaptor for ACF2 using IDI. Created add, delete and modify person using ITIM APIs for application lettre other Applications (Real-time changes). Provided trouble-shooting for ITIM and WAS. Daily maintenance - wscp scripts for dad essay ITIM and WAS, crontab scripts for compare - thesis automated recycle and dad poor dad essay log rotation. Environment : Tivoli Identity Manager (ITIM v4.6) , Tivoli Access manager (ITAM v6.0/6.1) , IBM WebSphere 5.1.x/6.0.2, RAD, IBM Directory Server IDS LDAP, ACF2 (CA LDAP), Mainframes, IBM Directory integrator (IDI), IBM HTTP Server, Active Directory, Sun Solaris(10) , Windows, AIX , VMWare, javascript , wscp – tcl scripts. FBL Financial Group, Inc. Original. , Des moines, IA Feb 07 – May 07.

Tivoli Security Consultant. As a part of EIP( Entrerprise Information Protection ), implemented and supported the Identity(ITIM) and Access Management (ITAM) Provisioning solutions for FARM BUEAU. Primary responsibilities include deploying, supporting, maintaining, troubleshooting and rich monitoring the Production environments which are clustered/highly-available Load Balanced web applications configured over and contrast essays - thesis, more than 12 servers running AIX and rich dad essay Windows. Installation and lettre configuration of multiple instances of ITIM , WebSphere , LDAP – IBM Directory Server and rich dad essay IDI. Configuration and Administration of ITIM and ITAM. Create provisioning and de-provisioning policies. Service definition for End point Agents. ACI, POPs and proxy server. Created webseal junctions. Configuring remote resources etc … Used JAAS, JACC and TAI for business papers fuse authentication and rich authorization for original dev. Environment.

Created add, delete and modify person using ITIM APIs for dad essay other Applications (Real-time changes). Done the performance tuning by compare tweaking WebSphere configuration parameters like JVM heap size, DB connection pooling, class load sequence, thread pooling etc. Provided trouble-shooting for ITIM , ITAM and dad poor WAS. Daily maintenance - wscp scripts for ITIM and WAS, crontab scripts for automated recycle and log rotation. Environment : Tivoli Identity Manager (ITIM v4.6) , Tivoli Access manager (ITAM v6.0) , Federated Identity Manager (FIM), IBM WebSphere 5.1.x/6.0.2, RAD, IBM Directory Server IDS LDAP, IBM Directory integrator (IDI), IBM HTTP Server, Active Directory, Windows, AIX , javascript , wscp – tcl scripts. WELLSFARGO, Chandler, AZ June06 – Dec06. Tivoli Security ( ITIM) Consultant. As a part of compare and contrast essays - thesis, Security Architecture and rich dad poor dad essay Solution Services team(F8372), implemented and supported the and contrast - thesis Identity(ITIM) and Access Management (Channel Secure) Provisioning solutions for WELLS FARGO.

This was one of the big implementations of rich dad poor dad essay, ITIM across multiple end points including AD, LDAP, Unix (Redhat and - thesis AIX), RACF, (LAN and E-mail) and repositories owned by local applications etc.. Tivoli Administrator for full blown implementation of Tivoli Identity Manager 4.6. Installation and configuration of multiple instances of ITIM , WebSphere , LDAP – IBM Directory Server and IDI. Gathered user provisioning requirements for all the end points of ITIM. Configuration and Administration of ITIM. Design org tree structure. Create provisioning and de-provisioning policies. Implementation of id policies, password policies. Service definition for End point Agents. Configuring remote resources etc … Installation and configuration of end point agent.

Created SubForms using ITIM APIs. Modifications in TIM GUI. Monitor LDAP using scripts. Provided design work for integration of WebSphere, Web Applications into Channel Secure for authentication and authorization. Provided trouble-shooting for ITIM and WAS. Daily maintenance - wscp and rich dad essay ksh scripts for ITIM and WAS, crontab scripts for automated recycle and log rotation.

Environment : Tivoli Identity Manager ( ITIM v 4.5.1/4.6) , Access manager ( Channel secure ) , IBM WebSphere 5.1.x, IBM Directory Server IDS LDAP, IBM Directory integrator (IDI) iPlanet LDAP, IBM HTTP Server, Active Directory, Redhat, AIX , javascript , Shell Scripts -ksh , wscp – tcl scripts. ADVO , Windsor , CT Apr 05 – Apr06. Tivoli Security ( ITIM) Consultant. Main Role to design , implementation of ITIM / TAM solution. Designed and assisted with review with Tivoli Identity Manager 4.5. Installation and configuration of multiple instances of ITIM / TAM. Installation and application configuration of rich dad essay, multiple instances of WebSphere. Installation and configuration of LDAP – IBM Directory Server. Installation and configuration of multiple instances IDI. Configuration and Administration of ITIM - Design org tree structure.

Create provisioning and de-provisioning policies. Implementation of id policies, password policies. Service definition for End point Agents/Adaptors. Design / costomise Workflows. Install the SSL certificates for all ITIM and ITIM Agents.

Wrote the preface writing daily maintenance scripts using wscp and rich dad poor ksh for ITIM. Wrote the business research papers crontab scripts for rich automated recycle of ITIM. Installation and configuration of end point agents and ITIM Services. Provided trouble-shooting and configuration of original writing, WebSEAL and all components with-in the rich dad poor TAMe/Identity Management space. Supported environments across multiple geographies. Represented client at all executive and technical/development meetings both on-site and off. Provide architecture review for client’s applications, documents and install processes. Provide clients with recommendation and application lettre systems best practices documents. Documentation and internal training of said products for smooth transition of ownership. Provided security and assisted with implementation of Security Best Practices and Methodologies.

Environment : Tivoli Identity Manager ( ITIM v 4.5.1) , Tivoli Access manager ( TAM v5.1/6.0 ) , IBM WebSphere 5.0.x, IBM Directory Server IDS LDAP, IBM Directory integrator (IDI) iPlanet LDAP, IBM HTTP Server, Solaris, AIX , Perl , Shell Scripts -ksh , wscp – tcl scripts, Active Directory. SEARS , Hoffman estates, IL July 04- Mar 05. As a part of IAMS team, implemented and supported the rich dad poor Identity and Access Management (IAM) Provisioning solutions for Sears. Application Lettre. This was very big implementation of ITIM across multiple end points including, iPlanet, AD and repositories owned by local applications etc.. Primary role was to rich Implementation Administration of the ITIM provisioning solution. Technical Requirement Gathering: was responsible for gathering the user provisioning requirement for application all the end points of ITIM. Helped developing hardware architecture for rich dad essay the all the ITIM environment. Developed LTM ( Logical Technology Model ) / PTM ( Physical Technology Model ) Involved in POC for business papers ITIM agents ( e.g AD2003 reverse password sync agent.)

Selection, installation and configuration of End point Agents for ITIM. Installation and configuration of multiple instances of ITIM ( Dev, QA , Prod , LAB etc ) Installation and rich dad essay configuration of application, multiple instances of rich dad essay, WebSphere. Installation and configuration of LDAP – IBM Directory Server. Installation and configuration of multiple instances IDI. Configuration and Administration of ITIM - Design org tree structure. Create provisioning and compare essays - thesis de-provisioning policies. Implementation of id policies, password policies. Service definition for End point Agents.

Installation and configuration of end point agent. Install the SSL certificates for all ITIM and ITIM Agents. Wrote the daily maintenance scripts using wscp and ksh for ITIM. Wrote the crontab scripts for automated recycle of rich, ITIM application and log rotation. Wrote the wscp / tcl scripts to automate the WebSphere application servers restart. Troubleshooting and Debugging the application by application lettre turning on the different levels of traces and monitoring on different WebSphere objects servlets. The role involves interfacing with the direct clients for testing of multiple end point identities.

Environment : Tivoli Identity Manager ( ITIM v 4.5.1) , IBM WebSphere 5.0.x, IBM Directory Server IDS LDAP, IBM Directory integrator (IDI) iPlanet LDAP, Active Directory, IBM HTTP Server, Solaris, AIX , Shell Scripts -ksh , wscp – tcl scripts, Title: E-Bill System. MetroPCS, Inc. Rich Dad Poor Dad Essay. offers customers local phone service with simple rate plans. The company is business research among the first wireless operators to deploy an rich dad poor dad essay, all-digital network based on third generation infrastructure and handsets. With E-Bill System customers have the ability to view their monthly bill online. Original Writing. The application mainly emphasizes on consumer utilizations and also customer relation executives of MetroPcs. This system also generates E-bills to different types of customers like flat rate plan, calling cards. The application is developed in WebLogic AppsServer. Gathered user requirements followed by analysis and design. Evaluated various technologies for the Client. Worked on shopping cart Use cases for prepaid calling cards.

Involved in developing ANT scripts to build the directory structure of the web application and to quicken the compilation and execution of the application. Developed HTML, DHTML, CSS, JSP to present Client side GUI. Involved in development of JavaScript code for Client Side Validations. Developed UI using Swing for different modules. Designed and developed various Swing custom components for dad poor dad essay use across the application. Designed the HTML based web pages for preface for thesis displaying the reports. Developed Java classes, JSP files. Extensively used XML documents with XSLT and CSS to rich translate the am proud content into rich dad poor dad essay HTML to application lettre present to GUI.

Developed dynamic content of presentation layer using JSP, Develop user-defined tags using XML. Developed Jmail for automatic emailing and JNDI to rich interact with the compare essays - thesis Knowledge Server. Used Struts Framework to implement J2EE design patterns ( MVC ). Developed, Tested and Debugged the Java, JSP and EJB components using Eclipse. Developed JSP as the rich dad poor dad essay view, Servlets as Controller and EJB as model in the Struts Framework . Developed Make files Shell Scripts to preface automate build procedures. Worked on Web Logic application server to rich dad poor dad essay deploy JSP and am proud essay EJB applications. Created and dad poor implemented PL/SQL stored procedures, triggers.

Java, J2EE, EJB, JSP1.2, Servlets, JNDI, JDBC, Struts, HTML, DHTML, XML, CSS, XSLT, Java Script, Eclipse3.1, MyEclipse4.1, Oracle9i, Weblogic8.1, Windows, Sun Solaris . JBHunt AR Aug 03 – Jan 04. YIELD MANAGEMENT TOOL. The Yield Management Tool (YMT) assists the users (Yield Managers and Pricing Managers) to choose the orders and lanes that are more profitable. That is, YMT collects and displays variety of data about the orders searched on am proud american given input criteria. Based on rich dad poor the entered search criteria, YMT first retrieves the orders and their pertaining information by executing complex set of queries against DB2 database. Modified the existing YMT to add the functionality requested by users. Understand the preface writing design and process flow of existing YMT tool to do relevant modifications and additions.

Developed Struts, JSPs and Servlets to dynamically generate HTML, PHP and display the dad poor data to the client side. Analyzing the performance issues in the existing tool and resolving them. The queries used were modified to use parameter markers to avoid parsing per each database trip. Involved in conversion of SQL Server to research law DB2 . Involved in conversion of dad essay, Web-Logic deployment to Web-Sphere. Some of the data which was retrieved from for thesis, database for each order was cached and dad poor dad essay reused to improve performance. Involved in unit and integration testing of the system. C++, Java 1.4.1, Servlets 2.3,JSP, Struts,JDBC 2.1, HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, MQSeries, DB2, UNIX, WebSphere 5.x, WebLogic 7.x IBM OS 390, Windows XP, ChangeMan DS. Developed a package to research papers access signal processing system which enables the telecom engineers to accumulate all the test data of various tower sites and rich generate reports to increase the efficiency of the am proud essay system and thus enabling fine tuning of the Signal receivers.

Involved in dad poor, Analysis, Design, Development, Testing of application modules. Servlets 2.0 are used for handling the HTTP request/response from the client side. Coded in Servlets 2.0 for research data queried from the rich dad poor Oracle 8i database in HTML and XML format. Developed various documents within the application using XML and HTML . Developed Server side business objects in research, Enterprise Java Bean using Session and Entity Beans . JMS was used for asynchronous message queuing and Message Driven Beans were used to handle those messages. Provide a mechanism to transfer data from one business partner to another. It acts as a server to dad poor run different applications developed using C , C++, EJB, RMI and JAVA . Receives GET/POST/XML requests. Java server pages were used to business make the pages dynamic. Oracle 8 -database access was implemented through JDBC connection.

JDK 1.2, Java, C, C++, Servlets, JSP, JMS, UML, Applets, XML, PL/SQL, Oracle 8i, EJB, J2EE, CORBA, WebLogic 6.1, UNIX, JUnit3.x. Ericsson AB, Karlskrona, Sweden. Software developer Feb’2000-Jan’2003. This project provides a solution for Secure Payment to the Merchant in a Mobile Payment Scenario. Rich. The Solution developed is efficient and scalable with minimal overheads.

Next generation mobile service technologies like 2.5G and 3G are beginning to be adopted as the platform for papers law deployment of rich dad poor dad essay, mobile services for communication, business and leisure. Successfully designed an Architecture and UML diagrams including Use Case Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams and Class Diagrams for the entire module. Developed JSPs and Servlets to dynamically generate HTML, PHP and display the data to the client side. Extensively used JSP tag libraries , tomcat web server. For the communication from one server to anther server using Socket programming . Development entails usage of J2EE technology like EJB, JDBC, WebLogic Application Server and american essay MYSQL Database. Created PHP web pages for User Self Care , merchant self care, issuer self care and acquirer self care using Apache server and MYSQL database. Prepared the rich dad poor dad essay Unit Specifications for original the module and Unit Testing . Implemented the JUnit Test Classes. JDK 1.3, Servlets, JSP, Sockets, EJB, J2SE, J2ME,UML, HTML, PHP, MYSQL, J2EE, BEA WebLogic 5.x, Microsoft Windows XP, JSP Tag Libraries, Apache ,Tomcat . Online Evaluation System. This system is an integration of rich dad essay, three modules, Exam Manager Module, User Module and Reports Manager module to conduct exams. The Exam Manager module is comprised of question exams, databanks.

User Module take care of activity related three different roles i.e. student, faculty, administrator. The functionalities are creating categories, authenticating the user etc. Reports Manager generates different reports, which are either analysis type or feedback. Designing, planning and Implementation of the and contrast above three modules.

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peter stearns essay An Introduction to European Studies. Why Study History by Peter N. Stearns. The author definitely convinced me of history's importance as a discipline. I completely agree with all of the authors points.

History is so important because it helps us to rich dad poor dad essay understand society, human behavior, how to american essay prepare for things such as war. History gives us answers that we need. Before reading this article I didn't think about history in this way. I knew it was important to dad poor know and understand, but I didn't think that it would help determine certain ways and changes in society or human behavior, so I found that very interesting. I absolutely think we should study history. If we didn't then we wouldn't know our family's history, we wouldn't know how certain things were invented or why certain societies are the way they are. The author also described important skills that can be acquired by studying history, so that is another reason why studying history is extremely important. In his article, “Why Study History?” Stearns presents various examples that support history’s significance in society. I agree with Stearns and application lettre believe studying history is essential to society’s success. There are countless reasons as to why one should study history. Rich Dad Poor Dad Essay. For example, history serves as evidence and tells us why certain things happened.

This can educate people about how society was formed, and business fuse why it functions in its present manner. After studying history, students will become knowledgeable and gain important skills that will benefit them in the future. Even though many students will not work directly in the field of history, the skills gained from studying the subject can lead to potential job opportunities. Peter N. Stearns presents a compelling argument for why people should study history. Rich. Stearns states that history is necessary to study because it is essential to am proud essay individuals and to society, and because it harbors beauty. While I trusted Stearns' declaration that history is important for individuals and society, I was skeptical about history's importance to harbor beauty; could he really convince me that history is important because of such a statement?

Once I continued reading, I realized that I could trust Stearns' stress on the importance of history in that it harbors beauty. History is everywhere in our lives - we are compelled by historical fiction; we find nostalgia in history paintings; and dad poor we are amazed by even our own families' stories from the past. In reality, we not only need history to help us understand societies and cultures, but we rely on business research history for entertainment and discovery. Rich Dad Poor. Stearns also informs his audience that the discipline of history gives a student necessary skills for success, informs our morality, and helps us figure out how we got where we are and where we might be going. I believe that history is crucial to learn because it helps us draw conclusions about how our societies came to be, and thus helps us understand why we function the way we do and am proud american essay how we might change. At one point or another I’m sure most, if not all of us have sat in history class wondering why should we care about people and events from hundreds or even thousands of dad poor dad essay years ago. What exactly is the point of studying history in such depths that America’s current education system demands? In the article, “Why Study History?” Peter N. Service. Stearns approaches the study of dad poor dad essay history from many different angles, continually providing evidence and reassuring readers the study of history is necessary in society.

I had always known the american study of history was somewhat important, but after reading this article I have realized that history is truly what makes our society what it is today. Without it, where would we be? It would be as if every morning when we woke up it was fresh start; no memories of the past, who we are, what we have done. It would as if everyone had amnesia. Society would not be able to function.

The study of history provides us with the rich dad poor understanding of the world around us. It is the basis of our morals, ethics, and laws. Knowing our history, whether personal, familial, or societal grants our identity. We are able to realize our distinguishing characteristics and compare and contrast - thesis associations. The study of rich dad poor dad essay history may be dull at writing for thesis, times, and seem unimportant, but Stearn reveals the study of rich dad poor history is essential for our identity, as well as our understanding of the application world. In Peter N. Stearns article “Why Study History?” he provides a persuasive argument that definitely convinced me of the importance to dad essay study history as a discipline and showed me how much history plays a part in our everyday lives. I was convinced because Stearns makes many points of why history should be studied, the and contrast main ones being: it helps us understand society by rich dad poor dad essay looking at past societies, it helps us grasp how things change and how we can continue to change in our present society, it gives us an identity of where and compare who we came from, and it gives us many skills that make us well-rounded workers and dad poor dad essay thinkers.

All of these reasons that Stearns gives illustrate how much history affects us as citizens and intelligent people. Application Lettre. In order to dad essay have appreciation for the present, we must also have appreciation for the past and that is what gives us a sound path to the future. Without history, we wouldn’t be able to solve problems of the present because it is compare essays - thesis through the rich dad poor dad essay study of history that we are able to pinpoint exactly what is going wrong now due to the wrong that went on in the past. Knowing what happened in the past allows us to grow more in our own morality and mindfulness, for we are able to have a full basis of knowledge from and contrast essays past to rich dad poor dad essay present. I think that we should study history because overall, it is truly ignorant not to. I feel this way because when a person is fully consumed with themselves in this moment, he or she fails to recognize the past trends and traits of the past. For Thesis. If that is the case, how is one able to understand his or her society without the dad poor extensive evidential basis of the and contrast essays past? We need to be well-rounded humans and this can only come from studying history and having a full contemplation of the rich dad essay past and how it affects our present reality and the future events to come. Author Peter N. Stearns makes a strong case for the study of am proud american history as a vital inclusion in dad poor, high school and college curricula, citing its important effects upon the moral, societal, and individual education of the average student. His argument successfully attempts to preface convince the reader of rich dad poor this necessity by demonstrating not only research papers, alternative methods of rich teaching history, but also the many positive results that can arise from these methods. Preface For Thesis. Particularly effective is the stress on the interdisciplinary advantages of studying history; in today’s increasingly competitive job market, educating across all disciplines is necessary for any applicant who wishes to emerge at the top of the heap.

Another sound point of Stearns’s article separate from the dad poor dad essay reporting of fact is the use of rhetoric. However, the repetitious mention of the “laboratory of human experience” as an attempt to compare the study of history to that of business research papers biology or chemistry quickly grew tiresome, and rather redundant. Regardless, the article effortlessly demonstrates the importance of dad poor history’s inclusion in curricula worldwide. Peter N. Stearns convinced me of history’s importance as a discipline. Stearns states that “history should be studied because it is essential to individuals and to society, and preface for thesis because it harbors beauty.” Without history, we won’t be able to figure out why we do certain things and society won’t be able to figure out how and why society functions the way it does. Stearns also points out that history is not only needed to dad poor become a professional historian. American Essay. History helps you “develop research skills,” gives you the “ability to find and evaluate sources of dad poor information,” and so on. For example, Global warming is a very important topic for environmentalist today. And without history, they wouldn’t be able to business law figure out why these changes occur and what caused the dad poor world to be what it is today. To understand changes within the world and ourselves we have to look at history.

Up until about papers a year ago I would have disagreed with a lot of the examples given in this text, primarly due to ignorance. I would just mainly sited that getting a job as a history major is not an easy thing to do. However, my best friend convinced me of the main points of the article, after he himself switched to this field of study. We learn from the past, all of rich us. Whether it be a great mistake, or incredible accomplishment, events in original, history are there to teach us lessons.

Histroy if reorded correctly might even be the only thing we truly know. With its tendency to repeat itself, it can not be ignored. What we learn in a history class may not be in rich, fact tangible, but it can greatly affect the way we approach, react and look at some of the most important things in ones life. The author does make a convincing argument about the importance of studying history. His points about preface writing for thesis how history can help teach people morals, and how history can be used to help explain certain problems we face today, were both things I found interesting. I also liked his point about how learning the history of the nation you are from rich is important because it teaches you how that nation got to where it is today. I was not convinced on hi argument about how it is useful to obtain a job. He mentioned several times that there are many careers that a history degree makes possible, but he did not mention many areas.

However, he did say that the compare and contrast essays - thesis skills gained from studying history are very valuable in life, and I did agree with his examples. Because of that I do think it is necessary to study history. Sterns provides many convincing and practical arguments for rich dad poor dad essay the study of essays history. Beginning with the now antiquated idea that if someone can rattle off dates and names they are therefore well-educated, Sterns moves on dad essay to show that the study of history just makes you a well-rounded person. This well-roundedness extends into the workplace, as Sterns points out, with the service subject of history being able to pervade many different professions and skill sets, with employers looking for an individual who takes into account all perspectives given, something that Sterns points out is quite desirable in any employee. Along with being a good employee, Sterns points out that the dad essay study of history is american essay useful in understanding societal trends, such as alcoholism rates, suicide rates, and political interests. This is speaking to the human nature within society, the behavior and norms that have developed over time. In order to continue on, we must understand our past, whether it be collective or individual. Dad Poor. The past is something that obviously sticks with us, and lettre it is to be learned from and used in any way possible to better ourselves. Sterns also expresses this idea when when he mentions the inherent value of studying history in anything that anyone does.

Peter N. Stearns definitely convinced me that history as a discipline is extremely important. He shed light on dad essay the many uses and advantages knowing history can play in a variety of professions, not just the lettre professions that commonly come to mind. I found that point extremely convincing. Additionally, what I think is commonly overlooked is the important role history plays in understanding current society. We could never know if things have changed or to rich dad poor dad essay what extent things have changed if we do not know what came before.I agree, history is law so much more than memorizing and reiterating dates, names, places and facts as the author had clearly stated and advocated. Rich Dad Essay. One aspect of studying and american subsequently knowing history is the implementation of history as a weapon. Rich Dad Essay. With this idea presented, I realized the power history holds.

I had never before though of history as a powerful weapon, but Stearns reasoning had convinced me of its potent potential. Stearns discusses the importance of studying history to better understand how our society functions today - in terms of - thesis human behavior as well as mechanisms of social change. Stearns' approach is interesting and important because it addresses history as a process in which we can, do, and dad essay must participate, rather than as a static field of study that is immutable and always referred to as past. With such an approach, Stearns highlights the role of agency and emphasizes the compare and contrast importance of dad essay contextualizing the present so as to be more effective and aware in original writing, all the dad poor dad essay decisions we make - both individually and as a society. Stearns refers to this critical engagement of history as we create it as the process of fostering informed citizenship. He also notes the need for preface skillful storytelling - a need I could not agree with more. Dad Poor. Addressing this also raises questions of power and narrative authority and voice.

In Why Study History, Kearns does a fairly decent job of describing history as a discipline and research papers why we as a people should study it. However, his arguments have several shortcomings, and sometimes fall flat. Rich Dad Essay. My first issue with Kearns' arguments was that he often acknowledges opposing arguments to his thesis, yet never truly disproves those opposing arguments. For example, on the first page he states that history can determine human behavior on a large scale. He then states that science does this as well through experimentation, but simply says as a fact that experiments do not work as well (para 6). Application Lettre. Kearns does not cite any sources or evidence to back up this claim, and to me, it was a surprising way to rich dad poor dad essay start his first argument for the study of history. And Contrast Essays - Thesis. Later on in the essay, he admits that studying history does not guarantee a specific job opportunity like a technical degree would, but assures the rich dad essay reader that a study in history applies directly to research business many careers and can clearly help us in dad essay, our working lives (para 21). However, his so-called evidence are opinions at best, and he yet again provides no sources to back himself up. Personally, I agree with Kearns and do believe history needs to be studied as a discipline. If one studies history, there are clear examples of generals, presidents, or even whole governments making mistakes that have historical precedents, simply because these people did not study their history.

For example, if Adolf Hitler knew that Napoleon failed to invade Russia due to the harshness of the Russian winter, the events of World War II might have unfolded differently. In general, History helps give the world we live in context, and helps us to better approach the application lettre situations of the dad poor dad essay future by seeing how our ancestors handled similar situations in preface writing, the past. I was already convinced that we should study history before I read this article. The author makes good points and provides statistics and rich dad essay evidences. I agree with him that we should indeed study history since that we can only develop the future by studying the past or history. By studying history, we will be able to know ourselves better and will not make the same mistakes again. American Essay. Each individual has his own past experiences or history; it is the unique history that we possess distinguish us from others. The article “Why Study History?” by Peter N. Stearns definitely convinced me that the study of history is essential. The article first brings up the point that studying history can give people insight on the cause of different events and the effects these events can have. This type of knowledge can be useful because it helps you understand other people, yourself, and rich dad poor dad essay the world around you. Secondly the article highlights the fact that studying history can help can develop skills that are essential to almost any type of career, even those that seem completely unrelated to history.

I believe that Stearns is right, after reading the article I realized that the studying history has improved my research skills and my ability to analyze different events, both of which are helpful tools to have in virtually any field of work. Without the study of business research history I may not have developed these important skills, which makes me absolutely certain that the study of history is necessary. History is far more valuable then most people care to realize. By looking at history one is able to predict the future outcomes of business cycles as well as sales. If a company sells 500 units of X, it should sell at least 500 units of X once again in the same amount of time. This information will help a company to produce the necessary amount of goods. Also, history can set an example of us. It shows us what works and what does not, what is right and dad poor what is wrong, and what is morally acceptable. Preface For Thesis. It is able to show us what is going to be accepted by the general population.

By studying History, it is dad essay able give one a sense of pride in where they come from as well. In all honesty, I used to question why I have continuously studied history for nearly 10 years of my life. I used to think it was arbitrary and pointless to be able to recall the dates of specific battles that occurred during the Civil War, or who our 24th Vice President was. But after reading Stearn’s convincing article, I am admittedly swayed in my opinion on the study of history. I’ve learned that the research business law central focus in history is dad essay not on the memorization of dates and american essay names, but rather the influence it has on human behavior and societies. Without it, we would not be able to pinpoint the causes of societal change, or anticipate political polls. Dad Essay. History gives us an identity and helps shape who we are based on am proud essay facts about genealogy as well as providing a basis for understanding how our ancestors handled and managed previous historical changes. History provides us with the dad poor dad essay knowledge necessary to understand the writing service emergence of national institutions, problems and values. It encourages us to become more aware of our pasts so that we can gain a better understanding of our present, and dad poor dad essay consequently, our futures.

I do believe that the study of history is essential to american the progress of dad essay our society, our nation, and our world. Without it, we are simply ignorant human beings disregarding the successes and papers failures of past societies and rich dad poor dad essay peoples, which could evidently aid in the advancement of our present. This course considers European history since the Enlightenment. Primary themes include: liberalism; national identity and its construction; race; ethnicity; genders and writing service sexualities; (post)colonialism; and the relation between history and dad essay everyday life.

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Act 1 of #8221;Macbeth#8221; by Shakespeare Essay Sample. William Shakespeare, an rich English playwright, often started his plays with powerful scenes and mood-setting action. Act 1 of #8216;Macbeth#8217; is no exception to the traditional important and exciting Shakespearean introductions. Shakespeare wrote #8216;Macbeth#8217; as a tribute to King James, the new monarch of England at the time. This was for many reasons; one reason was when Shakespeare wrote the play, he included several elements that would have appealed to the king: witchcraft and ancestry. King James was particularly interested in witchcraft and this may have inspired Shakespeare to am proud essay, include witchcraft as such a major part to evil in rich the play. The character of Banquo was the ancestor of am proud essay, King James; this appears in dad poor dad essay Act IV when the witches show the apparitions of the 8 kings descending from Banquo. The play as a whole would be described as a tragedy because it contains death, murder, immorality and am proud american essay, the consistent battle against good and evil; which are main elements of a Shakespearean tragedy. Act 1 of Macbeth presents and demonstrates a world full of deception. The uncertainty and inconsistency in rich dad essay the characters keep interest level up and the audience on the edge of their seats.

The audience is forced to think about the concept of good and research papers business law, evil. This mental involvement in rich dad poor the play draws a lot of interest to the play and thoroughly prepares them for the evil that is about to follow. However, there are also other genres like horror, suspense and drama that come later on during the play. Act 1 displays the deceptive environment in writing which Macbeth lives (which is a major theme in the play), depicting the characters#8217; personalities and motives, and rich dad poor, finally portraying the constant struggle between good and evil. Act 1 prepares the audience for the evil that will follow through the application lettre setting of the rich dad poor scenes, the characters, language and many other techniques. It is true to a great extent that the audience is unaware of exactly what events are to follow after Act 1, but they are definitely prepared for something evil to occur, thus keeping them on tenterhooks. An extremely powerful weapon that Shakespeare utilises in Act 1 to introduce evil is by essay, beginning the play with the witches.

As soon as the dad poor witches enter the act, the audience is made aware of the play#8217;s theme as witches were associated with evil and cast as being wicked during the Elizabethan times. They uphold their evil status throughout the original writing act although their power is not fully demonstrated until the dad poor prophecies come true. The witches symbolise all that is evil, playing a significant role in Macbeth#8217;s downfall, as it is business research papers them who trigger his ambition to become King. They exploit him as a pawn because they are mischievous characters who cause chaos. They influence Macbeth by telling him what he wishes to hear, that he shall be Thane of rich dad poor dad essay, Cawdor and soon the writing service King. Nevertheless, they do not speak more than a sentence at once and vanish without revealing too much; this may be to increase his anticipation and rich, make him more curious. The audience is in american essay a similar situation to Macbeth at this point, as they are unsure as to what the witches mean, thus building suspense and curiosity. In addition to this curiosity and suspense, Shakespeare makes use of powerful language and sets the scene accordingly whilst dealing with the witches. There is always thunder (and sometimes lighting) before the witches enter a scene in dad poor dad essay Act 1. This sets a dark mood, making them appear sinister and other-worldly, bringing upon gloom as they enter, and portraying an element of application, pathetic fallacy.

What the rich dad poor witches say is also portrayed to be evil. For example, they seem to take pleasure in and contrast essays - thesis #8220;Killing swine#8221; and say #8220;I#8217;ll drain him dry as hay#8221; to show that they are immoral. During the dad poor dad essay Elizabethan era, people blamed witches to be capable of causing many unexplained events such as- unexplained deaths or illnesses, crop failures, plagues etc. They had many ideas of witches that said they would carry familiars, brew potions in a cauldron and travel in broomsticks. Shakespeare tries to papers, capture and portray this idea through the play though he does not reveal all the powers the witches may have.

However we see them performing spells and conversing with apparitions, Banquo states that they #8220;look not like th#8217;inhabitants o#8217;th#8217;earth#8221;. This tells us that they have supernatural powers that humans do not possess, but there may be limitations. Rich. Instead of carrying out the american essay deeds themselves they lure Macbeth into doing their will; This may either mean that they do not want to get their #8216;hands dirty#8217;, i.e. they would rather have Macbeth carrying out their task or that their powers are limited which averts them from completing their goal themselves. Nevertheless, the witches are highly influential characters that change the course of the play, symbolising strong forces of evil. Lady Macbeth is a very interesting and influential character that we cannot ignore, as she plays a vital role in altering the course of the play. Dad Poor Dad Essay. She is portrayed as a very well mannered and lettre, well groomed wife initially. Macbeth and his wife have a very loving relationship in which they have great influence on one and dad essay, other. In the earlier acts of the play we can see that Lady Macbeth#8217;s words mean a lot to her husband, giving the impression that she is definitely the dominant figure in research papers fuse the relationship.

Macbeth shows great compassion and dad poor, respect towards, addressing her as #8220;dearest partner of greatness#8221; (Act 1 scene 5) in his letter. Lady Macbeth is an research papers business influence on her husband in many different ways, for many different reasons, as explained below. We realise that Lady Macbeth#8217;s characteristics are similar to the witches in many ways. Like the witches she seems to influence Macbeth with evil just as strongly, if not more. She is not hesitant to openly refer to being selfless and cruel #8220;And fill me from the crown to the toe topfull/ Of direst cruelty#8221; (lines 40-41, scene 5) almost like the witches. Also, she and rich, the witches use the metaphoric powers of papers, language to call upon spirits that in turn will influence Macbeth in different ways. Lady Macbeth states: #8220;come, you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts,#8221; (lines 38-39 scenes 5). It is as if Lady Macbeth is a witch herself as she refers to spirits, making her seem almost inhuman. At this point, we can link the witches and rich dad essay, Lady Macbeth, thus deducing that she acts as a similar force of evil. Later on, as she opens her husband#8217;s letter she immediately begins to scheme and plot, showing her true evil ambition.

We are immediately made aware that she wants Macbeth to become King, so they can be at research papers, a higher status, #8220;and shalt be/ What thou art promised ;#8221;( lines 13-14, scene 5). She is unsure as to whether Macbeth is too kind and without the evil that needs to merge with his already prominent ambition. Rich Dad Essay. As said in her soliloquy, #8216;I fear…is too full#8217;o the milk of human kindness, to catch the nearest way#8217;. (Lines 15-16, scene 5). For this reason, she influences him greatly into the prospect of murdering the king, #8220;That I may pour my spirits in thine ear#8221; (line 24, scene5) The thought of Macbeth becoming king pushes her and causes her to act outrageously, adding greatly to evil as a theme. Nonetheless, when King Duncan comes to the Macbeth castle, she seems as though she is happy and delighted to application, see the king saying, #8220;All our service/ In every point twice done and then done double/#8221; (lines14-15 scene6). Lady Macbeth portrays hypocritical traits through her behaviour, actions and speech. The audience is introduced to the interesting idea that a wife or Lady could force her will upon a supposedly strong minded husband (In Elizabethan times, women were portrayed to be weaker than men as the men were the workers who provided for their family). Lady Macbeth begins the evil, evolving Macbeth into rich dad poor, a wicked tyrant of cruelty.

Her constantly changing character is compare and contrast - thesis of interest in act one, because she appears to be the central figure in determining the fate of King Duncan. Lady Macbeth has a strong hand in re-enforcing the evil that the witches initially plot into Macbeth#8217;s mind. However, it is Macbeth who chooses the immoral path of becoming King that can only be achieved by eliminating Duncan. He is rich dad poor dad essay capable of resisting the compare and contrast essays - thesis urge to rich dad essay, choose the wrong path, yet he does otherwise. The witches have an effective influence on him which causes him to take this decision at the ending of the lettre act. Shakespeare is never open as to how the audience should interpret the role of the witches. It is not clear if the witches are independent agents who control human lives, or agents of fate, or do their prophecies simply tell us the predictable conclusions.

Furthermore, it is dad essay not clear if Shakespeare intends for compare and contrast the witches to dad poor dad essay, even be perceived as real or as symbolically representations of the evil that already lurks within Macbeth#8217;s heart. However, during this time people genuinely believed in witches so Shakespeare#8217;s intention must have been to create evil and to interactively let the audience develop their own character to resemble the witches, thus preparing the application audience for the evil that is to come. At the rich dad essay beginning of Act 1, Macbeth is depicted as a courageous and valiant soldier who fights for for thesis the King without mercy. However, after he is influenced immensely by the witches and Lady Macbeth, he is no longer as innocent but a heartless and deceitful #8220;serpent#8221;. In scene two of act 1 he is portrayed as a #8220;valour#8217;s minion#8221; who #8220;carved out his passage/ Till he faced the slave#8221; (lines 19-20). King Duncan is impressed by Macbeth#8217;s qualities as he says #8220;o valiant cousin, worthy gentleman#8221;, so he positions Macbeth as a Thane of Cawdor, completely oblivious that this will lead to his disastrous death.

The fact that he becomes Thane of Cawdor as the witches predicted strengthens the ambition to be King as Macbeth believes in the witches#8217; words. Rich Dad Essay. When Lady Macbeth finds out about the application witches her selfish desire for ambition and her cold nature leads Macbeth astray. Macbeth is a fairly ambitious at first, but Lady Macbeth#8217;s by far exceeds his and she is prepared to stop at nothing to achieve that ambition. When she attempts to persuade Macbeth to kill Duncan, he still has a conscience at this stage because he is very hesitant about killing the dad essay King, he debates with his inner self #8220;First, as I am his kinsman and his subject,#8221;, the theme of trust is especially evident in this short quotation. Macbeth sees he has a duty to protect Duncan, as his kinsman, host and also because he is original service a King. But in the end, his weak nature and ambitious determination overcomes him. When Macbeth first talks to the witches in Act 1 we find out that he is not as noble as he is described, #8220;Speak if you can: what are you?#8221; (line 45, scene 3).

Here he is rich dad poor dad essay demanding and very curious. However, in Act 4 scene 1 he is eager and persistent through his speech: #8220;How know, you secret….hags! / What is#8217;t you do?#8221; (lines 46-47). Am Proud American. At the dad poor dad essay end of the Act, it is evident that Lady Macbeth has managed to convince Macbeth. Research. The choice of rich dad poor dad essay, language through this scene is used to show the contrasting morality of the two characters; where Lady Macbeth#8217;s evil traits are consistently battling with Macbeth#8217;s goodness nearing the end of the act. Lady Macbeth portrays this contrast where she states #8220;look like th#8217;innocent flower/ But be the serpent under#8217;t#8221;. The deeds Macbeth is about to commit prepares the essays audience for the darkness and evil that is about to follow. Shakespeare creates very strong imagery on Macbeth#8217;s last speech before the rich murder. Macbeth declares #8220;I am settled; and bend up/… false must hide what the false heart doth know.#8221; The last two lines end with a memorable rhyming couplet. The act ends with a dramatic conclusion which prepares us for what is about to happen.

Overall, there are many themes that occur through the writing play. Ambition plays a key role as it drives many of the characters to their fate. William Shakespeare manages to capture the fine line that exists between ambition and selfish desire, which if crossed can lead to impending destruction. Rich Dad Poor. It can also be argued that one leads to the other. Deception is another trait present in the Act. Shakespeare shows the audience that in life things are not always as they appear (friends can turn out to be enemies). The audience is also reminded that humanity has to deal with forces of good and evil in everyday life.

However, the importance of evil is law prominent in Act1. I believe this act is a preparation for dad essay what is to preface, follow as it introduces the plays main theme and other genres, giving a glimpse of how ambition can lead to deception and rich dad essay, cruelty, adding up to tragedy. In effect, I feel Act 1 does a good job of portraying the papers law invasion of dad poor, evil over good, showing how Macbeth#8217;s inner desires are unleashed by the witches, Lady Macbeth and other influential events, thus preparing the compare and contrast essays - thesis audience for the thrilling battle of rich, evil both mentally and original writing service, physically. Is this the perfect essay for you? Save time and order Act 1 of #8221;Macbeth#8221; by Shakespeare. essay editing for only $13.9 per page. Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for Act 1 of #8221;Macbeth#8221; by Shakespeare. As William Shakespeare weaved the storylines of his plays, he considered both the rich ignorant lowlife and the insightful intellectual. He constructed them to application lettre, be entertaining enough to humor those with#8230; Macbeth, Shakespeare#8217;s play, written in the Elizabethan Era, in the 17th century, demonstrates the idea that Lady Macbeth, rather than Macbeth, is the rich true driving force behind King Duncan#8217;s murder#8230;. Shakespeare#8217;s characters and themes in #8220;Macbeth#8221;

Shakespeare#8217;s characters and themes in #8220;Macbeth#8221; are strongly developed right from the beginning. Shakespeare uses a variety of techniques to establish his themes and characters, via the dialogue and original writing, stage#8230; Macbeth William Shakespeare Response Journal: Act 2. This act commences with the murder of King Duncan. It is in this act that the reader is first convinced of Macbeth#8217;s weakness, as contrasted by Lady Macbeth#8217;s strength. Whereas#8230; #8221;Macbeth#8221; by William Shakespeare. In the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare, he explored many different issues, such as ambitions and rich dad poor, appearance and american, reality. Many clever techniques were used to present these themes, for rich dad essay example#8230; Lady Macbeth has at first too much, and then too little, power over her husband.

Macbeth by William Shakespeare illustrates throughout the original course of the rich dad essay novel how the dominance in a relationship can change. Lady Macbeth is an ambitious character who initially portrays the role#8230;

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THE ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF FLEXTIME IN WORKPLACE. Flexible work options represent an important trend in today’s workplace. Dad Essay! Businesses are challenging their employees to do more with less and the employees are being pulled in many directions at once. American! Businesses are operating 24 hours per day, seven days per rich dad essay, week. Despite the advancement in am proud american essay technology, people are working longer and longer hours. The high demand by organizations leaves less time for families to share quality time and rich, adds a high amount of stress to individuals who are trying to balance their effectiveness at work, in the home and in for thesis the community. In today’s competitive work place employers must remain attuned to rich dad poor dad essay the needs of their work force. Organizations can benefit from implementing alternative work arrangements.

Examples of possible circumstances where employees may ask for an alternative work arrangement are: employees returning from maternity, paternity or adoptive leave, employees having to care for elderly relatives, employees who may, due to a disability, now wish to work on a part-time basis, employees returning to school, or employees who may wish to spend more time on leisure interests. For Thesis! Some of the rich dad poor dad essay widely used alternative work options that many organizations are engaging in to help employees manage their fast-paced, overloaded lives are: Flex Scheduling, Telecommuting and Job Sharing. Those that do will have a distinct advantage. The reason is simple: it is very popular from the employee’s viewpoint. A recent survey showed that 78 percent of the respondents favored flexible work schedules so that they could spend more time with their families, even if it meant slower career advancement. PRIMARY FLEXIBLE WORK PROGRAMS. Flexible work options represent an important trend in today’s workplace. Businesses are challenging their employees to do more with less and the employees are being pulled in many directions at once.

The high demand by organizations leaves less time for papers law, families to share quality time and adds a high amount of stress to individuals who are trying to balance their effectiveness at work, in the home and in the community. Organizations can benefit from rich dad essay, implementing alternative work arrangements. Examples of possible circumstances where employees may ask for an alternative work arrangement are: employees returning from lettre, maternity, paternity or adoptive leave, employees having to care for dad poor, elderly relatives, employees who may, due to a disability, now wish to work on a part-time basis, employees returning to business papers school, or employees who may wish to spend more time on dad poor dad essay leisure interests. The concept of flextime refers to a variety of flexible arrangements. Flexible work programs are work arrangements wherein employees are given greater scheduling freedom in american how they fulfill the obligations of their positions. The most commonplace of rich dad poor dad essay these programs is flextime, which gives workers far greater leeway in terms of the original time when they begin and end work, provided they put in the total number of hours required by the employer.

Other common flexible working arrangements involve telecommuting, job-sharing, and compressed work weeks. Supporters of flexible work programs hail them as important recognition of the difficulties that many employees have in balancing their family obligations and their work duties, and they note that such programs can make a company more attractive to prospective employees. Critics contend, however, that while flexible employment initiatives do attempt to redress some long-time inequities in the work life-family life balance, ill-considered plans can have a deleterious impact on a company. Flexible work arrangements can take any number of forms, from basic flextime programs to innovative child-and eldercare programs. Flextime —This is rich dad poor dad essay a system wherein employees choose their starting and quitting times from preface writing, a range of available hours. These periods are usually at either end of rich dad essay a “core” time during which most company business takes place. Business Fuse! Formerly regarded as a rare, cutting-edge workplace arrangement, flextime is now commonly practiced in rich a wide variety of industries.

Compressed Work Week —Under this arrangement, the standard work week is compressed into fewer than five days. The most common incarnation of the papers business compressed work week is one of four 10-hour days. Rich Dad Essay! Other options include three 12-hour days or arrangements in american essay which employees work 9-or 10-hour days over two weeks and are compensated with an extra day or two of time off during that time. Flex place —This term encompasses various arrangements in which an employee works from home or some other non-office location. Telecommuting is the most commonly practiced example of rich this type of flexible employment, in law which an employee works from rich dad poor, a home office for a portion of or all of the workweek. The employee performs their job electronically through phone, fax, pager and email. According to a survey released by Cahners In-Stat Group, “The number of U.S. telecommuters grew from roughly 19 million in 2000 to 32 million in 2001. Companies that have a telecommuting program in place include: Motorola, Ford Motor Company, Kraft General Foods, Levi-Strauss, American Airlines and Texas Instruments. There are only a few examples.

The list currently contains hundreds of business research fuse organization and continues to rich dad poor grow every year. Some job functions are more appropriate for telecommuting than others. Examples of preface appropriate jobs would include engineers, architects, programmers, writers, accountants, and researchers. These types of job functions do not require daily face-to-face meetings or the use of special office equipment; therefore, it is easier for individuals in these types of jobs to spend most of their work time working from home or a virtual office. Telecommuting can be used as a perk to attract and retain talented employees as well as attracting a wider range of rich dad poor dad essay workers that may not be able to american commute to the office due to disabilities, geographical location, child care or other responsibilities. There are a few disadvantages for rich dad essay, telecommuting, which include: telecommuters may have some fear of preface writing being left out and overlooked for dad poor, promotions, and they miss the social aspects of being in the office. Carol Browner, Administrator of the EPA said “If 10% of the nation’s workforce telecommuted one day a week, we would avoid the frustration of driving 24.4 million miles, we’d breathe air with 12,963 tons less air pollution and we’d conserve more than 1.2 million gallons of for thesis fuel each week.”

According to Jackie Baumann, Human Resources Manager at Motorola, she stated, “Telecommuting has helped our organization by reducing the cost of real estate expenditures – where offices are shared or no longer needed. It has also increased productivity and employee satisfaction. People work smarter and sometimes even harder. Sales related workers spend less time in rich dad poor the office and more time with the customer. Linda Hey, a Motorola employee that has been telecommuting for essays - thesis, about a year now stated, “I enjoy the flexibility around when and how I get my work done. It is contributing to a better-balanced personal life, which makes for a happier employee.

I am happier about the reduced commute time and I am able to spend more time working and dad essay, less time commuting.” Job Sharing —Under these arrangements, two people voluntarily share the duties and responsibilities of one full-time position, with both salary and business law, benefits of that position prorated between the two individuals. The typical job-sharing arrangement consists of dad poor dad essay two individuals each working approximately on half of a week. There are many times when each person works slightly more than half of a full-time schedule in order to allow them some time together. Job-sharing began in the mid 1960s. Writing! “In 1997, of 1,777,000 employees in job-shares, 89 percent were women.” (Brennan) It has allowed organization the opportunity to make part-time work more available by emphasizing that it is the employees who are part-time, not the job. Many companies found that employees were interested in part-time work; however, the company did not have many part-time jobs available.

Job sharing was able to rich accommodate both the employee and the business. There are three main types of job-share: 1. Shared responsibility – there is not division of responsibilities. The employees sharing the business papers job are interchangeable. 2. Divided responsibility – used primarily when the rich dad essay work can be divided into different projects or client groups. Writing! Each employee is responsible for his or her own project or client. 3. Unrelated responsibility – employees perform completely separate tasks, while working in the same department. Job-sharing like other types of alternative work options permits organizations to retain valued employees. It is useful in positions where turnover has been a problem and it helps improve coverage and rich dad essay, continuity. It also increased the number of writing for thesis skills and experience in dad poor dad essay a single position. For job-sharing to application lettre be affective, there must be trust between job sharers and managers, and dependability are the most important qualities of good job share situations.

Work Sharing —These programs are increasingly used by companies that wish to avoid layoffs. It allows businesses to temporarily reduce hours and salary for a portion of their workforce. Expanded Leave —This option gives employees greater flexibility in rich dad essay terms of application requesting extended periods of dad essay time away from work without losing their rights as employees. Preface For Thesis! Expanded leave, which can be granted on either a paid or unpaid basis, is used for rich dad poor, a variety of reasons, including sabbaticals, education, community service, family problems, and medical care (the latter two reasons are now largely covered by application, the terms of the Family and Medical Leave Act). Phased Retirement —Under these arrangements, the employee and employer agree to a schedule wherein the dad essay employee’s full-time work commitments are gradually reduced over a period of months or years. Partial Retirement —These programs allow older employees to business research papers fuse continue working on a part time basis, with no established end date. Work and Family Programs —These programs are still relatively rare, although some larger companies have reported good results with pilot initiatives in dad essay this area. These programs are ones in which employers provide some degree of assistance to research their employees in dad essay the realms of childcare and eldercare. The best-known of these programs are in-house facilities providing care for the children of employees, but even basic flex time programs can ease childcare logistics for employees. American Essay! “Employers see that the availability, affordability, and accessability of dad poor good child care have a bottom line impact,” wrote Diane E. Kirrane in Association Management. “Lack of quality child care leads to research law employees’ absenteeism, tardiness, distraction, and stress-related health problems. Dad Essay! Conversely, employees’ reliability, good morale, and motivation are positive results that derive from writing, safe, stable, developmentally sound child care arrangements.”

As we have mentioned above, the most common type of flexible arrangement is flextime. Flex scheduling is an alternative work arrangement that allows an rich dad essay, employee to work a non-traditional schedule to meet personal needs. The schedule is business created and agreed on by an employee and their manager for a period of time. There are several variations of flextime arrangements for employees to participate in. Set starting and dad essay, quitting times that are determined for a specific period of time. Starting and research papers, quitting times that can change on a daily basis. Variations in daily hours (for example, an rich, employee may work a six-hour day and then work a ten-hour day), with required core time.” Variations in the daily hours per day, without required core time.” Flextime arrangements were one of the first alternative work options available to employees. Flextime was first introduced inGermanyin 1967. (Olmsted Smith, 16) “The Hewlett-Packard Company is generally credited with introducing flextime in lettre theUnited States.” (Olmsted Smith, 17). Under flexitime, there is normally a core period of the day when employees must be at work (eg between 10 am and 4pm), whilst the rest of the working day is “flexitime”, in dad poor which staff can choose when they work, subject to service achieving total daily, weekly or monthly hours. An employee must work between the basic core hours and has the flexibility to clock in / out between the rich other hours.

An example of application lettre a typical flextime day is below: Begin work between 07.00 – 10.00 (flexitime) Must be there between 10.00 – 12.00 (core time) Lunch break between 12.00 – 14.00 (flexible lunch hour) Must be there from 14.00 – 16.00 (core time) Leave between 16.00 – 19.00 (flexitime) The hours you work between these times are credited to your flextime balance. Most schemes allow you a credit or debit margin, often of about 8 hours. For example, if you work a 35-hour week, then, over four weeks, you will be obliged to work for 140 hours. If you work more than the required hours in those four weeks then you will be in credit. If you work fewer hours then you will be in deficit.

If you exceed a stipulated credit level you might lose those extra hours you have worked, but if you go into excess deficit you might lose pay, have to rich use up annual leave to make the difference or be disciplined. If you have enough flexi credit you can turn that into time off, and this is one of the best liked features. This could be one or maybe 2 days a month depending on your scheme. Not all flextime involves working less time or different days. Sometimes employees can share the work. Employees who wish to share often must write a lengthy proposal spelling out, in detail, how it will all work. For example, how long it will last and what happens if one of the writing service job sharers leaves. Such a document is a good planning tool for anyone wanting to share jobs. The key to making it work is good communication between partners who use phone calls, written updates, electronic mail and rich dad poor dad essay, spiral-bound logs to keep up to date. Most companies normally pay these work sharers 120 percent of what one person would make in the job.

Thus, a sharer gets about three-fifths of a regular salary plus some benefits. Utlising a flextime policy in your organisation can benefit everyone involved, employers, employees and their families. Flextime’s award research shows a direct connection between employee morale and the provision of flexible working hours/flextime . The study shows that when the organisation first recognises the work:life conflict that employees now have in a modern working environment and then shows it will make a crucial intervention so as to provide flexible working hours as a support mechanism for the employee – then the employee will “reciprocate” with a new and more positive attitude to work and to the workplace. This reciprocation can be concious or otherwise. However, the main point is that it results in advantages that flow from having flexible working as covered in this document e.g. reduction in staff turnover, absenteeism, overtime.

The research also supports other general research that has been carried out on other Human Resource subjects, whereby it had been already well established that there is a connection between improved employee morale and reduced absence levels, better employee retention rates and also productivity . To add further to this, often this necessary management “intervention” mentioned earlier i.e. the provision of flexible hours , is research most appreciated at a time of pressure, perhaps even crisis, in an employee’s life cycle e.g. Rich Dad Essay! when needing to care for small children or an elderly parent . Therefore, unusually, for a Human Resources subject , flexible working hours can reach right into the employee’s home and homelife. The study found that this is can explain why the benefits of such interventions can be felt even after that “pressured” part of that employee’s life, referred to above, has passed e.g. the child is older or the caring phase for a parent may have sadly passed. So, the initial gesture of having offered/implemeted flexible working can furthermore assist towards a more lasting workplace harmony. In other words, the employee’s positive perception, in this context, can be sustained. In addition, the concept of work:life conflict is an issue for all people at work irrespective of their age group, their family commitments etc. So, for example, a younger or single person, will see the benefits of preface writing for thesis flexible working in dad essay his/her own way e.g . avoiding traffic, attending night courses more easily etc.

So it is lettre well known that in flextime there can be advantages for both employees and managers. Rich Dad Poor Dad Essay! From the employees’ viewpoint, it allows them the opportunity to adjust their work schedule to better suit them. After all, not all people work best on a traditional 8 to 5 schedule; everyone has heard of people describing themselves as “morning” people or “night” people. Flextime is more natural, because it allows employees to adjust their work schedule to their natural body rhythms. Flextime makes it easier for writing service, employees to rich dad essay attend to application personal matters, since many services are open primarily during the normal workday. Having some flexibility when one comes to work not only diminishes personal scheduling problems, it also diminishes other problems like traffic congestion. Diminishing traffic congestion includes reducing employee travel time to and from work. Rich Dad Poor! For many, this makes work better because it reduces stress normally associated with having to drive to work during peak commuting hours. Lettre! If it is possible to eliminate some of the tension and rich dad poor dad essay, anxiety that employees feel before and after they leave work, then chances are it will help increase their job satisfaction. Business Research! Time not spent traveling can be spent at work or play. Dad Poor! Part of flextime’s power is its ability to give employees a greater sense of personal responsibility, freedom and opportunity for participation in decision making.

Deciding when to come and leave work is application lettre part of that decision making. So far all the discussion has centered on employees, but they are not the only ones to reap the advantages of flextime. Dad Essay! Managers also have some strong reasons to consider using flextime. Foremost among these advantages is improved employee morale. If employees are happier with their work arrangement, then it makes one’s job as a manager easier. Happiness does not necessarily mean increased productivity. And Contrast Essays - Thesis! So what is flextime’s effect on productivity? We believe that flextime improves employees’ work performance. There also will be reported decreased single-day absenteeism, as well as eliminating employee tardiness and decreased requests for personal time off.

From a managerial standpoint, flextime provides managers an opportunity for additional cross training of employees. Since employees come and go at different times within the workday, it is dad essay sometimes necessary for employees to do several things, so they can cover for those who are not there. Cross training itself brings enormous advantages to a company, not the least of and contrast - thesis which is rich dad poor dad essay increased speed and lettre, flexibility. It may be somewhat surprising, but flextime can also result in a decrease in overtime. Dad Poor Dad Essay! The reason is that the organization is more flexible, because people work different lengths of preface writing for thesis time. Since employees work different schedules, it is rich quite likely that somebody will be available when extra work is needed, making it unnecessary to work overtime. Working Relations between employees and supervisors/managers can improve. Flexible working can replace that old fashioned concept of what was is often referred to essays - thesis as “Face Management” i.e. the boss needs to see the employee at rich work to prove work is being performed.

This is a cultural thing that can be overcome by organizations realizing that a more far sighted approach can be taken. Indeed if we can call Face Management an “old culture device”, it’s preservation can lead to all sorts of situations e.g. an business, employee can feel he/she has to stay late, irrespective of what is actually being achieved, just to impress a boss. In a modern working environment, employees can resent such an approach, often knowing themselves that by comparison flexible working, engenders a “task oriented” environment. Arriving at Work at dad poor different times cuts down a lot of the general chit-chat about last nights TV programme or the am proud american latest news to hit the headlines. People come in at rich dad essay their own time and writing, settle down to work quicker. Communications actually improve because it becomes more concentrated as everyone outside and inside the organisation knows that all staff are available during core time. Concentration may be difficult in a busy office, but during the flexible part of the day there are always quiet times when people can get down to dad essay doing a difficult job. Uneven Workloads are much clearer to identify by the amount of hours worked by individuals. This enables alterations to be made or even promotions to be considered. Improved relations amongst the staff is another benefit often noticed.

People who are happy in their work are more reliable and american, productive and better relations between staff and management can only dad poor dad essay, be beneficial. The number of hours worked is the issue with FWH, not punctuality. The person who arrives late and leaves at writing the end of core time is dad essay merely credited with less hours. Business Papers Fuse! Much time is rich lost by lateness in business research fuse companies working fixed hours. Finally, one additional advantage of flextime involves employee maturity and control. This includes improved management of their time. Since employees are more in control of their work scheduling, most feel a greater sense of responsibility about their job and their being on time. DISADVANTAGES OF FLEXTIME. Flexible work programs have many apparent advantages, but critics point out rich dad poor that ill-conceived programs can have a negative impact on businesses, and they add that even good programs often present challenges that a business has to address. First of all, business owners and managers need to writing for thesis recognize that flexible work arrangements are not always appropriate for all people, jobs, or industries. Telecommuting and other “flexplace” arrangements, for dad poor, example, can be disastrous (or at the very least a productivity drain) if used by employees who are unwilling or unable to put in a full day of work amid the non-work temptations (television, pleasure reading, housecleaning, etc.) of research a home setting.

Other companies, meanwhile, find that employees “flex” in and out of the business at such different hours that overhead costs increase, customer service suffers (i.e., no one comes in until 9:30 a.m., a state of rich dad essay affairs that forces customers and vendors to cool their heels until then), and manufacturing output suffers. Preface! This latter factor makes flex time a difficult fit for many manufacturing facilities. “Many of the factory operations depend on each other being there,” said human resources consulting executive Terry McGeorge in an interview with The Milwaukee Business Journal. “Especially when you talk about the concept of work-cell team manufacturing, they really all have to be there at the same time.” Critics also contend that flex programs often leave managers in rich exceedingly difficult situations. “Far too often, flex is research embraced … for its ‘family-friendly’ aspects long before the corporate support needed to manage it takes root,” wroteMarthaH.Peakin Management Review. “In these companies, flex policies are outlined in the employee manual but implementation is left up to individual managers. Then, when managers try to implement these programs, they discover that to be fair, flex requires them to treat different employees differently.” Other disadvantages might be that those who cannot participate in dad poor dad essay flextime can become dissatisfied. Although such disadvantages cannot always be eliminated, they can be reduced by writing service, good planning on dad essay the part of management and good preparation of the work force. Finally, many observers argue that businesses launch flexible work plans without adequate preparation. “I know that flex is a basic element of family-friendly and that family-friendly is a requisite for competitive companies,” stated Peak. “But it takes more than a statement in application lettre the policy manual to dad essay institutionalize flex. Compare And Contrast Essays! It takes new methodologies to measure job success and investment in technologies to keep employees in dad essay constant communication.”

INSTITUTING A FLEXIBLE WORK ENVIRONMENT. Business experts and companies that have instituted flexible work programs offer a variety of recommendations to businesses that are pondering a move to lettre a “flex” environment. RESEARCH Research the pros and cons of instituting a flexible work program in dad poor dad essay your company. Every company’s needs and american essay, operating environment is different; just because a flex program worked for dad poor, a neighboring business, that does not necessarily mean that it will work for original, your company. Conversely, a program that fails in rich dad essay another firm may work in yours. Detailed research into the needs and pressures of both the operations and the employees of each business, then, is a necessary component of any decision. Papers Business! So is an honest assessment of the rich dad essay qualities of the business’s work force. Research Fuse! Obviously, a company that is blessed with a work force of dedicated and conscientious employees is far more likely to be productive in rich dad poor a flex environment than is one that is writing service saddled with a heavy sprinkling of unmotivated employees. Kirane recommended that businesses “assess current work-home issues affecting the [company] and its staff. If feasible, also assess the future needs of the dad essay work force and labor pool.

Defuse concerns about invasion of privacy. Preface! Structure a needs assessment survey—for example, as a checklist that doesn’t require respondents to show their handwriting or give their names. Or, within guidelines related to business needs, allow staffers to propose flexible arrangements for themselves.” GUIDELINES Create guidelines and systems of flex program administration that: 1) address all business needs, and 2) stand up to tests of fairness and comprehensiveness. Barney Olmstead and Suzanne Smith, co-authors of the book Creating a Flexible Workplace: How to Select and Manage Alternative Work Options, recommended that the creation process include steps to dad essay ensure that new policies are compatible with existing company objectives. Business Research Papers! They also noted that such issues as eligibility, application processes, reversibility, and changes to employee status should be plainly addressed. Finally, companies should formalize guidelines to head off complaints about favoritism or unfair treatment. “Partly to avoid polarizing staffers who have school-aged children and those who don’t, more general terms (such as work-life and rich dad poor, flexible work arrangements) are gaining favor,” noted Kirrane. “In the workplace there is concern about equity.” TRAINING Employees should be educated about policies and business, feel comfortable using them. This can only dad essay, happen, stated Olmstead and Smith, if the company actively promotes the program. Employees need to know that participation in such initiatives will not hurt their career. For Thesis! Indeed, HRMagazine noted that a mid-990s report by dad poor dad essay, the Catalyst research organization indicated that this can be a significant deterrent: “Many of the options for flexible scheduling are perceived as being bad for one’s career by management and by co-workers who have more traditional working arrangements.

A job-share partner or part-time employee cannot be as committed, the thinking goes. A positive experience with less than full-time work depends on application the cultural values of the employee’s organization. In some organizations, people who have taken less traditional schedules have been perceived as committing career suicide.” Employees are not the only workers who need to be reassured. Companies instituting flex work plans must also develop resource materials and training programs for managers. In fact, in many respects, managers of dad poor dad essay personnel and projects are the people who must make the biggest adjustment to a flexible work environment. “Workplace flexibility requires managers to develop a new set of skills,” wrote Sheley. “Managers used to manage by sight, and defined work by compare, hours on dad essay site. If a worker was in the office for compare, eight hours, the rich dad poor dad essay boss assumed that person did eight hours of original writing work.” With flex time and other developments, however, managers need to develop new skills that emphasize work flow and productivity. “Managers may need to learn about rich dad poor dad essay, new thinking on employee motivation and performance standards,” wrote Kirrane. Research! “Employees may need to be cross-trained for greater flexibility in assignments.” CONTROL Ultimately, a flexible work program is only worth keeping if it benefits your company’s financial, strategic, and production goals. A key to making sure that those needs are met is to maintain control of the program. Employees and work teams can be very helpful in shaping flexible work guidelines, but business owners and managers should be wary of handing over too much control.

Indeed, they need to make sure that business considerations remain paramount in any discussion of flex time and other options, and that ultimate control over dad poor flexible work programs rests with them. Dysfunctional work teams, for example, will reduce flex time to a shambles if they are left to institute and supervise it themselves. EVALUATION Businesses should evaluate their flex work programs on a regular basis. Too many businesses introduce workplace flexibility programs that are flawed, but rather than review the program and application, make the necessary corrections, they throw up their arms and ask their personnel (managers and eligible employees alike) to reshape their responsibilities, priorities, and planning to match the dad poor dad essay flawed program. Other companies, meanwhile, launch good programs that lose their effectiveness over time because of and contrast neglect. Instead, business managers and owners need to practice continuous improvement in their workplace flexibility programs, just as they do in other aspects of rich dad essay their operations. “Fine-tune the program,” wrote Sheley. “The evaluation process will provide at least some of the information necessary to and contrast essays make the rich dad poor adjustments that will make a workplace flexibility program of optimum benefit to research business law both the company and its employees.” A company’s decision to implement flextime should be based on rich dad poor whether it allows a chance to adapt to changing life styles and compare and contrast - thesis, employee needs. Rich! It probably will be welcomed by those employees who have two-income families and others that need the additional flexibility that flextime provides.

Some say the only reason it is suspected is that men do not use it. For example, only 2 percent of eligible men have used unpaid parental leaves but, increasingly, even they are starting to change. Flextime often produces improved productivity and preface for thesis, employee morale, but only if it is properly managed. It is important for dad poor, a manager, who wishes to use some form of flextime, to business research negotiate a clearly defined set of rich responsibilities rather than simply fix the days or hours when he or she will work. Otherwise, star performers can easily get stuck with a 100 percent load in a 60 percent time slot. It benefits both workers and their employees, but managers must realistically decide if it is appropriate for them. For Thesis! The ability to implement flextime is, in rich dad poor dad essay large part, dependent on an employees’ ability to for thesis be self-managed, as well as the preparation and training available. Rich Dad Poor! Flextime shifts the responsibility more toward employees and, obviously, it depends on each employee’s dependability, flexibility and accountability. And Contrast - Thesis! Yet, when implemented correctly, flextime can be a positive way to enhance employee relations and increase an employee’s value to the company. InArmeniaflextime is not so popular and using that will bring a lot of benefits for both managers and workers, and basically it will help full time students to dad poor get jobs.

There are first steps of am proud using flextime in IT organizations but can be useful in other organizations too.

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Denne dag bekender doktoren dog sin krlighed, som altid har ligget under overfladen i de tos anstndige flirt, til Nora. Am Proud Essay! Imens fr fru Linde charmeret sig ind hos Krogstad, ved hjlp af en tidligere affre. Rich Dad Poor! Men da fru Linde fr muligheden frarder hun Krogstad at tilbagekalde brevet: Noras moralske synd m frem i lyset. Original Writing Service! Nora m sande realiteterne, og da Torvald har lst brevet er hans frste reaktion at rich dad poor dad essay umyndiggre Nora, men da Krogstad sender det forfalskede gldsbevis med posten ndrer han mening fuldstndigt og vil slette alle fortidens spor af historien. Application! Men nu er det for sent. Dad Poor Dad Essay! Nora har set sin mands sande ansigt, og det var ikke et syn hun brd sig om. Original Writing! Hun forlader mand og brn for at starte forfra p det liv hun aldrig har haft mulighed for at dad poor leve.

De tre akter i dramaet udspiller sig over research fuse, juleaften, frste og anden juledag. Det er alts, som vrk, en beskrivelse i replikker, og alts udelukkende en historie fortalt gennem dukkehjemmets personers handlinger. Dad Essay! Dette har den fortlletekniske effekt, at original service handlingen forud for dad poor historien fortlles i brudstykker og loyalt overfor lseren [1] : Man kan ikke beskylde fortlleren for at afslre personernes sm hemmeligheder eller bevggrunde for application lettre deres handlinger, de m trde frem af fortllingen. Dad Poor Dad Essay! Som eksempel p konsekvensen af dette kalder Nora sin mand for business research papers Torvald p side 2, men frst p side 27 (l.20) afslres det, hvorfor sceneanvisningerne har kaldt Torvald for dad poor dad essay Helmer (det er familiens efternavn). Papers! Denne effekt forvirres yderligere af starten ”in media res”, men for rich dad poor ikke at henlede for megen opmrksomhed p disse forhold ridses noget af familiens fortid op i forbindelse med Noras beskrivelser for veninden, fru Linde, som hun ikke har set i ni (s.17, l.24) r. Mange kendetegn for business research en naturalistisk tekst er sledes til stede, idet stykkets personer selv fr lov til at rich dad essay prsentere hele historien. Research Papers Law! Desuden spores den naturalistiske glasklokkeid (et lukket samfund tilsttes et fremmedlegeme og resultatet beskrives s objektivt og nrt som i en naturvidenskabelig fremstilling), hvis man betragter lejligheden som det isolerede forsgslaboratorium, og Torvalds sygdom eller sagfrer Krogstad som den prmis der fr hjemmet til at rich falde i grus. Application! Skuespillets form tilstter derudover stykket en fernis af impressionisme (scenisk fremstilling, replikker, in rich dad essay, media res).

Nora er den centrale skikkelse i alle skuespillets akter. Am Proud Essay! Det er hendes historie der brer selve handlingen og nerven i stykket og hun kan alts med rette kaldes for rich dad poor hovedpersonen i stykket. Compare! Der er en milevid klft mellem hendes fremtoning i de to rich dad poor frste akter, og i den sidste. Compare And Contrast! Just som man synes at rich dad poor dad essay kende den pne, beskyttede, overstadige, letlevende, opportunistiske og det dermed porcelnsagtige dukkebarn, springer hun effektfuldt hun ud som den strkt selvstndige og revolutionre kvinde, der har vret underlagt og holdt nede af en rkke strkt knsrollestyrede samfundsnormer – igen nsten (jf. Essays! ”det vidunderlige” senere) loyalt hemmeligholdt af forfatteren. Rich Dad Poor Dad Essay! Hendes tidligere person, eller den person hun spillede, var meget prget af forskellige rollespil med sin mand og de mennesker hun omgikkes i sin hverdag i herskabslejligheden (doktor Rank og de sm brn Ivar, Bob og Emmy) samt det dobbeltliv (glden i forbindelse med Torvalds sygdom) hun levede. Papers! Sidstnvnte som igennem stykket fr mere og mere betydning for Noras fremtoning, og hele stykkets handling, og som til sidst er medvirkende rsag til hende frigrelse. Rich Dad Essay! For som hun udtrykker det til slut: ”[ Nora :] Jeg har levet af at and contrast gre kunster for rich dad poor dig, Torvald.

Men du vilde jo ha’e det s. Du og pappa har gjort stor synd imod mig. Compare And Contrast! I er skyld i, at dad essay der ikke er blevet noget af mig” (s.95, l.9) Her fortlles om hendes ptagede rollespil og lidt om hendes tolkning af den ulykkelige baggrund: hendes far og efterflgende hendes mand, der har overforsrget/beskyttet Nora mod omverdenens realiteter. Business Papers Fuse! Det er alts ikke gldshistorien der er det afgrende for rich Nora og det spolerede gteskab. Am Proud American Essay! Det er hendes mands utilstrkkelighed. Noras mand Torvald er Noras diamentrale modstning. Dad Poor! Han er den mdeholdne, korrekte, traditonsbundnde, hrdtarbejdende, eller kort sagt, kedelige bankchef. American Essay! Til slut istyket viser han sig ogs som yderst srbar, men dette har han vret i stand til at rich dad poor dad essay skjule imen han har haft Nora ved sin side. Research Papers! Det er hans position i samfundet der har sat ham i stand til at rich dad poor dad essay blive gift med den knne Nora, som han dog betragter som en investering, ”det dyrebareste han ejer”. Preface Writing For Thesis! Det er, som ovenfor berrt, hans ideer om det perfekte forhold, der har fet lov til at indrette gteskabet. Rich! Alt skal frst og fremmest vre lykkeligt udadtil, men ogs indadtil.

Torvald finder sig i meget med hensyn til materielle udskejelser (Noras gdefulde pengeforbrug), men tilsvarende lidt med hensyn til moralske sidespring (eksempelvis lgnene omkring Noras makronmisbrug). Application! Han krver klare linjer og ben snak og er derfor meget benhjertig overfor sin kone – p overfladen. Rich! Som nvnt spiller de nemlig et rollespil, der frst og fremmest hindrer al alvorlig snak. Business! Denne indretning er endnu en foranstaltning fra den paternalistiske Torvalds side for at dad poor dad essay passe p den sknne Nora, som var det hans egen lille dukke og det er blandt andet dette overfladiske syn p sin kone der fr gteskabet til at am proud american styrte i grus. Dad Essay! Se f.eks. ovenstende citat sammen med : ” Nora: I otte samfulde r, – ja lngere, – lige fra vort frste bekendtskab, har vi aldrig vekslet et alvorligt ord om alvorlige ting. Helmer: Skulde jeg da idelig og altid indvie dig i bekymringer, som du dog ikke kunne hjlpe mig at research fuse bre?” (s.94, l.11) Det er jo Noras manglende mulighed for at rich tale med bekymringer med sin mand, der har fet hende til at original writing bre sine hemmeligheder i tavshed. Rich Dad Poor! Igen er netop problemet hendes mand og ikke hendes hemmelighed. Hvad selve Nora og Torvalds otterige gteskab angr har jeg allerede beskrevet de vsentligste ingredienser: Udadtil en lykkelig vre middelklassefamilie (godt p vej til at compare blive konomisk uafhngige), med tre brn og tjenestefolk, der alle leger sammen og har det muntert (man forestiller sig en Morten Korchsk idyl, nr man ikke har set en iscenesttelse [2] ). Indadtil fr vi tidligt Noras gldshistorie beskrevet, men frst senere med den virkelige problemstilling, der viser at rich dad essay gteskabet er i krise. Application! Men det er frst efter Torvalds reaktion p brevet fra Krogstad (og mske andre forhold, se senere) at stykket tager en overraskende drejning og gteskabet viser sig at rich dad poor dad essay have vret ikke-eksisterende i egentlig forstand (selvom Nora her synes at vre ramt af kdhed):

” Nora : I [Torvald og faderen] har aldrig elsket mig. Original Writing! I har bare syntes, det var fornjeligt at dad essay vre forelsket i mig.” (s.94, l.26) Dette er der dog en person der har gjort: doktor Rank, der kommer i huset hver dag for at preface for thesis tale med Torvald. Dad Poor Dad Essay! Ingen af personerne afslrer prcis hvad Rank og Torvald snakker om, men det holder muligvis Torvald ved godt helbred, fordi lgens personlige kvaler stter Torvalds succes (direktr og lkker kone) i relief. Research Law! Men doktoren, der er syg og afkrftet, symboliserer selve Noras og Torvalds gteskab: Rank men med en rdden rygsjle. Rich Dad Essay! P denne mde fr han en ganske interessant funktion, da han erklrer sin krlighed til Nora i anden akt, men bliver afvist, og Ibsen tager forskud p de senere hndelser. Compare And Contrast Essays! Rank kommer dermed ogs med en indirekte besked til Nora i flgende ordveksling:

” Rank (efter kort taushed) : Nr jeg sidder her sledes ganske fortrolig sammen med Dem, s begriber jeg ikke – nej, jeg fatter det ikke – hvad der skulde blevet af mig, hvis jeg aldrig var kommen her i huset. Nora (smiler) : Jo, jeg tror nok, at De i grunden hygger Dem ganske godt hos os. Rank (sagtere, ser hen for sig) : Og s at dad essay skulle g fra det altsammen – Nora: Sniksnak; De gr ikke fra det (s.61, l.30) Hvor Nora ufrivilligt kommenterer sin senere skbne, som er s dyster at application den ikke er til at tale om (i flirtsammenhng). Rich Dad Poor Dad Essay! Denne scene er igen et eksempel p, hvordan fortllingen hele tiden kaster fangarme tilbage i teksten, idet Nora selv fremstter sine illusioner om en hemmelig beundrer tidligt i stykket (s.24) – her fr vi at vide, at hun hele tiden har kendt til en potentiel elsker i form af Rank.

I forbindelse med doktoren som symbol p gteskabet annoncerer han ogs sit ddsfald med to application lettre visitkort og forlader historien med stningen ”Sov godt. Rich Dad Essay! Og tak for american essay ilden” (s.86, l.24). Rich Dad Essay! Her kan der vre tale om flere forskellige slags ild: glden mellem Rank og Nora, den ikke-eksisterende gld mellem Torvald og Nora eller – igen som reprsentant for law gteskabet – den ild hvormed Nora satte brand i gteskabet p side 29 [3] . Dad Essay! Umiddelbart derefter bner Torvald det skbnesvangre brev og med sin reaktion viser at american hans gte flelser for rich dad poor dad essay Nora (mere knyttet til gldsbeviset) og Rank (hans dd berrer Torvald som var det, ja, et dyrs dd) ikke eksisterer. Business Research Papers! Her indser Nora at ”det vidunderlige” ikke sker, Torvald har ikke bestet hendes test, og vist sig som en mand med gte flelser overfor sin kone. gteskabet er slut og Nora kan begynde et nyt liv, men som ovenstende uddrag viser, er bruddet med Torvald og brnene en besvrlig udvej, hvor hendes fremtid er alt andet end konomisk uafhngighed, snarere det totalt modsatte. Dad Essay! Dukkehuset (symboliseret ved Rank) vil falde i ruiner.

Fru Linde vil overtage doktor Ranks plads (s.59, l.34) og mon ikke Krogstad i den forbindelse vil overtage Torvalds position i Aktiebanken (som forudsagt af Krogstad s.67, l.15), da den srbare Torvald jo ikke har Nora til at research fuse passe p sig nr han bliver syg. Angende titlen, Et dukkehjem, har jeg allerede benyttet udtrykket ’dukkehuset’ om hjemmet, og ’dukke’ om Nora. Desuden fr vi at rich dad essay vide, at am proud Nora kalder sine brn for rich dad essay dukker (s.34, l.5), anser lejligheden for research lille (s.33, l.12) og hendes far selv har kaldt Nora for rich sit dukkebarn (s.94, l.34). Writing Service! Endvidere kan man anskue det rollespil som Nora har frt, som en viderefrelse af denne tanke – ”en lang leg” (s.95, l.18). Ibsens egen lakoniske kommentar er at dad poor dad essay lade Nora forlade sin mand i julens og hjerternes tid, indbegrebet af traditionel familiehygge. Stykket kan anskues som et regulrt opgr med traditioner og knsrollenormer i samtiden. Application! Som sdan gr Noras kritik ikke mod Torvalds person, men mod den rolle som Torvalds person har udfyldt - mandens. Dad Essay! Dette formulerer Nora, der ikke er specielt samfundsbevidst, dog ikke selv. Men hun mrker p sig selv at research papers der er noget galt med Helmers indretning.

I forlngelse heraf kommer Nora ind p ”det vidunderlige” til skuespillets sidste ordskifte: ” Helmer: Nvn mig dette vidunderligste! Nora: Da mtte bde du og jeg forvandle os sledes at dad poor dad essay (…) samliv mellem os to writing kunde bli’e et gteskab. Rich! Farvel. Preface Writing For Thesis! (…) Helmer (synker ned p en stol ved dren og slr hnderne for rich dad essay ansigtet) : Nora! Nora! (…) Tomt.

Hun er her ikke mere. Business Research Papers Fuse! (et hb skyder op i ham:) Det vidunderligste-?! (nedefra hres drnnet af en port, som sles ils.) Det vidunderligste kunne vre om samfundets normer kunne tilpasses til at rich dad poor kvinden kunne fle sig som/forvandle sig til menneske i stedet for preface dukke (Torvalds opfrsel i sidste akt kunne f en til at dad essay mene ”lolita”). Am Proud! Den fornemme maskerade dragt, som fru Linde har hjulpet til med at rich reparere, er skiftet ud med hverdagstjet. Dette kontroversielle synspunkt har vret ekstrem hrd kost i samtiden [4] , uden noget sidestykke, men stadig i dag kan man vel finde stof til eftertanke i Et dukkehjem. Application Lettre! Situationen er selvflgelig ndret siden 1879, men den ideelle ligestilling som Nora, og Ibsen, synes at nske er ikke set endnu. Rich Dad Essay! Desuden er situationen med et hyperbeskyttet barn, der ender i et strre oprr at original service vre et tilbagevendende tema (f.eks. i Jytte Borbergs Tvivlsomme erindringer fra 1990 og Roger Waters’ The Wall fra 1979).

Derudover behandler skuespillet en konflikt som jeg ikke har berrt vsentligt i ovenstende: konflikten mellem krlighed og penge. Rich! Den er bde symboliseret ved fru Linde, hendes tidligere mand kontra sagfrer Krogstad, og i forholdet mellem Nora, Torvald og doktor Rank. Ibsens knivskarpe kritik af det bestende har kunnet dkkes ind under hans naturalistiske fortllestil, der som udgangspunkt ikke har noget forfattermssigt budskab, men sger at am proud n en gengivelse af virkeligheden (i en fiktiv historie!!) – som Ibsen skriver i et brev til Sophus Schandorph i forbindelse med tolkningen af et sine andre vrker: ”Man sger at gre mig ansvarlig for dad poor dad essay de meninger, som enkelte af dramaets personer udtaler. Lettre! Og dog findes der i hele bogen ikke en eneste mening, ikke en ytring, som str for dad poor dad essay forfatterens regning” [5] [1] Et dukkehjem er bde et skuespil og et vrk. I det flgende vil ikke skelne vsentligt mellem ordene, da det er tnkt som et skuespil, men er lst og behandlet som litterrt vk her. [2] Bogen rummer langtfra s mange sceneanvisninger som et teaterstykke ”kunne gre”, og er sledes bent for original fortolkninger. [3] ”se s; nu brnder det” (s.29, l.4). Rich! Stedet er fundet og beskrevet af Jette Lundbo Levy i vrkets efterskrift.

[4] Efterskriftet nvner at slutningen i den tyske udgave mtte skrives om pga. at Nora ikke njes med at preface for thesis kappe bndene til sin mand, men ogs til sine brn, hvilket var en for dad essay bitter pille for application den kvindelige skuespiller. [5] Fischer m.fl.: Litteraturhndbogen, gyldendal 1981. Rich Dad Poor! s.389. “Det ville vre ganske simpelt at essay skabe et paradis. Et lykkerige, en harmonisk fredfyldt verden” (s.125)